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My very very first painting EVER! My personal take of an imperial Guardsman. This is like the first non black and white work in my gallery! Gotta admit I really SUCK at digital painting and this is well, my first humble attempt :) I've been trying hard to improve on my painting skills so any criticism or tips, really ANYTHING is greatly appreciated beforehand!!

Photoshop CS5 for god knows how long, no reference.
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this is warhammer 40k not star wars lol
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love the two sizes! ah! ah! ah!
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Because flak armour earns you way more badass points than power armour
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you forgot the standard issue Mars grade adamantium steel balls.
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this is pretty sweet!
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You also forgot to include a field manual detailing the countless horrors Guardsmen Bob will face throughout his brief existence. But Im sure the Commissar will fill him in on those minor details.
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"field manual detailing the countless horrors Guardsmen Bob will face throughout his brief existence"

>Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer<
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Oh Bob, poor Bob. He didn't even get to see the Commissar in the face before half of his body got blown away by a bolted round. The last thing in his mind was his mom's grox pie half a galaxy away. D:
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Why does that make me more sad then it should?
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i very much approve of this design, though i wish you made the bayonet more utilitarian.
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You have to wonder why they don't just issue the men with gunpowder-weapons, seeing as the las-guns are the same as pointing a magnifier at someone from just one soldier.
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Sometimes they do but lasguns: A) hold more ammo (60-200 shot per battery v.s. 30 rounds of bullets for a magnetize of the same size), B) more accurate, C) Can be recharged by almost any energy supply even an open flame (fire lowers the life span the battery however),  D) More Reliable (very well made with few moving parts)
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I'd like to imagine lasguns being a lot more powerful than 21th century gunpowder weapons. They only seem weak and useless when used against things like space marine armour, psychic shields or some otherworldly chitin platings. If anything, that makes these ordinary men and women all the more heroic than those genetically jacked-up supermen wearing tank armours and rapid-firing rocket launchers. 
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Actually, the 41st century autoguns are fairly potent--essentially being scaled down versions of bolters.  Problem is, Autoguns are more expensive and are (usually) only used by specialized Gaurdsman units (such as Kasrkin troops).

As for the "heroic" thing, it depends on the situation.  Courage in numbers is what an ordinary Guardsman often defaults to.

Now, the elites of the Guardsman units such as the Stormtroopers, THOSE are men who are as hard as steel--basically Space Marines without the genetic conditioning and slightly lower-tier equipment.
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Oh but I agree, the Imperial Guard have far bigger balls than the Space Marines, seeing as they often have to hold the line against superhuman Chaos marines, Tyranids, Eldar or even the friendly neighborhood Tau forces, the only species including their own who needs a good reason before they start shooting humans.
Still, considering that a single bullet from a modern-day pistol can mortally injure a man of fit shape, the fact is that a whole lot of laser is needed to bring down a single other Imperial Guard. The only reason I can come up with to have laser instead of gunpowder is that you can just recharge the laser with a sun-dish or something, while the bullets need to be shipped in.
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Actually you have poor knowledge of the Warhammer 40000 universe. A lasgun can tear off the arm of a simple human. The basic weapons who fire bullets, that we know today, exist in 40k. They are called Stub weapons, and instead if you are a petty gangster or going to attack unarmored humans, they are pretty much useless. You also have the autogun, who fire huge slugs, but is basically a lasgun without the logistic impressive abilities. But anyway, a lasgun is indeed powerful, even able to kill spaces marines when concentring enough forces or targeting weak points. So don't mock this holy lasgun. Or at least not before looking a bit more about Warhammer 40000.
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Well, I didn't mean to mock it, so I appologize if it came off that way. Still, if they pulled their acts together, the Adeptus Mechanicus or another organization like them could or should realize the reason that the Tau are beating them so badly in even combat. Reverse-engineering a plasma-rifle would pretty much mean victory for the Im perium of Man... only, tinkering with "xeno-technology and heretic ideas" would be... well, Heretical, I guess.

True, my knowledge of the universe is lesser than most people's, but I still believe that if the human race wasn't mired down in doctrine and fanatism, they could rule the entire galaxy.
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Yes, you really have little knowledge, now I see. In fact, given the fact that you love the Taus so much, I guess you are from the USA. Anyway, what you say really is stupid...
First of all, for the Tau. They don't beat them in even combat at all. The Imperial Guard (Let's take them since we talk about them, and since the Taus represent so little to the Imperium, the Guard will be more likely to come than ayone else) has the best tanks that you have in the whole crapsack universe. Take the soldier there, who is on the line. There, you don't see him? Let's approach him !

Hello there nice guardsmen, can you talk a little about your work ?
Guardsmen : Errr... Well... Aye, sire.
Me : Tell me guardsmen, what are your odds of surviving against a mere fire warrior ?
Guardsmen : Well... Errr... Pretty average I mean, 'em got better armor and training, but they don't have the EMPEROR !
Me : Good good... Tell me, what are the guys behind you ?
Guardsmen : Well those are me mates ! 'Ere sarge, a nice vet who can lead us perfectly. Here inbred Mikey, who use krak grenades. And Willie Pitt, with a bloody plasma gun ! And...
Me : Yes yes that'll do.

Now as you can see you judge the Guard only with their basic lasgun with a unique soldier and against technologically advanced young race. But those that makes them stronger ?
NO !
Because a lone guardsmen will NEVER be alone in the field. He works on a squad, a squad that attack at the same time with accuracy. Sure your basic lasgun is only useful against mere humans and minor xeno races (Who actually represent 80% of the fighting in the Warhammer 40000 universe) but don't forget this : You can die with thousands of paper cuts. Imagine that you are a space marine and the paper cuts are the lasguns. Sure a single paper cut on you hand sting and that's nothing. But they can arm weak point, and they can fire all together !
And don't forget. The Guard NEVER EVER comes alone. They have special weapons. They have heavy bolters everywhere. They have vehicules. 
The other guy, there, mrmao, tells us lasguns are weak in Dawn of War. On the contrary, they are not. In DoW 2, for exemple, a squad of basic guardsmen upgraded with a sergeant plus a sentinel will be your first unit that you will deploy, and they'll be able to whilstand any ennemy who comes in front of them easily.
But let's not talk about Dawn of War.

In Warhammer 40000, the Tau represent nothing. Sure they got plasma weapons, but nowhere near as powerful as the guards. The only advante Taus have is that their plasmas don't risk to blow up. But the guard does not care if Willie Pitt is burned horribly.

Don't think the Guard is weak or badly managed. Sometimes it is, you have exemples in the fluff, oh, tons of them (Like this Vahalla officer who executed guardsmen just to make... A wall of their bodies) but the guard doesn't care. As long as I, Commissar, stay behind, and as long as they work together, as a team, with their special weapons, vehicules, nice command and by having their lasguns en masse (And by en masse I mean groups of 20-30 for Spaces Marines. The lasguns are definitly not weak if it comes with nice secondary factors. I, one day, to have fun, imagined myself having 72 lasguns against two chaos terminators. Results : One terminator wounded. WOUNDED ! WITH *ONLY* 72 HUMANS FROM BILLIONS OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE AGAINST TWO HUGE BEASTS)

So now, little Timmy, I hope that this Littany made your mind clear. And if you are not happy with it, I have a little hellpistol, gift of the Schola, to remake your brain !
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That was... rather hostile.
I am not really sure what warranted this sort of outburst, seeing as I was simply trying to learn while exchanging ideas. Honestly, I am a little shocked at this sort of response. Also, no I am not from the states, though I fail to see the logic behind needing to be from the states in order to like the Tau. Denmark, in case you have care as to whom you argue with. I certainly try, although it seems to have failed in the attempt at a civil conversation. It is a bit like the teacher insulting the pupil instead of tutoring. Not calling you a teacher here though, as your negative tone makes it... rather difficult to learn.

Again, how come and what caused this hostile response? I simply asked questions, and receive this... anger, in return. Yes, I realize that I know very little on the subject of Warhammer 40K, and I accept that. I just try to learn and enjoy the games. 

So... I guess this is where our exchange ends, as you obviously have your mind set on insulting and... was that even a threat in the end? It is... not really the nicest of experiences, and can cause the effect that one would rather leave the 40K-verse if it breeds such hostility. :| (Blank Stare) 
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I guessed you are a yank because Taus are mostly popular on yankeeland. I never really knew why to be honest, but they are best sold on the USA. 
Anyway you really need to go down your horses and be shaken because of the internet, matey... I have not insulted you and I really don't see how you can take that as hostility with bloody words, and without even any insult. For the last sentence it is a bloody joke mate, because I roleplay a commissar to explain it to you with some humor, get it mate ?
Anyway. Lasguns are not weak at all. Just try to remember that.
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I guess lasguns do appear weak as hell if you look at games like Dawn of War, but that's just to make the game more balanced. In the lore however, lasguns make perfect sense: a cheap-ass yet effective weapon which ammunition is virtually unlimited, while also using the sheer numbers of IG to their advantage. So as long as you can keep up the promethium and ration, you can take your armies from planets to planets, systems to systems rapidly while cutting the logistic hassles by half.
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