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Here we have a two-shot about how a sister loves another sister.
I wanted to make this a one-shot first but I think it will work better as a two-shot, better two short-chapters than one that is to long.
Hope you enjoy it!
P.S.: And don’t worry about the projects I am working on with MamaAniki, they are not forgotten and will be updated.

Chapter 1: Feelings can’t be hidden (Be careful that you post on social media)
It was a day like most days in the House of the Louds.
Lori could already hear the usual sound of chaos as she woke up and rose up from her bed.
“Luan, have you seen my drumst
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I am not a bad guy
It’s a me, a third class author who likes to go Meta sometimes.
Once I did it to criticize the (still) not ending barrage of “No Such Luck” Fanfictions. Now I have a new target, the custom to make an exploitative little jerk named Chandler into a monster in fanworks for some reason.
I devote this story to Exotos135, the one author who stood against the trend to make Chandler a bad guy and who partially inspired me to write this.
The lyrics used in this song are from the band “The Megas” (I devote the story to them as well) from their song “The Haystack Principle” (which also inspired me to write this) which I slightly rewrote so it would fit this story. Hear the song before reading this fanfic if you like.
ultrablud2 was once again my proof-reader and he helped me come up with the title. I thank him a lot for both.

:iconmroogie-boogie:MrOogie-Boogie 3 1
To be a Leader
She turned around in her bed, sighed loudly, and did it again shortly thereafter. Her thoughts didn’t give her any sleep tonight and she wasn’t able to ignore them.
Meanwhile, Lori tried to ignore Leni’s shifting and movement and the occasional sigh from her. Lori wasn’t used to this.
Since she’d had moved back into her old room after a short stint where she tried to live in the garage, Leni had been acting strange from time to time. She seemed to be in deep thought at some times, which wasn’t that unusual, but it was quite particular that she had become more silent.
She had stopped to take clothes from Lori, was talking less and tried to avoid saying stupid things and was in general less active.
But her bedtime was noisier than ever before, even worse than the time she thought, there was a spider-monster under her bed that would eat her in her sleep.
Lori knew that the other thought of her having a short temper but she always had more patience with
:iconmroogie-boogie:MrOogie-Boogie 1 1
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Epilogue: Threegetherness
Kanaya was reading a book about human vampires. The vampires in that book were different than other vampires on earth. They didn’t go around and stalk the people they loved and didn’t sparkle in the daylight. They also preferred to have a more active sexual life and didn’t seem to hate werewolves.
Kanaya wasn’t bothered by those changes and found them rather nice to be honest. This first novel-series about vampires was rather terrible in retrospective. Vriska called her alternian rainbow drinker novels trash but they weren’t not nearly as bad as those stories in retrospect.
“Stop reading that stupid book and strooooooooke me!”
“I would be glad to receive some petting myself.”
Kanaya looked down on her lap. Vriska and Rose had their respective heads placed on it.
“I would like to finish this chapter first.”
“The chapter will not run away but I could.”
“And when what?”
“You have to try and cap
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Chapter 11: Her Red lover and her pale diamond
Rose looked Vriska in the eyes.
Vriska looked back, grinning her usual arrogant grin.
“Better take a seat, this mess could take a while to clear up.”
“Of course, where is a seat?”
“I have none. I only rented this apartment for feelings jams.”
“Is a good place for sitting never a place for a feelings jam?”
“Didn’t think about that.”
The two were silent for a few seconds.
“You and Kanaya are moirails again, right?”
“And the candidate receives one hundred points!”
“And what will I get for concluding another fact about you two?“
“A brand new car!”
“Not needed.”
Rose was frustrated but not with Vriska. She had so much vigorand determination a few minutes ago but the situation changed substantially. She had anticipated a black couple and not a pale one and she never would hav
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Chapter 10: Busted!
“I should go.”
“Are you serious? We started only five minutes ago.”
Kanaya looked nervously around. “My conscience isn’t pure. I belied Rose about the duration of the Jade-Blood meeting.”
“Oh, never thought you had that in you, fussyfangs.”
“You are right, fussyfangs isn’t appropriate anymore, lyingfangs.”
“How about fibfangs?”
Kanaya gave Vriska a cold look. Vriska laughed.
“What is your problem my pale diamond?”
Kanaya continued her cold look.
“Kanaya, it was only a joke!”
Kanaya’s look was still cold.
“Please Kanaya… I’m sorry.”
Still cold.
“Kanaya not that look please, I hate it. You looked at me like this on the meteor. I hated it.”
Vriska searched for the right words. She searched for a way that wouldn't let her look weak. But in the end honesty won through.
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La maitresse du temps by april-ame
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Here we have a two-shot about how a sister loves another sister.
I wanted to make this a one-shot first but I think it will work better as a two-shot, better two short-chapters than one that is to long.

Hope you enjoy it!

P.S.: And don’t worry about the projects I am working on with MamaAniki, they are not forgotten and will be updated.

Chapter 1: Feelings can’t be hidden (Be careful that you post on social media)

It was a day like most days in the House of the Louds.
Lori could already hear the usual sound of chaos as she woke up and rose up from her bed.

“Luan, have you seen my drumstick?”

“No, I didn’t see it STICK around.” A short laughter. “Get it?”

Followed by a groan.

“No, you can’t use my old jersey as an alchemic ingredient, Lucy.”

“Sigh. But it would be perfect ingredient to make a potion to give somebody an incredible amount of Stamina.”


“Either that or the taste of your dry sweat will kill the first person who drinks that potion.”

“I am a winner! Drinking my sweat will bring them luck!”

“I think it would most likely lead them to catching a deadly disease,” intruded the voice of Lola into the conversation between Lucy and Lynn. “If you think you can produce anything healthy out of Lynn’s clothing, you are an idiot.”

“I will not decry that alchemy was the predecessor of modern chemistry and would give those archaic practices the credit they deserves,” Lisa’s voice stepped in. “But to think it could actually increase the constancy of anyone is bovine.”

Yep, only the usual arguments. Nothing to worry about so far. Lori could still lay in her bed for a while longer and think of quieter places with less siblings.

“Luan, what did you do with my video games?!”

Lori opened her eyes. That was Lincoln, and he sounded angry, very angry.

“I just thought the covers on them got old, so I replaced them.”

“Those “covers,” as you call them, just show different comedians parodying the video games! Badly, I might add!”

“Hey, I researched the games… Okay, I only looked at the original covers and then looked up a summary of each one on Wikipedia, but I think that was enough.”

“I don’t remember Mario doing magic tricks with Luigi and white tigers!” Lincoln’s voice snarled in anger.

“They seem to be close, so why not make them look a little like Siegfried and Roy?” asked Luan’s voice innocently.

“They are brothers!”

Following that was a silence, quiet enough to hear a thread falling to the ground.

“Seems to me they became “Brothers in Arms” with EXTREME amount of using their arms to use on the magic wands.” A short laugh. “Get-”

The sound of a fist colliding with a face was heard.
Lori got up and out of her bed with an annoyed sigh. She knew the difference between a harmless scuffle and a serious fight, and this sounded more than serious.

Lincoln was far from the most punch-happy in the house, but he could be capable of resorting to physical violence when pushed too far, and Luan managed to push him just far enough. Lori ran out of her room, watching her brother and the comedienne brawling in a ball of violent action like two angry hamsters fighting for dominance. The others were just looking at the fight, not sure what to do about it.

Unfazed by her siblings’ behavior, she put her arms into the chaotic mess of limbs and activity and pulled her two siblings out of it. She held them in the air by their ankles like the spoils of a good hunt.

“So, I literally heard the argument from my bed,” Lori started to use her authoritative voice. “Can you replace the covers on his cartridges with the originals ones, Luan?”

Luan nodded in an anxious manner. “Sure thing, no problem. It’s just that I never intended to damage the covers permanently.”

“Good, did you hear that, Lincoln?”

“Yes,” was Lincoln’s exhausted answer, since the fight and his rage had taken his toll on him. “I heard that.”

“Luan, are you sorry for what you did?” asked Lori in a stern tone. “You may not understand it, but covers are literally important for video game enthusiasts.”

“Sorry for replacing your covers, Lincoln,” Luan grumbled in a partly-angry, partly-guilty sounding tone.

Lori looked over to Lincoln. “And what do you have to say to Luan, Lincoln?”

“I am also sorry for punching you, Luan,” Lincoln apologized to Luan, knowing the way he attacked her was over the line.

“Good for you two, now remove the parody covers from his cartridges and put the old covers back on, Luan.”

She put the two down on the ground and sent them on their way. Making sure they wouldn’t start another fight while looking around, she noticed how the others dispersed after Lori had ended the conflict, continuing their daily routines and Lori wanted to do the same. She was turning around to return to her room to get dressed as she heard the start of yet ANOTHER fight.

“You stepped on my toes!”
That was Lana’s voice.

“Then be more careful where you place your Bigfoot-esque feet, you Neanderthal!”
Lola’s voice.

From action came a reaction, and the natural logic for the two was to start an argument the way they more often than not used to discuss whatever difficulties they had with one another in their relationship.
In other words: They started a brawl.

Lori, hoping the brawl would wind down, sighed as the intensity of the fight only increased. She shrugged and turned around, walking into the room of the identical twins.

Her annoyed expression met another ball of violence made of two bodies and wildly flailing extremities, arms punching and legs kicking. She put two of her fingers at the corners of her mouth and whistled loudly, which got the sisters to stop their battle.

“Listen to me, Twin-Twerps,” commanded the oldest. “Lola: Be careful where you walk, and when you step on somebody’s toes, you apologize and don’t insult their feet size, understood?”

“Yes, Lori,” Lola replied in a servile yet also slightly resistant tone.

Lori’s tone became noticeably softer as she addressed the plumber girl. She even cracked a smile. “And as for you, Miss little plumber, don’t be so eager as to start a fight with your sister, even when she is insulting you... Actually, this literally goes for both of you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Lori,” the two said in unison but then Lola raised an eyebrow and asked: “Why did you sound friendlier to Lana?”

Lori looked directly at Lola, her expression being one of puzzlement. “What do you mean?”

“You talked to Lana in a nicer tone than you did to me right now,” was Lola’s angry answer. “That is not fair!”

“Well, you started it, Lola. You stepped on my toes.”

Lola wanted to say something in response, but ultimately said nothing to Lana but she did say something to Lori. “Still, you were stricter with me.”

“That was an accident,” Lori said, trying to get out of the situation. “It is early and I want to get breakfast, so I am not in the mood to be angry.”

“Not in the mood to be angry?” remarked Lola confused. “But-”

“No buts,” Lori interrupted her before pushing the two into their room. “Now get yourselves ready for the day.”

The twins didn’t offer resistance and left a relieved Lori alone. But only relived to a certain point because she couldn’t shake off what Lola had said to her.

I was nicer to Lana than to Lola? How did that ha… No, Lola just imagined things. It was an accident at worst! Yep, just a coincidence.

Lori shook the thought off her mind and tried to concentrate on the day ahead of her instead.

Later at the breakfast table, Lori gave everybody a piece of chocolate along with their usual breakfast. She hoped this would avert the attention Lola focused on her earlier this morning and get her to forget what had occurred. Some chocolate would improve her mood anytime. After she finished with distributing the chocolate, the young blond woman sat down and wanted to start her meal. After her first bite, though, Lola, once again, spoke to Lori.

“Hey, why did you give Lana two pieces of chocolate?!”

Lori froze. She looked at Lana’s plate and, in fact, two pieces of the delicious brown confectionary were placed on it. Before Lana could snatch either of them into her mouth, the oldest snatched the extra piece and put it back into the plate with the other spare chocolate pieces.

“Sorry Lana, no extras for anyone,” Lori explained in a soft tone. “My bad, it will not happen again.”

“You better make sure of that,” demanded Lola angrily. “I don’t let myself be treated poorly just because you like Lana more.”

To Lori’s relief, nobody else at the table had noticed the dispute, being too busy with their own conversations.
She looked over to Lana who had dismissed the situation with a shrug and continued with eating her breakfast.
Lori also started to eat, but couldn’t stop to think about what was happening.

I can’t be nicer to Lana. I am not allowed to.


Later that day, Lori, Lana & Lola were sitting on the living room couch with Lori watching a video on her Smartphone while sitting further away from the two and the twins watching a Blarney episode on the television.

She looked over to the twins from time to time, making sure they were okay. This was usual behavior for the golfer because as the oldest sibling, the duty of supervision landed on her shoulders most of the time.
It was not really necessary right now, though, the parents were at home but it was part of a routine that had gone into her flesh and blood.

She was absorbed in her routine, which gave her time to think about and analyze what happened so far today. She was feeling nicer than normal since she got up from bed earlier than usual this morning and this was mirrored in the way she treated her siblings. She couldn’t deny that she had also favored Lana for some reason.

She tried to figure out why she was doing that and how she could avoid it in the future. Looking at Lana, she tried to imagine a person she had to care for, protect and administer. She wasn’t more important than her other siblings, but at the same time, not any less important than them. She was nothing but a statistic to Lori.
At least, Lori tried to think that way, but just imagining any of her family as a number in a chart was impossible for her. The others liked to accuse her of being stone-cold from time to time, but that was just an exaggeration. She had equal love for all of them, she HAD to have equal love for all of them.

“Lori, can you bring me some apple juice, please?” asked Lola in her sweetest voice.

“No, get it literally yourself,” Lori denied the request in a slightly exasperated tone.

“But I don’t want to miss anything from the shooooow!” Complained the little princess in her sweet/annoying voice. “Pleaaaaaase?”


“I am thirsty too,” mentioned Lana offhandedly. “I’ll get you-”

“I’ll do it,” promised Lori all of the sudden while standing up only to sit down again. “No, you do it Lana. I’ll do nothing for you as I’ll do nothing for Lola. I will not do anything for anyone here!”

The twins starred at the oldest of them in confusion and bewilderment. Lori, thinking fast, said: “Th-this is not the Riz and I am not your butler. Go get it yourself!”

She left in an angry huff, angrier than she intended and angry with herself, not with the twins who just looked after her with even more confusion growing in their minds.


The eldest sister watched over Lana & Lola during their regular playtime at the park. Bored out of her mind, she checked on her (and her family’s) VisageBook and Chipper pages.

Leni: Like, I really like you so much, so I want to apologize for letting cup of cocoa fall and spill into your insides, Mister Starbucks, wrote Leni on the Starbucks’ Chipper page. Can you forgive me?

Starbucks: Yes, I can, promised the Chipper Account of Starbucks. It is fine, Miss Loud.

Leni: Thank you for forgiving me, wrote Leni in response. I also have a question: How do you find the time to open a coffee franchise and become the ace pilot of the last battle star?

Lori was not able to suppress a chuckle. Leni was priceless.
Then somebody messaged her on VisageBook, it was Lucy, her most spooky sister.

Lucy: Lori, why are you only giving up-votes to Lana’s stuff today?

Lori was confused. What was her sister writing about?

Lori: Don’t be literally absurd Lucy, I have up voted your posts, along with everyone else’s.

Lucy: Are you sure? I have your activity log on VisageBook before me and I only see stuff from Lana today.

Lori was getting nervous. She looked up her current status and realized with a gasp that she had really only up-voted stuff from Lana. Picture of a frog, a selfie with Lola, the inside of her nose, a post about the correct use of a spoke wrench and a short review of the newest Blarney Episode.

Hoping to make it less suspicious, she jumped to the posts of her other siblings and gave them likes. After finishing her work, she wrote Lucy another message.

Lori: You see Lucy? I up-voted everyone equally.

For some reason, and probably because she knew Lucy, she could hear the little raven-haired girl sibling say sigh as she read her answer. Lucy: Retroactively, I have seen it and your browser history confirms it as well. Your lies are not hidden by a dark veil, but they are more visible than an open wound.

Lori rolled her eyes at the prose and decided against having a long argument with Lucy, which would lead to nothing anyway.

Lori: You are literally right, but please, don’t tell the others about this, Lucy.

Lucy: Whatever, I have to visit dark chatrooms of the macabre. See you later, Lori.

Lori: See you later, too.

After this was over, Lori looked at the twins. They were building something out of sand, it looking like a combination of a queen and a crocodile. They knew how to mold sand; she had to give them that. She took a photo of the little statue of sand and posted it on VisageBook.

Lori: Look at this literally cute sand statue my little sister Lana made. Isn’t it adorable?

Seconds later, she got several responses to her post in quick succession, but she was not happy about a specific response.

Lola: Lori, what the heck? Lana and I made this statue together!
Lola: Why did you write she did it alone? I almost broke a fingernail building it.
Lola: My hands are dirty, MY HANDS ARE DIRTY!
Lola: My Hands are dirty and you will not deny my credit on the building of that statue!
Lola: Do you hear me?!
Lola: I mean: Do you read me?!

Lori was sweating. She had to come up with something very clever to trick Lola while she’d be editing her post to add the more pink twin’s name to it.

Lori: I didn’t post this. That was Walt, he flew onto my smartphone and pecked at it. Through random chance, he wrote all of this with his pecking and hit the post button.

She hoped this would buy her time for her edit, but that wasn’t the case.

Lincoln: Do you really expect us to buy this?
Lisa: I have to acquiesce with our sole brother, this is a highly implausible event for us to believe.
Luan: Your story is one of the best jokes I’ve read on VisageBook this week!
Clyde: Give her a chance guys, it could happen.
Lily: Poo-Poo!

Lisa: I acquiesce with you too, Lily.
Luna: I am nobody’s fool dude, and you ain’t fooling nobody but yourself sis.
Leni: Guys, I need, like, help with Starbucks. I think they could be good friends with the Royal Shakespeare Company, but they don’t think it would work out.
Luna: This is an open chatroom on your VisageBook page, anyone can post here.
Lincoln: You still lied.
Lori: Yes, I did, and I apologize for that. Lola, I will change the post to give you equal credit for the statue as well.
Lola: You better do that or your life will become a living hell!</i>

Lori changed her entry quickly and looked over to Lola who was holding her own smartphone and nodding at the change, yet continued to glare angrily at the oldest.

Lori: Better now?
Lola: Yes, but you better not try to pull something on me like that again, Missy!
Lori: Don’t call me Missy you twerp or you will literally regret it.
Lola: Do not insult me after the stunt you pulled, you power-hungry, Bobby-obsessed, fashion-blind Bosporus!
Lori: Bosporus?
Lola: I heard Lisa uttering this word.
Lisa: 1: It is not an insult and 2: I was actually saying preposterous.
Lincoln: Lola, the Bosporus is a narrow river between Europe and Asia.
Lori: You don’t even know the difference between a strait and an expletive. And you want to scare me? How cute.
Lola: I am warning you Lori…
Lori: Am I supposed to be scared? LOL! You can’t do anything to me, you are thousands of miles away.
Lori: Wait

She looked up, only to see an angry pink thing flying into her face and tackling her down to the ground along with the bench.


Pink Pageant Princess to the face!

Well, Lori you didn’t expected that, am I right?
What will Lori do? How will she deal with her strong feelings for Lana?

I hope you all liked this chapter.
Please Review, I want to hear feedback, do you like the story? Constructive criticism would also be nice.

Until chapter 2, I wish you a nice day!

It’s a me, a third class author who likes to go Meta sometimes.
Once I did it to criticize the (still) not ending barrage of “No Such Luck” Fanfictions. Now I have a new target, the custom to make an exploitative little jerk named Chandler into a monster in fanworks for some reason.

I devote this story to Exotos135, the one author who stood against the trend to make Chandler a bad guy and who partially inspired me to write this.

The lyrics used in this song are from the band “The Megas” (I devote the story to them as well) from their song “The Haystack Principle” (which also inspired me to write this) which I slightly rewrote so it would fit this story. Hear the song before reading this fanfic if you like.

ultrablud2 was once again my proof-reader and he helped me come up with the title. I thank him a lot for both.


Chandler was sitting alone in his home, reading through some papers he had printed out.
He had been reading those papers for a while now, since last weekend when he found them, the data documents of them to be precise.
He was disgusted.

Bad guy, bully, villain, aggregator, scoundrel, knave, miscreant, blackguard, reprobate.

He wasn’t called most of them, but the stories on those papers made him look like he was one of them.

This is not my home
It's where I'm locked away
It's in their interpretation
It's not my representation
This is not who I am

Who was he?
He was Chandler, one of the most popular children in school because of his sewage plant parties. He had been surprised to learn people wanted to be at a sewage plant, except Lana, who he had seen visiting the plant regularly to watch and talk with the workers there.

He had friends, money, and popularity and knew how to get stuff for free, but he was also willing to pay people accordingly. And yet, there he was, reading stories that painted him as an absolute asshole instead of the moderate one he was.

You'll never see me
Behind this bully's face
These aren't my deeds
These writings take their place
Was this all part of the plan?

Since he had started reading those stories about him, he realized the vices he had. His attitude towards others, one of superiority because he believed in his own hype around himself. The arrogance, because of his popularity he bathed himself in while walking around as if he knew everything and could do nothing wrong.

Would you believe this isn't me?
That what you get isn't what you see?

Realizing those inadequacies of his persona, he felt like his heart was bursting, hurting like never before. Despite that, there was not only mourning and self-loathing.
There was anger as well.

He read the stories. One author had made him bully the six-year old Lana, the sister of Lincoln Loud, after bullying him excessively for days beforehand. He physically attacked a six-year-old girl. Why? Why would he do that? He didn’t think he would like it and he knew it could easily be social suicide to beat up a little kid.

He read other stories in which he was an antagonist for the flimsiest of reasons, including a reasoning that he was fierce at Lincoln because he never showed up at his party. He never even noticed that Lincoln hadn’t been at the plant along with his spectacled friend.

He called him Larry, why would he give him any more attention?

I'm not a bad guy
I'm just written that way
No matter what I try
I can't help and stop them adapting me
And I can't see a way out this time.

He walked in circles in his room, growling, his anger about these writings making him think about himself and if he was able to be better at all. Everywhere he was a villain, an easy bully to antagonize Lincoln or to even trick him into doing something very stupid.

In another story, he and some older kids convinced Lincoln to install a camera in his oldest sister’s bedroom to film her while she got herself changed. He was too young to understand the appeal of the naked form of a person, despite that he knew that people older than him loved to watch the bare form of a human body.

He really didn’t understand why somebody would do that, he found naked women easily enough on the internet.

Angry and confused, he turned on his radio on his nightstand and started to dance to the tune that was playing right now. He tried to dance his negative thoughts, his sorrow and the bile from those stories away.
He almost lost himself in a dance of fury and overthinking as he suddenly stopped.

Wait, get to the point

The red-haired student then looked for a story that presented him in a good way. He knew what fanfictions were, he liked Avatar: The Last Airbender, he had seen all the episodes of the first and second series, he had even read the comics.
That had led him to looking up Fanarts and Fanfics of that show and he discovered how certain villains were adored by the fan base despite their horrible deeds.
They had virtues, could even be nice to certain degrees but they were still often horrible people.

He wondered why nobody had made such stories about him… Was he lacking so much in charisma to these people, to these authors who wrote the stories?

He noticed that some other people also received a lot of hate. There was a teenager named Carol Pingrey who in some fanfics was an absolute asshole and other stories about his classmate Christina. He knew that Christina was not a bad person, but he knew about the video of Lincoln kissing photos of her on that scary bust of that vampire guy.

He understood why Christina would be upset, but was it enough reason to take lethal revenge against the family?

It's hard to blame them
I even scare myself
Written to cross seems to
Be detrimental to my health
I guess I should have known

He didn’t understand these people. Chandler couldn’t wrap his head around those writers who were apologists but also willing to condemn certain other characters for the most baffling of reasons.
He had also read stories about two of Lincoln’s sisters, Luan and Lynn, also often turned into bad guys, and if Luan’s YouTube prank videos posted around April 1st were real, he understood why.
That girl was crazy, so much more dangerous than he ever could be. Why her family didn’t send her to a psychiatric ward was a mystery to him.

And yet, she got redemption in such stories, even Lynn got redemption, but who was interested in him, the local “bully” Chandler, even though Ronnie Ann had tortured him more than he ever did. She had done many bad things to him, including pulling down his pants in front of everyone, filling his locker with trash and punching him in the face.
And yet, while Ronnie got attacked in those Fanfics too, she often got redemption.
But not him.

He’s  on his way to me
I hear him coming close
I guess it's his job
When pushing comes to shove
At least I won't be alone

Lincoln, or somebody else, would beat him up in such stories, real badly. A karmic punishment for him, for all the bullying he did to Lincoln and/or other people. Though, it was unrealistic to believe that a bullied Loud would be bullied for long. This family stuck together, and if one of them was bullied, the other siblings would take care of the bully.

He had seen the poor fool who bullied Lucy for a few days, well not him exactly, but pictures of him on Visagebook. He was found in a ditch, wrapped in toilet paper.
Still alive but full of bruises.

Would you believe this isn't me?
That what you get isn't what you see?

Why should he be so stupid as to make the same fatal mistake? He was surprised the Louds never ganged on Ronnie Anne, but after learning that his sisters thought that a girl bullying a boy means that she loves him, he reconsidered his opinion of them.

They had flaws themselves, and that outdated idea was one of them. Luckily, they get called out on that as well in many stores.
There was hardly any sympathy for him, only one noticeable author had decided to stand against the trend so far.

Why was I attacked more than an archaic idea of romance and love?

I'm not a bad guy
I'm just written that way
No matter what I try
I can't help and stop them adapting me
And I can't see a way out this time

He also knew about Hank & Hawk, two overgrown elementary school football players who stole candy from little children, and Flip, a greedy business man who was even willing to let little children freeze to death just to get more money.

But he was supposed to be worse than him? What he did in that one episode was not even close to the stuff those three did.

It was so unfair… Why him and not those who deserved to be portrayed as the bad guys? Chandler thought how he would get his revenge on those stupid authors, how he…

Deep down the sewers, ten miles down
A boy stands below the Loud House he will destroy...

Chandler was fantasizing about his revenge. It would be so easy to flood their house, destroying it*. Just changing a few pipes, manipulating a handle here and there and…


He shook his head. No, he couldn’t do this. What were this people doing to him? Were they adapting him again, or was all that negative representation getting to the redhead?

He just wanted it to stop, he just wanted them to stop writing stories about him where he becomes a flanderized jerk of a brutal bully instead of the regular jerk he was. Carol Pingrey had been made into a good gal, she never even was bad to begin with, but ONE episode with him as an exploitative asshole, and he was condemned as a far worse person.

How can I retract these lies?
(Those are your deeds
You can't take back the damage you devise)

He felt lucky that nobody in his personal live knew about this stories. He knew they weren’t true and all the people he knew would probably believe the same. But what if those stories would be able to warp their view of him? What if they started to believe what he really was able to do those things?

How can I remove this farce?
(That is your guise
You can't remove the abhorrence you force)

Having a bad reputation amongst people who you don’t interact with is not so bad, but amongst your closest acquaintances, friends and family? That would be a huge catastrophe. The fear was incredible. Was he the only one who knew about those stories, those Fanfictions, or did other people know about them?

The damage… The thought… He feared his own family could start to hate him. Fear him. Exile him!

His heart was gripped by hate and was filled with more and more of it by the second.
How could these people do this?

How can I avoid their hatred that fills my eyes?
(You can't shut down where your path lies)

They are so ignorant. They have the freedom to do anything with them, but they made the same story again and again. Why can’t they try to handle stuff differently?

When can you stop making me bad?
(That is who you are)
[That is who you are]
If that's who you think I am
Then I'll fight your flimflam!

He had enough, he would show them who he was, he wouldn’t sit there and be a passive victim. He would show them who he was.

Chandler equipped himself with what he needed and made sure it was there before leaving his house.
His destination: The Casa de Loud.
He would end this once and for all.

He had hidden what he needed in his pockets, with it, he would end all the complains, with it, he would deal with the Louds once and for all.

I'm not a bad guy
I'm just written that way
No matter what I try
I can't help and stop them adapting me
And now I see a way out this time

It would be over after today.


Lincoln was playing in the front yard with Lana, using toy construction site vehicles as Chandler approached the house. In his pocket, the instrument that would end the hate for him.

Lincoln looked up, seeing him coming closer, but looked away after a second.
He didn’t even recognize him right now. He had forgotten him, it seems, but the authors did not. Time to change that.

With a steady pace, he walked up to Lincoln who looked up again, this time keeping his attention on the redhead. Lincoln’s eyelids rose up as he recognized the kid.

“Chandler? Can I help you?”

Chandler didn’t say anything, instead, he drew something out of his pocket and held it directly in front of Lincoln’s face.

“Take this!”

He held something against Lincoln’s head. Lincoln looked at the item in Chandler’s hands with surprise.
It was a stack of bills, bound by a currency strap.

“Cool!” was Lana’s happy expression at the sight of the money. “Chandler wants to give you some money.” Then she got silent for a moment before looking suspiciously at him. “Wait, this smells like a Lola thing. What do you want him to do for this money?”

“No, I just want to give him money,” Chandler explained. “No catch.”

“Oh, sorry,” apologized Lana. “Lola once tricked me into showing up at one of her tea parties with her plushies which then evolved into a mafia war.” Lana shook her head in distress. “It was scary how good Lola could do the voice of a plushy that was being tortured.”

Chandler and Lincoln, slightly disturbed by this revelation, turned to each other again.

“I want to pay my dues,” told Chandler the white-haired boy in an apologizing tone, his face expressing remorse. “I exploited you and your older sister’s position at Gus' Games and Grub to get freebies. That was wrong of me, and I want to make it up to you.”

Lincoln, looking surprised, stood up and took the money. There was no reason to refuse it. He would tell Lori about it. He was not sure if she should get all of it or if they should share it, but he wouldn’t keep it a secret from her, even if Lana hadn’t been here.

“Thank you, Chandler,” thanked the white haired boy the red haired boy. “You are not as egoistical as I originally thought.”

“Some… people showed me how much of a jerkass I had been,” explained Chandler awkwardly. “I thought I should change my ways before I become the monster they say I am.”

“What a bunch of losers,” Lincoln commented, sounding angry. “That is the worst kind of criticism, sounds like bullying to me.” Lincoln smiled warmly at the redhead. “Listen, if they don’t stop it, my sisters and I can talk with them.”

“And if they don’t realize that their way of criticizing you is wrong, we will continue to bother them,” offered Lana. “We can talk them into oblivion. Our family name is Loud for a reason.”

Lana’s confident smirk brought hope to Chandler’s heart. The feeling that they cared for him despite his deeds just because he showed remorse blew away the darkness brought onto him by those stories. “Thank you Lana, you are a good girl. I didn’t think I would gain your favor.”

“Don’t mention it,” Lana stated casually. “Everyone deserves a second chance if they are seriously sorry for what they did.”

This was going better than Chandler had ever dare to dream. He didn’t realize it before, but now he understood that he had been subconsciously thinking that the Louds would have been as judgmental as the authors.

“I have to go then,” Chandler explained a little awkwardly, not completely knowing what to do else. “I have-”

“Please stay.”

Chandler looked up in surprise. “Lincoln?”

“No reason to go, you can hang out with me and Lana if you want,” offered Lincoln. “It sounds like you could need some friends right now.”

Chandler was tempted to accept the offer, which he did. Maybe he wanted to stick it to the authors, maybe he really wanted to have him as a friend, maybe a little bit of both, but in any case, he felt like it was the right thing to do.

“Sure, let’s play.”


After playing with Lana and Lincoln, they said goodbye to each other. Chandler had totally forgotten why he had been even here. His day had been too good now.
There was nothing that could rain in his parade.

“Nice to see you playing so nice with my siblings.”

Chandler shrieked in surprise and made a jump in the air. He turned around and found himself standing before Lori, second-in-command of the Loud Clan.

“Oh, hello Miss Lori Loud,” he greeted her nervously and politely. He knew that his machinations almost ruined an important romantic date of hers. She probably knew about that. He had not thought about her in all of this. Lincoln had paid his dues to her, so she was okay with him.
But what about Chandler? Had she forgiven the redhead?

“Don’t look so panicked, I don’t plan to put you over my knee,” she explained with a warm smile. “In fact, I want to congratulate you. I wouldn’t have thought you could change that way. I guess seeing how the authors treat you made you reconsider.”

“Well, yes they opened my eyes, even if they-” Chandler froze. “How do you-?”

“Heard your song,” Lori explained plainly. “Well, the song from others with changed lyrics. Also, I heard your thoughts about it.” Lori noticed Chandler’s surprised gaze. “Yes, I can also view the fourth wall. Most Louds can do it to a degree. Even though seeing what was going on with you was a total coincidence. Don’t ask me how I did it, it just happened.”

“Listen… I… I am sorry, really sorry for what happened,” Chandler got back to the point. “I was an egotistical ignorant little jerk and I didn’t want those authors having the last words in regards to me. That isn’t the best motivation… I fear my wish to stick it to them is greater than my actual wish to improve myself.”

Lori didn’t agree. “I think your deeds made it clear that you want to be a good guy. Otherwise, you would have only complained and not acted. But act you did, and what you did convinced me you are serious about your goal to improve yourself.”

Chandler, blushing a little, a little proud and slightly bashed about himself, avoided Lori’s gaze. He didn’t know he would react that way to praise, which surprised him.

“I… Thank you Miss Lori Loud,” was the only thing he got out of his esophagus, too nervous to say anything else. “Thank you a lot.”

“I am only seventeen, no need to address me as a Miss, but it is appreciated,” Lori informed the young boy. “If you want to visit us again, you are welcome.”

“Despite how much the authors presented me as an enemy?”

“I rather try to ignore them,” told Lori the boy. “I like the fanarts more except-”

“Don’t mention it, I saw some of them,” remembered Chandler with a shudder. He expected a lot but most of the romantic pictures were just plain wrong. “Please, I don’t want to think about it.”

“Me neither,” agreed Lori, her voice suddenly going very cold. “Go home now, we’ll talk more about those… happy works of our fans another time.”

Chandler said his goodbyes and got on his way home. Everything played out better than he had ever hoped. He made peace with Lincoln, Lana liked him and even Lori was friendly to the freckled kid.

Still, there was something else he could do now. A secret plan he had never thought he could even try to execute in any way, but now he had a chance with the Loud Clan in his good graces.

A mischievous smirk ran across his face.


Up in a tree, Chandler was watching the two making out.
He observed how the African-American boy put his lips on the sportswoman’s cheek again and again, while the young boy was blushing.

Lynn and Clyde were now a couple, also known as “Clynn”, and they made out every day.
They didn’t talk over their smartphones all the time, Lynn didn’t want to become another Lori so she ran over to his house every time she wanted to talk.
She loved the exercise and she loved Clyde even more.

Chandler grinned.
He hadn’t manipulated the two into falling in love with each other, he hadn’t used love potions, magic, complicated mind-control technology, voodoo or anything else. He just set the stage for some lucky encounters, which led the two to become a romantic couple.
It was a relief for everyone because Clyde overcame his unhealthy crush on Lori and now has a healthy relationship with Lynn.

He did something good again and, he knew a few of the authors and drawing artists wouldn’t be so happy about more “Clynn”.
The thought of that made him smile.

He looked over to the happy couple for a last time before jumping down from the tree and going on his way to his sewer-exploration-playdate with Lana.
He really liked the little girl and she liked him.

I am not a bad guy

Another Shout-Out to Exotos135, one of the few Loud House Fanfiction-Authors who prefers to make Chandler into a good guy instead of the asshole bully he becomes in most other Fanfics.

Also ONE big Shout-Out to “The Megas” who make songs REAL songs out of the Mega Man video game music, not just another remix, real songs, which tell a story and give many Mega Man Characters characterization, motivation and pathos while sounding really good.

“The Haystack Principle” is probably one of my favorite songs from them.
I recommend them to everyone who loves the Mega Man Franchise, go and listen to their music on their official YouTube Channel as soon as possible.
And yes, I am a really big fan of “The Megas”, surprising I know, I was so subtle about it.

Yes, I know about Chandler attacking Lana in “What is a Person worth” that is the reason I made the two friends in this tale and why I referenced it as an example.

I also referenced the story “Brotherhood” in which Chandler and some other kids manipulated Lincoln into getting naked recordings of Lori.

This trend to make this rather harmless Chandler guy a bad guy is strange enough but it seldom plays into his only actual villainous trait of manipulation, instead he is often made into a bully which doesn’t reflect his actual behavior in the canon of the show. Nobody is creative with him which is even worse in a way.

Don’t forget to fav and follow if you like this and don’t forget to comment.
Say me what you guys liked and what not, only that way I can improve.

With all that said I wish you a good day and a good time.

Until next time!

P.S.: For people who are interested in the Song I used:…
It is the video on the bands official YouTube Channel.
Also their Bandcamp page:



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