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Inquisitorial Cruiser WIP

By mrmao
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3D model of an Dauntless-class Light Cruiser acting as an inquisitor's flagship. It's a WIP because I've no idea how to texture... so it's gonna stay this way until I learn how to.

Done in Google Sketchup, I've "accidentallY" put in far more details than I planned to. HAHA

(ship design is based on models by Games Workshop)
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Is this model in "game" scale (~10cm long) or "in-universe" scale (~3km long)? I'm currently trying to model simplified versions of each BFG faction's fleets for 3D printing, and found that using "actual" dimensions was awkward because the models aren't the same relative scale...
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Also, Would you be willing to upload/share it in it's unfinished state? I'm not great at texturing, but I can take a look at it (and I'm sure that the untextured model is under the new 50mb limit...); as for texturing it yourself, I recommend Blender-it's not excellent for quick and dirty modelling, but it's ideal for texture work.
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Gorgeous work man
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Very nice, looks great!
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This sir, looks very cool!
the attention to detail in places is truly impressive and the little alterations you've made add a nice bit of character to the vessel. Have you got a complete ships history worked up or are you playing it by ear where that's concerned?

Last but most certainly not least, GIVE ME YOUR SKETCHUP POWERS! I can't work the thing to save my life and something like this would be a truly awesome handout for my players!
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It looks beautiful so far! Great Job! I hope you figure out texturing soon;-)
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Agreed. Keep it up.
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Nicely done.
Details are outstanding.
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pretty damn cool if you managed to get THAT done in Sketchup...i tried it out and didnt understand anything on how to use it :P

Good luck getting it texturized though
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Actually Sketchup is very user-friendly. I tried 3ds max once, I almost exploded.
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Wow! So cool! It probably took 40k years to finish all this details =D
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and the resources of an entire planet
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Beautiful. All those minor details really makes this stand out!
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Haha, I have the habit of over-doing stuff.
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Wow! Amazing detail! Nice job.
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Thanks! I'm still learning.
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