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I've opted myself to take part in this fundraising event as I'm not an "eventy" person usually so this should be the first of many more!

The paperwork arrived today and I've set up a sponsor page online through www.justgiving.com/robbiekhan - this should be the fastest way to raise the minimum of £100 to be eligible for me to take part!

The Abseil is set for 13:30 on 19th April and I need to have all sponsors before this date
If you'd like to read up more on the event please visit: www.rowanshospice.co.uk/?conte…
Looking forward to seeing how much can be raised!

Many thanks,
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Well you know I'm shooting with Canon hehe and I will be upgrading to the 5D MkII (7D) or whatever it gets called. But ISO 12800 with a 2 or even possibly 3 stop sensitivty difference is amazing.
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The ISO sens numbers make my 350d cry :( but alas! next year I will upgrade body as now all my lenses are in good spec order, just need a 40D class body and I'm all set :D
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Woops what the hell I thought my above post was a comment to your poll anyway I've donated £40 dude. Good luck and have fun man!!!