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How Winter Kills

the cold, the dark, the wind's bitter chills, it used to be warm here......
oh, how winter kills
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WarthogDemon's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful and at the same time looks absolutely deadly to the touch. Nice job here! :nod:
ez3k1el's avatar
Very impressive...

--I Codito Ergo Sum--
jark's avatar
I highly dislike the cold though this is definitely a very nice piece.

--[ jark ]--
jsenn's avatar
Hello, mrmercury, I must say it is good to see you here. And it's good to see your "How Winter Kills", that spirit of motion frozen still. Seems a lonely place this dark, glacial image. It is one certainly aptly titled, no life sustaining or saving grace, except for the hope of Spring's thaw. Ah, for a sequel...Joy