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Everybody loves toads and frogs. This was one of my first ideas for ohnoes contest [link] And now I made it. Gimme critique.

Emote based on =camelhijackation's ohnoes emote: [link]
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Hah, that's great!
No critique though, sorry.
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This toad gives his approval. :thumbsup:
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It is good, that atleast 'toads' like it. :)
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froggies and toads are the best :D :D :D hehe i love it, and it would win the contest if i was judge
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Thanks. Atleast some judges have said, that they like it. But there are so many good candinates. :)
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Well done! Darned cute. Animation looks great. :)
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Yeah it is. Do you like it?
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:thumbup: Well animated :D
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Looks nice over all but I think you could improve the eating some more, and possibly maybe add a swallowing motion.
Mrichston's avatar
Biggest problem is that I haven't seen eating frog.
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Well, right now when it swallows the fly it looks more like its stretching its mouth.. its only going side ways.. maybe ad some vertical movement to it.. and for the swallowing I guess you could make its belly expand at the right time or something.
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I tried some vertical movement to it.
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Not bad, the swallowing could be better though.. maybe try some sort of curving with a little *Tunk* at the end when he swallows it.
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Aww! I love toads!
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nice job, I would enter but i currently have a dead computer... i could make a static one in paint possibly
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The tongue is a bit one-dimensional, and I believe it should be more pinkish :confused:...

But the body is veeery nicely done, looks as if it has always been there :nod:
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I wanted to use same colors as in original ohnoes emote.
Edme's avatar
Oh that's understandable, but I think the tongue still misses something...
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