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Rainbow Dash Doesn't Understand

By MrLolcats17
She just doesn't understand what she's seeing at all. Pinkie probably would seeing she breaks the 4th wall so often.

I'm now satisfied, It's about time I did a Dashie vector. I was going to make it a full body vector, but that detracts the attention away from the facial expression.



My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
Rainbow Dash © Lauren Faust

New record. Fastest vector I've ever done from start to upload. 46 minutes!
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© 2012 - 2021 MrLolcats17
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Imagine if she fell in love with that stuffed animal. Her reputation would be ruined forever. But she WAS brainwashed by the spell so she can use that as an excuse.

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Me: oilhjkd\ncaefkzjhxcn,m\adoxlzk

RD: wat?

XD Anyways love the vector! But why a black background? Makes it disturbing XD But on the other hand I love the vector :3
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It's not actually black, it's just deviantart being stoopid xD
If you zoom it in or download it its transparent
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RainbowDash(dot)e-x-e has stopped working.
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that was my face when I saw the rubber chicken dance in "Pinkie Pride"
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she saw something.... something disturbing... by the look of her face.
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Omg I can't stop looking at this -- the facial expression is simply too funny! And the vector is flawless.
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That's exactly the reason I had to vector it, it's just priceless!
Thanks mate!
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What is this one from? Funnily enough, the eyes remind me of that one guy Taskidog who does doodles of the ponies (you might have seen his parody of that famous Belle and Gaston frame using Twilight and RD).
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It's from Lesson Zero, a screenshot I took just before Dash looks at Smarty Pants and gets forced to turn away by Twilight. I can see why the eyes reminded of Taskidog's doodles though, they're quite similar indeed in that "What is this" frame.
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