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:bulletorange: Selling my original works::bulletorange:

~~$15 each:
+ Vivid colours for Me + by MroczniaK + Wandering Stars + by MroczniaK Come to me.... by MroczniaK + Charming Purple + by MroczniaK + Cameo Nanami + by MroczniaK ..::Fallen Angel::.. by MroczniaK Kawaii Ran by MroczniaK + Sad Rainbow Girl + by MroczniaK +False Death+ by MroczniaK + Untrue Death + by MroczniaK ..::Emma::.. by MroczniaK: + Elegant Purple + by MroczniaK .Her name is Cherry. by MroczniaK ..::Amy and Emily::.. by MroczniaK .LAST SMILE. by MroczniaK

~~$10 each;
::Bright Smile:: by MroczniaK bun-bun-bunny :3 by MroczniaK Mro-fc by MroczniaK ..::lullaby::.. by MroczniaK + .Cukrova Psyche. + by MroczniaK .Cuddle.Cuddle. by MroczniaK ..::Little Fairy::.. by MroczniaK chibi: Flower the I by MroczniaK Raichu :3 by MroczniaK Pikachu :3 by MroczniaK Meeew by MroczniaK My Little Ran by MroczniaK

~~$5 each;
::Keiko:: 2 by MroczniaK ::Principessa Ceci:: by MroczniaK :Violet Dreams: by MroczniaK ::Lovely_Dreams:: by MroczniaK ::Graveland:: by MroczniaK ::Ghotic_Lolita's:: by MroczniaK ::Keiko_and_Ceci:: by MroczniaK ::I_wanna_give_You_my_heart:: by MroczniaK ::Sharing Emotions:: by MroczniaK ::Kei-chan loves you:: by MroczniaK +Charming Night+ by MroczniaK ::The lovers:: by MroczniaK ::Sexy_Nurse:: by MroczniaK ::Lovely Times:: by MroczniaK Where's Your Lollypop, L? by MroczniaK ::Separate Worlds:: by MroczniaK

:bulletorange:I also sell prints - $5 each… All set (8 prints) I sell for $30.:bulletorange:
+$2 for mailing.
Prints :3 by MroczniaK

Thank you for attention. :blackrose:

Thank you for all the support. It really means a lot for me, even if I sometimes don't show it.

KIRIBAN 333.333K!!!
Catch it, printscreen it, note me and win free headshot drawing!

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Background image by AF-studios
Brushes by SummerAIR
© 2011 - 2021 MroczniaK
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Valetha's avatar
Is this still happening? Can I still buy stuff?
BlazingMalice's avatar
Are you selling the original of Ari?
Kagomesweetheart101's avatar
Are you ever going to send out the originals to people??
Kagomesweetheart101's avatar
So, I'm still waiting for my commission. I would appreciate it if you send my commission. I mean, I might even commission you again if you do.
By doing what you are doing you are losing customers :/
It's not doing any good for either group.

And I wouldn't post the same pictures up that you have for sale, if people have said they already bought them...
ClefairyKid's avatar
I'd really like to receive my original work sometime...this year : | Seeing as it's been like half a year now since paying...
superpower-pnut's avatar
*chuckles wryly* Is that all?
HylianGuardians's avatar
money is soo hard to come byyy ;_;
BlazingMalice's avatar
I so wish I had enough money to buy a print of the picture of Ari you did for me. So not fair! :(
superpower-pnut's avatar
Okay. I recieved my commision in the mail this afternoon(6/18/11). I just felt I ought to say that publicly.
Immy-is-Thinking's avatar
I really hope i receive mine someday... :(
DJ-PorcelainStudios's avatar
xxmyfateGrimReaperxx's avatar
i would love to buy some pics! :D
but i dont know how to pay u. all i got in cash on my debit card o-o'
xxmyfateGrimReaperxx's avatar
oh wow...thats rly sad...y doesnt she send ne1 there commissions?
MagicaITrevor's avatar
Go to Paypal, and make an account! You can link it to your bank account, and then you can buy stuff that way! (Assuming that she also has paypal that is)
xxmyfateGrimReaperxx's avatar
dude, seriously? i thought PayPal was a COMPLETLEY different bank account! that is awesome! xD the stuff u dont know when u dont look it up xD
many thanks! c:
MagicaITrevor's avatar
:XD: No problem! You have to do a couple of steps to link it, (To prove you aren't just a hacker or whatever. Paypal will deposit two very small amounts of money into your account, (Less than $1), and then you tell them how much the two amounts are. Or at least, something like that. Just go there, and you should be able to figure it out! ;)
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