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Revision for :bow: by `hprince329

hmm... I dunno. What do you think?
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Ooh, I like this one! I hope it wins.
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Much smoother, and the ^^ eyes make him look less snoody
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What a perfect remake. The use of the hands to the sides and the hand movement is brilliant. You certainly have been rocking the new revamps eh?

Keep it up!
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Thank you. I still have more revamps to come.
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i really like how you make the face movements it fitted perfect here nice done :clap:
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Shicken05's avatar
Great remake! :)
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Yea, the gesture is great. :) But the eyes look a little weird when they rotate. The rotation is interesting, though.
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Maybe it because eyes have not so many pixels. I could try making eyes bigger or use less rotating. I think it doesn't bother, if you don't look it too closely.
BoffinBrain's avatar
:sherlock: :giggle: Yeah, you're right.
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hmz.. i duno.. it looks more like this emote is trying to give something.. like a glass of wine..
maybe it's cuz the bow it self isn't so deep..
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Well I think about that.
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100 times better.

cuter face too!
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