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An Unlikely Enemy : Chapter 8
Chapter 8: The Discussion
The door to Krystal's room slid open with a quiet gust of air. The room was dark, the air stale from days without use. Everything was just as she had left it. Reaching inside, Krystal found the light switch and entered her room, the door sliding quietly closed behind her.
"Ok," Krystal spoke to herself, "What's the best way to test my strength?" She kept no weights or exercise equipment in her room. Krystal loved her workouts and was never one to miss her daily routine. Normally she'd go through her exercise routine in the ship's exercise room, or even the hanger bay before the Great Fox was lost. But now, with this new body, she had too much pride to let anyone see her fumbling around awkwardly.
She stretched her arms, her core, and sitting on the carpeted floor, she stretched her legs. Everything seemed remarkably limber. She stood up and walked over to the small desk near her bed. Reaching under it, she lifted the heavy piece of furniture a
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Pixelblock Krystal by MrKrystal Pixelblock Krystal :iconmrkrystal:MrKrystal 93 34
An Unlikely Enemy: Chapter 7
An Unlikely Enemy
Chapter 7: Refresh
"HOLD ON!" I screamed at my friends as they looked at me in confusion. My mind was reeling as it surged in power and showed me the inevitable future of just a few moment's time. In my mind's eye, I could see a terrible explosion, and that I would soon be dragged into space. Even knowing this, I tried to escape, running from the place where the hole would be with all my strength. Of course, it was all too late.
The actual explosion hit me then, and I was nearly knocked unconscious. I really wished I had been, because even without the tremendous pain and pressure that had pounded my body moments earlier, the pain inside me was beyond what I could bear. The vacuum of space ripped the air from my lungs, drawing blood from my mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. The cold him me. I was freezing to death. The pain overloaded my senses and mind, and my brain collapsed in shock. I drifted into a sleep I was certain was my last.
Even in this state, I so
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An Unlikely Enemy : Chapter 6
An Unlikely Enemy
Chapter 6: The Base
"Jackson?!" Exclaimed Falco, "Who the heck is Jackson?"
"No doubt it's Lee. He hasn't been completely honest with us," Fox muttered.
"Completely honest, Fox? What part of 'working as anticipated' didn't you hear?" Asked Falco.
"I heard it, and that could mean anything, good or bad. We'll have to see. I'm still going to go ahead with this. I have a feeling they intend to help Krystal, but probably not for the reasons he told us," Fox said. He turned to Slippy, "Quickly, before he gets back, undo what you did to the communications," Fox ordered.
"Okay, Fox," Slippy said, growing concerned with this turn of events.
Fox and crew were waiting in silence for the Colonel as he returned through the elevator. Lee walked in and spoke to them, "This is great, everyone. Command knows you're coming and we are to dock in the South bay."
"Alright," said Fox casually, as if nothing had happened.
Slippy spoke up, "We're nearing the coordinates you inp
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An Unlikely Enemy : Chapter 5
An Unlikely Enemy
Chapter 5: Complications
"Andross?!" Gasped Fox and Falco at the same time, "That's illegal!"
"Please keep your voices down!" said Colonel Lee in a loud whisper, "Is there somewhere more private we can discuss this?"
Falco motioned towards Krystal's room, but kept his eyes on the Colonel, "Nobody's in there. The doctors are on a break."
Lee and Falco entered the room followed by Fox, who closed the double doors quietly behind himself. Fox turned and looked at the room, for the first time seeing parts of it other than Krystal. It was a square room about 100 meters on each side, large enough for any medical operation. In the middle of the room, Krystal's stasis pod sat looking like an egg. It was white and opaque from the frost coating the cold pod. Fox could barely make out Krystal's blue form inside it. There were small veins of red coming from Krystal's body which Fox could only assume was some of her blood that had leaked from her body during the flash
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An Unlikely Enemy : Chapter 4
An Unlikely Enemy
Chapter 4: The Right Choice
Fox couldn't move. He could hardly breathe. There he was, James McCloud, standing there in his casual flight suit, the suit Fox had modeled his suit after in the early days of mercenary work. He had his arms folded across his chest as he looked out over the thousands of buildings and factories of the megacity below. Fox realized that his father had not looked at him when he had spoken before. There was a wavering in his voice that informed Fox of his father's struggle to keep his calm demeanor. It was as if James could not look at Fox without crying. Fox couldn't tell for sure, however, because of the dark sunglasses James wore. James was exactly the way Fox remembered him before he died.
"Father! You're-," Fox was cut off by James as he raised his head and spoke.
"Fox, I know you have a difficult decision to make, but be calm, you will make the right choice. You MUST make the right choice," he said in a low voice.
Fox blinked
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An Unlikely Enemy : Chapter 3
An Unlikely Enemy
Chapter 3: The Hospital
Fox felt dizzy and a strange sensation of movement. When he opened his eyes, he was blinded by brilliant light and everything was blurry. There was a sharp pain in his right arm, but when he tried to feel it, he couldn't move. Groggy and disoriented, he closed his eyes.
When Fox awakened again, he sat up suddenly. He was in a bed with white sheets and surrounded by curtains.
"Wha- Krystal? Um... hello?" Fox cautiously called out.
There was a shuffle on the other side of the curtain. They suddenly parted, startling Fox.
"Well, you picked a fine time for a nap," Falco smirked.
Fox looked at Falco quizzingly. He then noticed the pain in his arm again. It wasn't as bad as before, just a slow, throbbing pain. He reached to comfort it and found it bandaged. Fox looked at it, then at Falco.
"And that would be where you cut your arm when you fell," said Falco in reply.
"Fell?" Asked Fox.
"Yeah, after me and you put Krysta-" Falco was cut
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An Unlikely Enemy : Chapter 2
An Unlikely Enemy
Chapter 2: Pain
"I have no time to feel, no time to worry, no time to question why," thought Fox, as he sprinted down the main corridor. "I have much to do and no time to do it."
Fox was utterly at peace, his tactical mind taking over as his emotional one shattered. He was in the zone.
Fox yelled upward, "ROB! Prepare to receive multiple simultaneous instructions, all have ordered maximum priority!"
"Acknowledged," responded Rob through the ship's comm system.
"Bring maneuvering engines to full powered standby. Track heat source of approximately 40 degrees Celsius originating from this vessel at approximately 90 dash 1 dash 0 degrees and plot an intercept course. Begin pursuit as soon as previous two steps are complete. Maintain distance of 10 meters with respect to the heat source and starboard. Prep a space suit at the starboard airlock. End instructions!" Fox said with a single breath.
"Instructions confirmed and underway. Full completion in approxima
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An Unlikely Enemy : Chapter 1
An Unlikely Enemy
Chapter 1: Tragedy in Orbit
...78, 79, 80! Fox set the weight down. He had just completed his exercise routine for the day. He looked over at the door. Falco and Slippy had finished long ago and were waiting around the landing next to the towel bin. Falco was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, eyes closed. Slippy was completely covered in sweat and panting heavily. Fox chuckled under his breath at the sight of Slippy as he walked up the ramp towards them. He shook off a bit and began mopping his face with a towel.
It was a huge exercise room, complete with all the equipment a hundred member crew could ever need. The room was over 30 meters wide and 50 meters deep with a large viewport along the back of the room, overlooking the rear of the ship. Outside, Solar was rising over the shadow of Macbeth for the second time this hour. The window immediately began dimming itself.
"Kind of a waste for just four people," thought Fox, "but who could turn down
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Mr. Krystal
United States
Software engineer and game programmer.
Living in Austin, Texas.

I run several websites, most notibly, my website about that beautiful blue vixen, Krystal!
I'm back! Going to try and finish up that old fanfic I've been writing. New chapter just posted! It still baffles me. I've gotten almost nothing but positive comments, yet this is the only work of fiction I've ever written besides some one-page assignments in high school. Thanks guys! I'll be posting on the KA shortly for some updates there. Check it out!


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