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I haven't seen any good tank emoticons, so I tried to make one by myself.
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It's so smooth, I'm amazed.
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can you make a loop (or however its called) of this?
like that if you put a few after eachother it looks like a whole line of tanks, instead of one tank getting in and out of the screen?
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1P   INSERT COIN           HIGH SCORE           2P   INSERT COIN
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may i please use it in my signature?
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Fabulous work!! :wow: I had a hard time finding decent military-ish emotes, so coming across this was a happy accident for me! (YAY!) I used your tank in my journal here: [link] If you want me to remove it, please let me know in a note. Thanks again!!
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Thank you. Sure you can freely use my emotes in your journal. :)
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You're welcome! :) ...And thanks!!!
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seriously, this should be an emoticon, with it, I could take over everyone's comment box with a mighty tank and ninja army :evillaugh:
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Thanks. It is emoticon. It just isn't in da's emoticon legend. Subscribers can use it in journal. All deviants can use in dAmn.
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There is not tank emote. Atleast not yet.
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grr there should be
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PS: Emote fire-power is too too fun!
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PS: More emote firepower: [link] [link] :D
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Yay!! *bounces off to gleefully peruse the firepower*
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While yours is awesome,

Here also is a good tank! [link]
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