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Perfect (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Steve Rogers woke up to the day before his alarm even went off. It was usual, now. Another habit he had gained from the army. Not the best one, but it could be fairly useful at times. He got up from the bed after another badly slept night. The mattress was too soft.
He sighed and slowly slid his hand down his face, but followed with his routine nonetheless. After a short shower and dressing up, Steve made his way out of the bedroom, but then stopped as he heard clattering on the kitchen.
Steve looked at the corner, making sure his shield was where he had last placed. The only problem: it was located in a spot clearly seen from the kitchen. He would have to be quick. Steve launched himself from the hall to the open space of the living room, rolling on the ground and finally reached the shield.
The noise stopped suddenly and then laughter reached his ears.
Steve peeked over the shield, confused.
"Hello to you, too, birthday boy."  You spoke as you
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 368 32
Your Time Is Up (Natasha X Reader)
Soulmate Special - Version 4: AU where everyone is born with a timer on their wrist, counting down the time until they meet their soulmate.
Everyone had a timer. A small gadget in their wrists, displaying the time remaining until you met your soulmate.
Some started running right from the installation, others took longer. It could count from only a few hours to many years. 
Yours hadn't started until you joined SHIELD and it immediately displayed only a few minutes, yet,  it kept changing without a pattern as time passed by.
The first time you saw the timer running had been the closest you had been from finding your soulmate. After that it had switched for thee months and it only grew longer.
You wondered if you would ever meet your soulmate. Maybe your timer was simply broken. That had been your ultimate conclusion.
You had just came back from a mission, your back was killing you, but would your boss give you a rest? Nope. Not a single hour. As soon as you stepped out of
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 255 32
Mature content
Jackpot (Tony X Reader) :iconmrivso:Mrivso 142 36
Indescribable (Bruce X Reader)
Soulmate special - version 2: AU where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate.
When your soulmate dies, the world goes back to black and white.
You remembered perfectly the first color you had seen and how you immediately knew its name.
How just as you looked up you found the purple of his shirt and couldn't help but to think that it went well with his tanned skin, chocolate eyes and brown hair with a few strikes of gray.
The color spread from him, like if that man was the source of them all and slowly filled every corner of your vision until your whole world was colored.
It was beautiful.
There were so many different tones and shadows! Your eyes widened in shock and surprise. It was almost overwhelming. You barely noticed the reflected expression on the man in front of you.
~ a couple hours earlier ~
It was just another day for you, you had woken up early and followed your morning routine until you stood in front of the mirror holding your clothes in front of your
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 246 70
The man out of time (Steve x Reader)
Soulmate special - version 1: AU where you're born with the name of your soulmate written in your skin.
A/N: There's a brief harassing scene, but it ain't nothing big.
Steven Grant Rogers. You stared at the name written upon your wrist just like you did every morning ever since you discovered the meaning of those words. As it was predicted, one day,  you would meet the man behind the name.
You dismissed the thought as you picked up the silver tray and carefully balanced the dishes before carrying it through the small diner. You set the breakfast special in front of the handsome stranger, who happened to come by every single morning.
He snapped his notebook shut before you could even had a small peek just as he noticed your looming form next to his booth and smiled sheepishly up at you. You grinned as your eyes met his clear blue ones.
"Is there anything else I can get you?" You asked, mentally chiding yourself for taking so long to say anything. It was
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 652 127
You're Here Now (Natasha x Reader - Drabble)
You stumbled into the lobby and had to use your hands to prevent yourself from crashing to the ground as you neared the elevator. You forcefully pressed the button to call for it.
Every muscle in your body felt strained with exhaustion and you could barely keep yourself together as blood trickled down your side from your improvised bandages.
You waited until you couldn't stand anymore.
"Jarvis. I n-need to get to the... Medical bay." Your throat burned and your words sounded weak.
"I apologize, miss. But given the recent events the access to Stark Tower has been restricted excrpt to those who have been strictly permitted by Mr. Stark." The British voice replied and you slid down the wall, gulping down the sobs that threatened to come out of your trembling lips.
"Please." You managed to plead brokenly before your vision started to blur and everything went dark.
You slowly became aware of your surroundings. First, the annoying beeping no
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 148 13
Tough Decision (Clint x Reader x Tony)
"Hey there, hotshot."
You grunted, annoyed. "Not now, Clint." 
"Yeah, leave the girl alone, Katniss. Can't you see she is not interested?" Tony chimed in and you were about to thank him when he continued. "Why would she when I'm right here? Right, sweetheart?"
"God danmit! Not you, too!" You sighed in frustration.
"See, Stark? Y/N has good taste. She wouldn't go for you."
"You think that. But we clearly have chemistry." 
Clint huffed in indignation. "Please, you have the chemistry of a stack of poop. Besides, she's into me. Am I wrong, hotshot?"
"Terribly." You replied, amused at their discussion as you prepared your breakfast.
Tony snorted, satisfied with your answer. "Told ya."
"I'm not interested in either of you." You spoke as you skillfully turned the pancake in the pan.
"What?" Both of them cried and you sighed.
"Do I need to repeat myself? I. Am. Not. Interested. Got it?"
"Please. You just don't want to admit it." Clint pointed out as he took one of the pancakes f
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 262 80
Mature content
A Demon's Love (Demon!Dean X Reader) Pt. 3 :iconmrivso:Mrivso 31 21
A Demon's Love (Demon!Dean X Reader) Pt. 2
A/N: Sort of dub-con kissing ahead. Just thought I should warn.
You had no idea how much time you had been unconscious for, but you were well aware of the strange pounding on the back of your head. 
"Wake up, sleeping beauty!" The voice snapped you back into your senses. You groaned loudly, cursing whoever decided to interrupt your rest. You felt a weak slap upon your cheek, pulling you completely out of dreamland. 
You released a small pained grunt and let your eyelids open slowly, trying to get used to your dimly lit surroundings. You were tied to a chair by your wrists and ankles, you head had lolled down heavily and you strived to lift it back up.
"There she is! I thought I had lost you for a sec." You heard the same voice as before and only then located the owner. He was only a few feet in front of you. He had a very relaxed stance as he leaned against a small table, his arms crossed in front of his chest, a very unsettling smirk upon his luscious lips.
"Dean." You croak
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 57 18
My Significant Other (Thor X Reader)
The day was almost over, nothing especially exciting happened. The stars shone more than usual for New York City. You had been leaning against the balcony at the top floor of Stark Tower, your thoughts drifting back to the one person you  couldn't get out of your head... or god.
Speak of the devil. 
You saw the silhouette of a large blonde approaching you through you peripheral vision. 
"Brother Anthony told me today is, what you Midgardians call, Valentine's day." Thor spoke in an earnest tone.
"Yes. I am aware of that." You joked in an attempt to break the sudden tension. But he remained sober, making your grin fade.
"We are supposed to spend this day next to our significant other."
"As far as I know... If you have a significant other, that is." You shrugged, not sure where Thor wanted to get with that subject.
"I see." The god nodded contemplatively gazing at the skies. You scowled at his sad demeanor, wonde
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 128 25
Mature content
A Demon's Love (Dean X Reader) :iconmrivso:Mrivso 85 32
Mature content
Enchantress (Dean X Reader) Part 3 :iconmrivso:Mrivso 48 12
Mature content
Enchantress (Dean X Reader) Part 2 :iconmrivso:Mrivso 48 26
Enchantress (Dean X Reader) Part 1
Dean looked up from the television screen, bored out of his mind and glanced at Sam, who had his eyes fixed on the laptop screen. They had just finished a case a few towns over and decided to rest for the night in a motel on the road instead of driving directly to the bunker. He rolled his eyes at his brother antics, ever the nerd. Dean uncrossed his ankles, swiftly getting up from the bed.
"Oh, C’mon, it can’t be that interesting! What are you even reading there? is it porn?" He questioned teasingly  as he walked towards Sam to peek over his shoulders.
The man only rolled his eyes and kept scrolling down the news page. Dean snorted.
"Ok, I was wrong. You are a huge nerd.”
Sam sighed and suddenly slammed the lid closed. “Fine. Let`s go to some diner where we can stuff your mouth with food. Only then you’ll shut up and I’ll be able to do find us a case in peace.” He snapped, picking up the lapt
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 107 24
Mature content
Surprise (Bruce X Reader) - Drabble :iconmrivso:Mrivso 79 17
Never too late (Loki X Reader)
Ever since S.H.I.E.L.D. had been compromised, you had lost contact with most of your friends, but, apparently, they hadn't forgotten you.
Tony had invited you for a small Christmas reunion. It was fun, but nothing that would lift your humor. 
You had been mourning for two years and, even though they all thought it was for the innocent lives you had taken while being controlled by Loki during the New York occurrence, they could never have guessed the real reason behind your permanent sadness.
Clint claimed to understand how you felt, seeing as he had gone through the same as you, but, if he truly comprehended your struggle, he wouldn't have joined forces with Natasha to try and pair you up with non other than the one and only Captain America.
He might not fully know what you felt, but Steve did. He had also lost a loved one. The reciprocated empathy you shared with the Super Soldier had forged a strong friendship, one that could easily be taken for more.
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 143 30

Random Favourites

His Companion Chapter 1 Loki x Reader
You had drawn the short straw. Yours was not a sigh of relief but a groan of resignation. You left the antechamber to see Queen Frigga and learn of your duties regarding Loki. She had insisted that he not be forced into solitary confinement any longer, and would be allowed the company of another while serving his penalty. He was no longer in the common cells, but in another section of the dungeon floor which was meant to house nobility during unsettled times. Without the ability to come and go as he pleased, however, for Loki, it was still prison.
"My Queen," you said as you entered her chamber and curtsied.  
"Do come in." She smiled and motioned to a chair close to hers. When you were seated, her handmaid left some refreshments for the two of you and exited the room.
"How I wish I could simply thank someone for taking on this task, but I must be realistic! My son is not always a joy to be near. However I cannot believe he would not benefit from conversation in addition to submer
:iconasgardianangel:AsgardianAngel 207 43
BBC Merlin x Reader (one shot)
 It had been almost 2 weeks since you went to live with Merlin and Gaius. They took care of you like you had been part of his family. Merlin was always nice to you, he was always trying to make you smile when you felt sad about something, or just because he liked to see you smiling.
 It was late at night. You were trying to sleep, but you couldn't keep your eyes closed. Reason? the night was far too similar to the one that took away everything from you: the night your parents died in hands of bandits. If Merlin hadn't been there, you probably wouldn't have survived to them. Since that night you knew he used magic, and thankfully you were good at keeping secrets. 
 You closed your eyes and tried to sleep, but you couldn't, the stormy night wasn't helping. You knew you were safe with Merlin, but that night you felt scared of anything.
 You were sleeping in the boy's bed. At first you didn't want to accept, but his beautiful smile was reall
:iconlwhereamil:lWhereAmIl 111 32
Lucifer x Reader x Dean
“What do you want with me you son of a dick?” Dean asked menacingly, his green eyes glaring at the vessel of the devil himself. Lucifer smiled at the Winchester sinisterly.
Yes, he thought, I will finally get what I have always wanted. To annoy Dean further, Lucifer began to circle him, his cold, sinister eyes watching as the human began to fidget under his gaze.
“Come on!” Dean yelled, trying to move away from the fallen angel. He soon discovered that his body was frozen, as if from fear. Why can’t I move? He thought to himself as he watched Lucifer circle around him like a cat stalking a mouse. What Lucifer didn’t know was this mouse wasn’t afraid of him.
“Calm down, little ant. I haven’t brought you here to die…” Lucifer chided. “At least not yet.” The devil began to laugh to himself as the Winchester’s eyes narrowed in fear.
“Then tell me what you want with me.” Dean demanded.
:iconabsentrapper:absentrapper 247 22
Wonder (Steve Rogers x Reader)
[i can't control my feelings
i can't control my thoughts]
"Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry Steve!" You groan as you bump by him the in Avengers Tower. You'd been an Avenger for a month now, seeing as though you had skills that could be compared to Natasha's. It was the third time this day, and Steve had kindly brushed it off, saying it was no biggie.
It was a huge biggie for you. 
This man was the Star Spangled Hero. Everyone loved him, being all righteous and brave. Even better, he was a good man, through and through. He was a gentleman to anyone, and a honest and humble person. Those reasons made nearly everyone like him unconditionally. 
They were also the reasons you had a big, hanking crush on him. 
"No, no, it's fine, (Name)." Steve says. "Just an accident." You're snapped back to reality as Steve smiles at you. 
"Really, Steve. I should really be more careful, sometimes."
Steve shakes his head. "But then you wouldn't be the (Name) everyone
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 601 71
Popcorn (Pietro/Quicksilver x Reader)
Your hair is on fire.
You don't know it's on fire, but it's on fire. It happens sometimes, when you're stressed, which you are right now, as you're sure you're going to fail this test you’re currently taking.
There isn't really a lot of fire, just the very tips, which flicker every now and then. There isn’t enough smoke to set off the fire alarm, or to even be noticeable, as everyone else in the class is so focused on their own tests.
Except for that guy who sits behind you, who hasn’t even started his test yet, seeing as he knows he can finish it within the last few seconds of the time limit.
Bored as he is, Pietro spends most of the lesson looking around the room dully. When his eyes slide past your head, which is gradually becoming more and more alight, he does a double take, and raises his eyebrows.
After a short pause (so short that no one would have actually realised it was a pause) he quickly (very quickly, given his mutation and all
:iconfloppyhats:FloppyHats 925 81
Tony Stark x Reader: Guilt
Your body hit the floor. You pushed yourself up to your feet.
“Hit me again.”
“You sure, sweetheart?”
“Tony, hit me again.”
He swung and you dodged. You jabbed twice and barely felt his gloved hand hit your jaw. Sweat and pain clouded your vision. The only thing you could concentrate on was the rhythm of the blows. Hit, dodge, dodge, hit, hit, duck, step, duck, hit, dodge, block, block, block. Wisps of hair clung to your face, and hot, labored breath heaved out of your chest. The hits landed on your defensive arms over and over again. Each beat drummed your thoughts into your head. Hit by hit Tony forced you to step back.
Something snapped in your mind, in a second you were throwing blows. They were disgusting: sloppy, uncalculated, random, and utterly ineffective. Tony took a surprised step back before his eyes hardened and his lips formed a thin, tight line. He grabbed your wrists above the end of the boxing gloves.
“What is with you?”
:iconbookwormchick:bookwormchick 413 39
Better Than Research (Dean Winchester x Reader)
If anyone thought hunting was a glamorous lifestyle, they couldn't be more wrong.
Not only did you get completely coated in blood and grime at least once a week, but you spent most of your "free time" researching new cases. You spent your days elbow-deep in lore books, living mostly off of greasy fast food, and getting five or six hours of sleep each night, if you were lucky. Dean was always finding excuses not to do research, so you found yourself spending the majority of your time with Sam, pouring over books written centuries before you were born.
You didn't really mind, though. The books were fascinating, even if you sometimes had to spend hours translating their text into English. Besides, this knowledge could, and probably would, save your life someday. You enjoyed research most of the time, and were happy to help Sam dig up knowledge on a new enemy.
That didn't mean that you didn't get bored. You had already been in the library of the Men Of Letters bunker for several hours, rea
:iconescapeeverything:escapeEverything 25 2
Mature content
Ezio x reader: lessons. :iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 60 23
Corrupted lungs. Sirius Black x Reader
"That's not very Slytherin-like of you."
The girl, [Name], chuckled lightly. "Then, do tell, what is?"
Sirius didn't say anything. Being born in a family that were all sorted in the House of Slytherin; he surely didn't know one thing about them. He didn't want to. It was better that way. He was a Gryffindor; loyal, brave, and daring. [Name] was a Slytherin; cunning, ambitious, and craved for power.
Though, at the same time, she was also brave and daring, in some kind of way. In her own kind of way.
Ah, yes. Hogsmeade trips. Who does not love Hogsmeade trips? To be quite honest, Sirius always loved going to Hogsmeade. And maybe that was why he felt that great satisfaction when he and the other Marauders discovered a passageway that led to Hogsmeade. They finally could go to Hogsmeade whenever they wanted to. They didn't have to wait for the long schedule — the Marauders could just go in their own. Of course, they kept this a secret. Wouldn't want the Professor
:icongnostalgic-void:Gnostalgic-Void 191 12
Let me in. James Sirius Potter x Reader
One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life.
                         That word is love.

“James. You're looking at me again.”
I snapped back to reality. I didn't even know that I was looking at her. “Sorry. Just thinking about some things.”
“Oh.” She grabbed a bottle of Firewhiskey beside me and opened it with no struggle. She took a long drink before speaking again. “What kind of things?”
“Quidditch things.” I replied curtly. “Pass me a smoke, will you?”
“Should have known,” She muttered as she dug deep in her pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes and passed me one. “You're damaging your lungs, you know.” she said.
“And you're damaging your liver. We're even.” I told her and lit up t
:icongnostalgic-void:Gnostalgic-Void 88 5
Is It A Blind Date? (Bruce X Reader)(One Shot)
“Guys! Quick! It's (Name)'s birthday tomorrow, and I need to do something for her!” said the distressed Dr. Banner as he ran into the kitchen to see Steve, Tony, and Clint.
“You finally asked her out?” Tony asked.
“No. So I was thinking something along the lines of a party, that we'd all be throwing for her,” Bruce had been trying to work up the courage to ask (Name) out for a while, but he was almost positive that it wouldn't work. Tony had been encouraging him to go for it, but Bruce wasn't so sure. Tony also happened to know that (Name) shared the same feelings for Bruce, but he wouldn't tell Bruce that, he had some morals. Besides, where would be the fun in that.
Tony thought for a moment before he had an idea. “Well. We could always just have a big party at that one restaurant she likes... what's it called...?”
“(Favorite restaurant), but she doesn't want a big party for her birthday. She just wants close f
:icongracefuljewel:GracefulJewel 124 19
David 8 by denkata5698 David 8 :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 274 18 Storm trooper Timon pencil drawing by AtomiccircuS Storm trooper Timon pencil drawing :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 1,934 188 Jasmine lovin by Norke Jasmine lovin :iconnorke:Norke 1,794 120 Anastasia by YurikoSchneide Anastasia :iconyurikoschneide:YurikoSchneide 664 111





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I've been tagged a while ago by :iconpenandkey:, but only now I'm able to answer it. So, here it goes:

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the ten questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your ten tags
4. Choose ten people and put their icon in your journal
5. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6. NOT something like " you are tagged if you read that"
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Ten Facts:

My dog has the temperament of a cat.

2.  I'm on winter vacation.

3. I'm studying law, but I recently decided that's not really what I want.

4. I'm thinking about chaning to International relations.

5. All because I want to live abroad.

6. Don't take me wrong, Brazil is wonderful, but there are too many taxes and things aren't very bright at the moment. Besides, my english is almost better than my portuguese.

7. I would live in Canada or New Zeland if I could pick.

8. I love Chris Pratt and, even though I also love Anna Faris, I often wish he wasn't taken.

9. I want to cosplay as Peggy Caster on the next event I go.

10. Usually, I hate sports, but, for some odd reason, I actually enjoy surfing and snowboarding.


1. Favorite color/favorite book/favorite song?
Blue/ I can't say it for sure, but I do love The Black Magician series/ Right now, it is Around Town (The Kooks), but it tends to change with time.

2. What do you like to do in your free time?
Read fanfiction or a good book, scroll through Tumblr, listen to music...

3. Do you have any pets? If so how many?
One dog (Thor). Two turtles and some fish in a small lake.

4. Do you ever look up one thing then  four hours later end up on something completely random (cause I do all the time...)?
YES. So much yes, it happen way too often. I don't even question it anymore.

5. Favorite superhero?
I love me some Martian Manhunter (Ha! Gotch! Bet you didn't see that coming). But Captain America and Hawkeye (both Kate and Clint) also hold a special place at my heart.

6. Are you in any other fandoms?

Yup. Supernatural, Sherlock, Harry Potter, anything Marvel (comics too, but mainly The Avengers), Hannibal, LOTR, The Hobbit,The Walking Dead... So many others that I can't even remember. 

7. Who's excited for Civil War?!?
furious wave furious wave  

8. Did you see Age of Ultron? If so, were you disappointed or happy with it (I was disappointed...)?
I did. There were a few parts I was quite disappointed about, but, overall, I did like the movie.

9. Favorite food?
Though question. I love food. Every kind of food. But I'll have to pick cookie dough ice cream.

10. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Right now I'd like to visit Italy. If you mean a fictional place... I don't know, Hogwarts? Yup. That sounds good.

I don't have the heart to create new questions right now, so I'll just leave those here. And I tag...: 

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