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Knowledge v. Corruption
Knowledge v. Corruption
There is a fallacy within corruptive knowledge, not that which is used as propaganda to set in memes of political strife, no, but in knowledge itself being that which corrupts. A book is just a book, filled with the thoughts of its transcriber, or parroted by another at the behest of its author. Nay, tis the wording, not the facts themselves, that can lead to corruption. When written in such a way that reveals traces of the writer's opinion, rather than academic fact, the author attempts to project their perspective of a topic onto the reader, however subtle or obvious it may be -- eg. the birds flee south for the winter, the use of "flee" implies fear or attempts at escape. This can be seen as either the opinion of the writer on what the birds feel, or to color one's perspective just enough to perceive birds as cowardly, or meek. A true academic would write "birds fly south for the winter". A neutral stance that is neither colored, nor evocative.
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 15 12
Stars of Chaos Theory
Stars of Chaos Theory  ©
– By Gregory T. Walter
To better understand the intricacies of evil and its metaphorical biology, one has to dissect the concept down to the most basic and universal principals. This document does not tell us what it is, but perhaps it will explain why it is.
In short, the Star of chaos is four tiered structure of odd numbers. It’s fitting, given how morality, both good and evil, are something of an oddity within our own perceptions of reality.
At the base 1 is chaos. Chaos is not evil per se. Rather, it is the heart of Conflict, Variability, and Enigma, which make up the second tier. Picture these as attributes as primal aspects of existence. Chaos is presented as a sphere (the sun), while the three act as points in a triangle surrounding the sun, channeling the primal energies into three key elements.
Conflict is arguably the most obvious, two forces colliding due to differences in nature. Without Chaos, Order would be indefinite and abs
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 4 10
Fox Mage by MrParaduo Fox Mage :iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 12 15
WtF: History of the Fera
Part 1 - The Beginning of Ages
This story is true.
Before the sundering of creation, before the veil was raised, Pangaea was bound to the whims of the Celestine. Helios, whose passion brought fire to illuminate the shadow; Gaia, whose heart brought life and structure where otherwise none could flourish; and Luna, whose reflection gave insight to a place of eternal chaos.
Through these greater spirits was the world born, and under their watchful eyes did all things rise and fall in harmony with each other. Yet as all things that begin must end, so too ruin did befall the peace of Pangaea, with the coming of Anthelios.
Anthelios! The Serpent star! That crimson scourge! When he appeared from the place between, so too he did bring catastrophe. To what end, none but the Celestines could say, for he choked the world in ash and smoke, and wrapped Gaia in his deadly coils.
Enraged and impassioned, Helios did call out a challenge to the fiend—that he might slay it and spare Gaia di
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 5 6
VtR: Advanced Disciplines 3
Earth Control
(Protean ••, Celerity ••, Vigor ••, Blood Potency 3)
A vampire employing Haven of Soil along with this power is no longer confined to the resting place she selected the night before. She can pass through the ground as if it were water, “swimming” through the earth itself. Some elder Gangrel use this as a means of unobstructed and unobtrusive travel, while others find it a highly effective means of maneuvering in combat.
Cost: -
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary. This power is in effect whenever a character is employing Haven of Soil (see p. 138, Vampire the Requiem). While in the ground, a vampire can propel herself at half of her normal walking speed. She cannot see, but gains a supernatural awareness of her underground surroundings out to a range of 50 yards. Water, rock, tree roots and cement all block her progress; she can only move through earth and substances of similar consistency, such as sand or fine gr
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 3 0
VtR: Advanced Disciplines 2
(Majesty ••••, Dominate ••, Blood Potency 3)
The Vinculum is one of the most powerful tools in an elder's inventory. However, more and more childer are aware of how to avoid being bound, and so alternatives are needed. The Majesty power called Love is one such alternative, as it simulates the effects of the Vinculum without any of the messy side effects, like Vitae addiction. While neither as sure a method of control as a true Vinculum, nor as long-lasting, Love is still an extremely potent means of command.
Cost: -
Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Majesty versus Composure + Blood Potency
Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The attempt offends the subject, making him immune to the character's Majesty for the rest of the night.
Failure: The character loses or ties the contested action. The subject does not feel any different about the character.
Success: The character wins the contested actio
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 2 0
VtR: Advanced Disciplines 1
Animal Succulence
(Animalism •••••, Protean •, Blood Potency 3)
Vampires at a certain Blood Potency find the blood of animals flat, tasteless and lacking in nutritional value. Some Gangrel and Ventrue, however, have refined their understanding of the spirits of such “lesser prey” to the point that they are able to draw sustenance from beasts where other Kindred of equal Blood Potency would find none. This power does not allow an elder to subsist solely on the blood of animals, but it does allow him to go for extended periods of time without taking vitae from humans or other Kindred.
Cost: --
Dice Pool: --
Action: Always in effect
Animal Succulence allows a character to feed from animals, no matter what her Blood Potency is. The amount of Vitae gained from such feeding is explained on pages 164-165 of Vampire the Requiem.
Animal Succulence does not allow a character to completely ignore his craving for blood of “high
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 2 0
HtV: Homebrew Asian Conspiracy
The Dragon Lotus -- Masters of the Nameless Path
"Change requires chaos, and chaos is ours to orchestrate."
A controlled society is a sick society, especially one secretly ruled by the supernatural. The Order of the Dragon Lotus wishes to keep all things in harmony by allowing the natural flow of Chaos to balance the stagnation of corrupted Order. The teachings of the Dragon Lotus were first taught by a man simply called the Green Monk, who uncovered a rare flower atop the peaks of a mountain. Where this mountain was changes with each telling, but has always been believed to be within Asia. It is said that, for days and nights, the Green Monk contemplated the flower, and how its petals moved with the currents of the wind. From this did he scribe the sacred teachings of the Dragon Lotus, which taught of strange magics that would bring about the greatest change onto a world stagnant and dying. However, creatures from the shadows detested the Green Monk's work,
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 3 2
CtL: Court of Solstice Culture
The Court of inbetween is not so much a court as it is a noble order. However, they also act as keepers to the crown of seasons. When a monarch acts against the wishes of the freehold's need to pass on the crown to the next season, the Court of Solstice acts as both mediator and law against refusal, allying itself to any (and sometimes all) resistances that would wish the corrupt monarch to step down.
Besides royalty, the Court is more-or-less focused on one thing: Clarity.
Since its admittance into the freehold system, the Court of Solstice has held it in their ambitions to keep the Changelings under their care from going mad. This is done through their service to the "Word of Reason."
The Word of Reason is not a god, nor a pantheon, but rather a philosophy (that usually conjoins with that of any given religion a changeling may already have) that states that a changeling is of two parents: the mortal realm, and fae dominion. To reject either is to cast aside a part of a changeling's h
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 5 2
Typhos, Ancient of Malaise by MrParaduo Typhos, Ancient of Malaise :iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 6 0
MtAw - Archmage Zilean character sheet
"There is no greater grief than for a loss that is yet to come."
"I knew you would do that."
"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like banana."

Shadow Name: Zilean, the Chronokeeper
Real Name: N/A
Gender: Male
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Sloth
Entente: The Exemplars
Size: 5
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: +6
Speed: 10
Gnosis: 6 +2
Wisdom: 7 +1
Personal 1: Masterful - Attain Wisdom 10
Earthly 3: Legendary - Return Urtistan to the Tellurian exactly the way it was
Celestial 2: Epic - Create a library to contain and preserve the alternate histories of civilization
Intelligence/Wits/Resolve: 3+2/2+1/3+1
Strength/Dexterity/Stamina: 2/2/2
Presence/Manipulation/Composure: 2/2/3+1
Death 4
Fate (innate) 4
Mind 4
Time (innate) 7
Stop Time - (Time 5) Intelligence + Occult + Time vs. Composure + Gnosis (pg. 267)
Faery Glade - (Time 5) Wits + Occult + Time (pg. 266)
Chronos' Curse - (Time 4) Manipulation + Occult + Time vs. Composure + Gnos
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 3 0
nWoD Ratkin
Rats. Few other mammals can be counted as being more prolific in both folklore, and sheer numbers. To some, they are a pestilence, bringing diseases such as the Black Plague across entire continents as they consume whatever they can find. To others, they are symbols of luck and good fortune, seemingly blessed by the gods as they survive the most extreme of changes in territory. Indeed, if a rat senses danger, they will quickly flee; a sign of warning to those who know what to look for.
Scavengers and survivors par excellence, the Little-folk have suffered the predations of many throughout the ages. ****
Appearance and Forms:
Ratkin are made, not born. Even if the progeny of a wererat, a given mortal will only ever become a fellow wormtail if subjected to the Birthing Plague. Because of this, they only have 3 forms: human, hybrid, and beast.
The traits for hybrid form are Strength +1, Dexterity +4, Stamina +1, Size +1, a +2 to Perception checks, and Armor 1/1.
The traits for the
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 2 14
nWoD Conversion: Digital Web Inhabitants
Within the vastness of the Digital Web, literally anything can be found wandering the digital landscape. From the icons of fellow users, to virtualized spirits, to even electronic ghosts of the departed, one can never be too sure what they’ll find after jacking in.
New Numen: Digitize
A sprite with this Numen can pull an object or living creature into the Digital Web. Such targets are considered holistically immersed when determining advantages. Supernatural targets cannot be affected by this power without their consent (this does not apply to "lesser" supernaturals such as sleepwalkers, wolf-blooded, etc). The sprite rolls Power + Finesse after spending a number of Essence equal to the target's Stamina. A mortal targeted like this reflexively rolls Resolve + Composure, though if willing, the sprite gains a +3 to its dicepool. Success means the target is digitized into the Network, and will generally remain there until the sprite deems otherwise, or they find an alternativ
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 2 3
CtL: Halloween Town
Found beyond the warmth of Summer, yet seen just before the tundras of Winter, there exists a settlement surrounded by gnarled black trees and graveyards. Yet despite its morose trappings, laughter and screams mingle together and echo from the place, for here there be the presence of Autumnal Nightmare and festivity. Halloween Town is a hedge settlement where by night all celebrate the traditions of Halloween, and by day prepare for the coming of the next night's jubilation. Naturally, all who use Contracts of Autumn or Spring gain a +2 to enact them. However, only those who are scary enough in Seeming or costume are allowed in.
Sites of Note
Guillotine Plaza - Also known as the Town Square of Halloween Town, this place is where the local hobgoblins and changelings gather to converse and conduct "political" business. It's centered by the massive guillotine that it takes its name after, which is used ceremoniously at the beginning of every Halloween night by chopping off t
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 5 10
WtO: Stygian Guilds
Each powerful in their own right, the Guilds are a collection of organized wraiths bent on maintaining and defending the many Necropoli that make up wraith-society. Some would claim, however, that they are more akin to mega corporations, ready to stab each other in the back if it furthers their often nebulous goals. By joining a guild, however, a wraith gains access to better training in said-guild’s arcanos. They also find many rewards to be had in pleasing their sponsor. Punishment for failure, however, depends on the Guild in question.
Among them, there are 13 recognized Guilds. Each specializing in one of the known Arcanoi. Depending on the necropolis in question, certain guilds are barred from openly selling their services, either because of the local outlook, political climate, or something else entirely. This does not stop some guilds from trying, however, and it is no secret that the Guilds have gone to war with each other from time to time. To prevent total ruin of both
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 5 5
WtO: the Tempest
A place of dread and constant change, the Tempest is the crossroads between reality and Oblivion. Here, the citadels of various necropoli are made manifest, their walls constantly battered by howling winds and bestial terrors alike. The skies are ever clouded in gloom, and as one ventures deeper therein, they find themselves closer to the walls of Oblivion’s Labyrinth.
Author's Note:
Due to fear of confusing the players with having so many unrelated things with the term "shadow" in them, I felt the original Shadowlands would be best represented by merging it with the Tempest. We could argue that the destruction of Stygia (or some such cataclysm) caused the two realms to mutate with each other. Also, it felt wrong just making up a new name for the place, since it would be blindingly obvious to players already familiar with Wraith. In any case, please enjoy what I've gotten done thus far.
--Getting there
For wraiths, access to the Tempest is easy enough. All th
:iconmrparaduo:MrParaduo 2 0
Wonder if I should really ask for payment when it comes to my commissions...nah, I get to better my art style with every order, and do so in the process of making something for a friend. THAT is far more valuable then cash or credit...still, a thank you from time to time would be nice...lazy bastards. ;P


by Noben

This piece brings a mixture of dynamic body language with dramatic lighting. Anywhere you start, the lines always guide your eyes towar...

Jack of Blades! :omg: It's been years since I played Fable. But to be honest, I think this is more akin to Kingdom Hearts...must be the car...

Gotta say it doesn't matter if it's top notch in artistic talent or skill, just so long as you want a critique is all that matters.


Critiques are not grades, they are soley the opinion or opinions of those who want to speak their minds. Those who try to capsulate the sheer emotion of an art piece (or lack thereof) with numbers, stars, or whatever crap they throw in to make their work look more important then the next guys, are not only fools, but suffer a short coming in this simple mindedness...that, and/or are assholes. :meow:

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MrParaduo's Profile Picture
Greg T. Walter
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Well what is there to say about me...I'm a writer, my biggest book had 783 pages in it alone, I've also been told I'm good with a pencil, though I want to get into oil painting.
I'm a little absent minded to everything outside my head (pun not intended) I like to think philosophically or politically correct myself, to a state of doing too much of it. I sometimes even tend to act insane around people in the hopes of making them laugh or like me, but usually that back fires, still, "I" have fun doing it. ;)
My dream is to create an epic master piece, and when I do, I hope to write books that follow up the world I made from that book, till I'm remembered for inspiring others with the desire to create what ever they do best...yeah.
Now for the mud of myself. I have what is called aspergers syndrome. I also can't help but admit that I'm into anthropomorphic animals, some people call them furries, but I usually call them just anthros. As to how I got an account on deviant, I made it so I could cheer a certain someone on, in fear he might give up in his series of works which I feel no shame in admitting to be great and worth looking at, who knows, I might even help him create more depth to that same crater of powerful impact he's made.
Finally, my avatar name was something I came up with a while back, it's a mix of paradox and duo, for I am me, but my persona on this site is also me, thus is it a paradox about two things, see?
My last words are on why I haven't put up anything...well, this site tends to have illustrations that get pirated onto other sites, and I have a paranoid worry that something I put hard hours of effort into will get stolen like one of my accounts was. But even so, here's to a life of inspiration for all that look for it.


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