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Passion Signature Tutorial

26.10.2009 10.000 views! :D

A year later and 20.000 views! Thanks guys! :)

Here's the tutorial for the passion signature I've done. Don't get confused, Dante is the nickname i use in most forums. Enjoy!


Floral Brushes by ~photoshop-addict28

Splatter Brushes by ~C130

Stock and C4D are from

Be sure to fave it if you download it. :]
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RumyGloom's avatar
That's an amazing tutorial - love it! Thank you! :*
Chubizz's avatar
I like this tut. anyway my outcome [link]
Mrlemodo's avatar
That's great! Glad you like it :-)
GFXRyan's avatar
:clap: I love this tut, Thankyou so much.
Mrlemodo's avatar
Glad you do! ^^
HokoriTamashi's avatar
that seems really complex :O_o: I didn't know gimp could do things like make clipping maskes
Mrlemodo's avatar
It's not done in Gimp, it's Photoshop :p
HokoriTamashi's avatar
oh that exsplains a lot XD I feel so stuiped
Thanks for the tut..It was amazing..
Mrlemodo's avatar
Glad you like it! :)
SomeGai1990's avatar
Wouldn't happen to have the stock saved somewhere would you? Site that you said the Stock was from isn't working, least its not for me.
Mrlemodo's avatar
Sorry for the late reply, haven't been checking DA lately..

No, I don't have it. :-/ You can just crop it in PS from the tutorial and delete the letters in the top right corner.
Spider-Man91's avatar
Cool tut! I'm the admin. hehe ^_^
Mrlemodo's avatar
Heh, I'm glad you like it!
AtomicFlame53's avatar
May I have permission to share your tutorial on a GFX site and credit you by linking it back to Deviantart?
Mrlemodo's avatar
Sure, you can. Just give me a link of the site when you're done.

Sorry for the late reply.
AtomicFlame53's avatar
Heres a link to our site: [link]
Our admin made it so members could only see the tutorials. Thanks again.
Mrlemodo's avatar
Thanks to you, too! ^^
Altecice's avatar
Very well Done :D , i have been lookin for a tut like this for awhile
Mrlemodo's avatar
I'm glad you like it! :)
ShaddixPress's avatar
Nice tutorial but it's hard to read this pink text.
Mrlemodo's avatar
lol, sorry, i thought it went well with the gray background at that time :D
GlassGun's avatar
I liked this tut. My result: [link]
Mrlemodo's avatar
Glad you liked it and the outcome is really good! :)
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