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Kitty Arcade

By MrPepsidude

Katia has been trying for an hour now to get a better score on, her own game. She’s gotta be running out of quarters soon! 20th time is the charm, yeah?

I had a lot of fun with this one, getting to make a Prequel Arcade Game, and experimenting with new lighting effects. I love arcades too, so that kinda kept me motivated.

Kazerad made the art on the front, side, and screen of the Prequel machine. Credit to him for that.

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CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I would kill for a prequel arcade game!
naibafnebur's avatar
This is an exellent art, good work mate!, keep doing  this brilliant art.
MrPepsidude's avatar
Thank you bunches! <3
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I'd play a prequel game! The arcade format would be easier to play than the mouse and keyboard.
alekksandar's avatar
so this is where she would spend all her money if she didn't spend it on booze
Sexytickletorture's avatar
I like the lighting! Very well done.
Aluckart's avatar
lol she play where she is
BernardDK's avatar
Goood god, why can't I have my own Katia waifu XD  - -Amazing piece of art <3 <3 <3
doodlemancerArt's avatar
ye gods this is amazing
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Just saw your comment over on Fanart page.  Don't you DARE remove that!  I mean no disrespect for other other works there, but... damn... some of those should have been thrown in the trash, not uploaded.  THIS took WORK!  I don't say much about your other stuff Pep, but this is damn good and you SHOULD be proud of it, not ashamed!  

...and I didn't notice till woundedkneecap mentioned it but, not even an exaggerated booty?  What restraint you showed!  :)
PictoShaman's avatar
this is awesome! Love the colors and the mooding! and great posework!
woundedkneecap's avatar
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MrPepsidude's avatar
Thank you very much! <3
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Nice work when play X-MEN arcade
TakaTheSquirrel's avatar
You are very welcome!  Thumbs Up SPN
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