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Wouldn't trade your love

Just a little something for :icon244705: Wish he had stuck around long enough to see it. :iconscootalooshrugplz: Oh well =P

Decided to go for something Valentine's day themed, because why not? Hearts and hooves day gotta be Queenie's favorite, right? Unrequited or not, you're not going anywhere =P

MLP copyright Hasbro and Lauren Faust. 
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that makes sense x3
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Pretty cool & cute. Good drawing & style.
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Daaaaw! She is so cute.Love 
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You're welcome :) (Smile) 
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this is actually cute :)
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Thank you. =P 

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No, you would eat it all! :XD:
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Well if she did that, there wouldn't be anything left of you to love her. :iconn-nplz:
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She "chews" me, eh? I've got a feeling that'd end up having a much more literal meaning than I might like. :)

Very cute picture, too! Hearts and Hooves Day is probably Chrysalis's highlight of the entire year.
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Heh, dat forbidden love. Run while you still can. Chrysalis La  Run Away  

Thanks for dropping in! Glad you like it :iconn-nplz:
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i wanna kiss her :iconx3flailplz:
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Kao Emoji-39 (Fooling Around) [V2]  This. 

Victory Dance onion dance Victory Dance 
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I see that pun you hid in there...and I approve.

Chrissy can have all my love.
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