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Hello! I am a member of the constructive comment group :)

I chose your piece as my first comment because I feel it's so close to being an amazing piece just needs a little more, a know?

My first major piece of advice is that almost everything seems to be about the same tone. Meaning once you put it on grey scale the colors just sort of blend together. You seem to not like to use true black or pure white too much. I think by just making some areas lighter and some areas darker you'd be able to really hit home with this :)

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Yeah it's weird with this piece. The main goal for this piece was time. I had to complete this piece in like an hour or two so i had to sacrifice details. But yeah there are a lot of problems with this piece :/

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nothing wrong with that, obviously there are only so many things you can get done in that time frame! :) I have many things I do that lack the depth and such due to time restrictions.

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I love this scene! I hope you don't mind me saying this,but I think since the blue field thing is translucent,the chains would continue on behind it less opaque/ blue tinged instead of completely disappearing at the edges

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Yea there are a lot of problems with this piece. I think the main focus when I was doing this piece and several other pieces during the same time was time. I tried to put out as many piece of illustration as possible for my comic in as little time as possible, so I had to sacrifice the small details sadly