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Dark Queen Demonica

As previously revealed, Demonica enjoys jumping from dimension to dimension from time to time to experience another reality and seeing what mischief she can get up to elsewhere.  Sometimes this means entering a reality where there are an entirely new cast of characters to engage with.  But other times it means Demonica will find herself in a new role within that reality.

One of Demonica's favorite new worlds is one where she is apparently the ruler of an entire galactic empire, the respected and admired Dark Queen of Space.  Such a reality is appealing to one such as Demonica.  Sure, she doesn't ever want to stay for long.  But it's nice for her to have a place where she gets to wield absolute power and dominion over all if she ever wants to indulge and pamper herself.
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In another reality, in my imagination, I can see the combination of dark queen of space and Demorphica, becoming the embodiment and voice of a shape-changing multiverse.

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Holy damn! Your style is so awesome!

Love the character too, incredible!