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Rainbow Dash - Oh Hai There!

Just something to occupy some time.

PSD File: [link] Resize before doing anything!



My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
Rainbow Dash © Lauren Faust

To be honest after vectoring the 'Easy 8' I haven't felt like doing anything big for a little while. Eventually I'll get in the mood for it, so fear not!
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© 2012 - 2022 MrLolcats17
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I totally love your art. The My Little Pony collection is awesome!!!

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Me: "AAAAAAAAAH!" (drops CamCorder)
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Wow Thast Pinkie pie

Yay Dashie xD
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DASHIE!!!! *grabs her and cuddles her*
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:iconrarityangryplz: "Go away Rainbow, I'm very busy today and can't do anything for you!"
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How are you doing today, Dashie?
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RD: Hey Anon Watcha Doin?

Anon: Paying the damage you done in my house

RD: LOL What Your still mad about me breaking your stuff. Okay so maybe I broke stuff I mean I didn't mean to break it

Anon: .....(sigh)..I know you just got to be a little carefull time okay

RD: Don't worry I won't.....(break)...Oops

Anon: (sigh)....
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Wait wasn't this Picture once Pinkie? Because in an MLP episode Pinkie said "Isn't it Fancy Pants?" And that picture looked the same as this... (Except it is RD Not Pinkie XD)
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Thought So :3
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hey cutie (brushes hair over ear)
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:iconrainbowdashplz:: raping time

(i hate myself now XD)
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What's up Rainbow Dash
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i used here :D

[ this :3 ]

thanks for share vector image xD
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OOH This is awesome! Nicely done! :D
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May I possibly maybe use s a base? I give you credit.
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Hehe, yes you may.
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ug I mean this as a base ugh whats wrong with this computer! jkjkjicchjmhjhjnfrnmjfrdfm,h that was supposed to say bye!
Gaze derectly through my soul
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May I make a base out of this? I'll give you credit for the original vector.
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