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Gambling in the Garden by Michael Lagace
The drive was a batshit crazy I-want-to-scream tensionfest. Alan made it in six hours. Vegas was supposed to be fun. Like Hell it is. Maybe if the Devil –- in this case, the beloved Mrs. Alan Johnson — isn’t there. You could say that their trip went badly. You could also say that the Grand Canyon is really just a little crack.
“Really Alan. Do you have to drive that fast? Why do you insist on getting us there dead. Slow down. I swear to God, Alan. You slow this car down to the speed limit or I will get out and walk!”
Alan gritted his teeth and drove a little faster. Funny, the Devil swearing to God like that.
When they got home, his wife hurried to the bathroom and Alan hurried to the garden. In one of the far corners he started to dig. Alan didn’t want to hear one more damned time about Gamblers Anonymous, or about Alcoholics Anonymous, or any of the million other Anonymouses that his wife so-lovingly suggested. He had a bad night at the tables, tha
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Noises by Michael Lagace
John’s son didn’t sleep well Wednesday night, and neither did he. He stood by the crib for hours watching his son cry. John didn’t know if it was from hunger, or fear, or pain. The noises were all the same.
At work, too, the noises were the same, just louder. Sometimes the prod wouldn’t discharge completely and the calf would cry. He’d prod it again, and sometimes again, until it stopped. The other calfs would cry too, the ones waiting to see him. Were they hungry, maybe? Or scared? It was just noise. And when he prodded it enough, the noise always stopped.
John used the prod on himself once. A small one he brought home, just big enough to stop a calf’s crying. He did it in the garage. It hurt, even on the lowest setting, but he didn’t make a noise. He didn’t sleep well that night.
It was the noise that kept John awake. He heard it all day, he heard it all night. It was all the same.
All he wanted was for it to stop crying.
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Flowers For Pepito by Michael Lagace
When An knew that she absolutely must go, she stepped into the grass, the same way she had so many years ago. The mist was drifting in and soon she wouldn’t be able to see a thing, not the grass, not Furrley or the nymbit, not even the beautiful ivea-violets she was holding. The nymbit squeaked.
“Now listen here, you. I told you I was gonna have to leave one day, so don’t you go making this sad on me,” she said to her friends. The wind blew her short hair into her eyes.
“You’re right, Vivian,” Furrley said. “Please, just be careful.”
“Careful? Oh Furrley, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m going home. There’s no goblins or King Snickers or… or… or whispering fogs where I’m from!”
The nymbit squeaked.
“I beg your pardon?” An asked.
Furrley answered, “He means to say, as do I, thank you for defeating King Snickers. We are truly grateful.”
“Well, you
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Dolls by Michael Lagace
Julian always thought it would get easier to start over. It never did. A few days ago, he had been the youngest female executive ever to be promoted to Creative Director at Fiston Jennings Agencies, and now he was back to being an awkward teenager late for art class. He walked through the open door and took an empty seat at the back of the room while the class stared interruptedly. The woman who looked like she might be the teacher – if only because she might be two years older than the rest of the class – smiled politely and said nothing.
“We’re drawing what we’re feeling today,” the girl with the green scarf told him, leaning over so she didn’t have to speak loudly. “I’m using lots of red.”
“Oh. Thanks.” Julian spilled his satchel open onto the table, put his sketchbook and pencils to the side, then shoved the other things back in, among those things, his lipstick.
“Nice colour,” she said. “Not
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Hello all!

hristov13 and I have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming graphic novel The Forever Maps!

If you have a couple minutes, please check out our video; if it tickles your fancy, please share it! And if you can spare it, any pledge helps!…

Thanks so much!

Faith by Hristov13


Michael Lagacé
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Born on the prairies, living by the ocean, standing on my feet and writing on my mind.

I offer many professional services, including comic lettering, editing, copywriting, proofreading, and prepress. If you're my wife, I also offer back rubs. Check out my web site for more information!


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