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Simple balloon emote...
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it's cute. and looks real :clap:
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you are welcome :)
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Yeah it's really good! *is transfixed staring at the progressively-being-blown-up balloon shapes*
Very pretty, how many people did you watch blowing up balloons before you got this one right? lol
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Thanks. I watched none. I still have memories from childhood, when we had balloons.
annikalikesbees's avatar
I just love it =D The balloon is so well done =)
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mysteriouschicken's avatar
Wow, that's good animating. I like how it's as big as himself. :giggle:
Mrichston's avatar
Thanks. Emotes need little exaggerating. :)
SuperDuperSonic's avatar
awesome! thats really cool. it must've took you a while. also it's pretty clever :giggle:
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Making shapes of balloon fills were most timeconsuming in making this emote. It had to have enough steps, so I could make it smooth and slow.
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Uh oh, I thought it's making another emote! :wow:
It would be funny if there appeared some emote hands and eyes on the balloon when it's already big - the blue guy would be very surprised :D
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I actually had that kind of idea too.
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Beautiful coloring and transparency in the balloon. Amazing animation. This is easily one of the best balloon emotes I've ever seen. :worship:
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Thanks. It required some work to make own shading for almost every form of balloon.
Katrinz0r's avatar
I love how you've animated the balloon, it's really life like. And I love how you can see through the balloon, that's also really life like =)
Love the colours.
Mrichston's avatar
Thank you. Real looking balloon was my intention. Glad you liked it.
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wow thats so good ^^ really well done
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you do know it looks like he is blowing a snot bubble :P
maybe he needs a hand or 2 hands
Mrichston's avatar
Thanks. Now it has another hand.
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