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An organism
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Eh i'm just an introverted 16 year old, I make artwork based on my friends. I have jokes, and I'm always willing to help people improve their art while I improve my own. I don't have my own characters when I have friends. You might know me from Instagram, discord, or Twitter. But yea, this is my deviant art, I hope you enjoy my art.


Chewy Gum
This is BubbieBubbles  Age, 15, height 5'5, personality: Sweet, caring, quiet, kinda idiotic, and helpful. BubbleGum is known for being more popular online compared to her other friends. Her closest friends in the group appear to be PlormbySFM  and HighTop. BubbleGum is mostly inside chilling and spends most of her times alone. She appears to be very wise when it comes to giving advice to others. Bubble is also known for being quite idiotic sometimes XD, she usually laughs it off though. She enjoys playing video games and sketching artwork. BubbleGum also has a thing for sweet things like candy and that's where she got her name from. Another thing BubbleGum likes to do is to help her guy friends to get in a relationship sometimes, she finds it quite fun to help others getting into a relationship. Out of the group she seems the most chill but still can be crazy when it comes to having fun, she get's the craziest with HighTop when he starts blasting away his music and she starts dancing terribly and she even agrees she does as well XD. But she spends most of her time laughing with Plormby when they get together for hours watching endless memes. Overall BubbleGum fits in the group well with us and is maybe one of the best friends you can have overall. She is kinda has every personality you could want in a friend except for parties and being around a lot of people at once.
Plormby character analysis.
This is PlormbySFM  , age 15, height 5'5 personality, kind, goofy, genus, sensitive. Plormby is one of the members of our group, he seems to know the most about computers and how to program stuff and is knowledgeable about things like speakers and high tec stuff! Plormby seems to be one who loves memes and likes to have a good laugh. He's usually pretty chill and likes things like earape, tec stuff, and speakers. Plormby is known for being one of the most helpful guys you could find. Takes time out of his day to help others. His closes friend seems to be Hightop and BubbleGum. HighTop and Plormby are loud and crazy together when ever they start blasting music and loud memes. Plormby is known for having a more chilled relationship with BubbieBubbles  and seems to have more in common with her and they seem to laugh more at silly things more than HighTop would. Plormby is AeroSpray PG main and destroys people with it. It seems like BubbleGum and Plormby seem to play together very well on teams and end up with the most amount of kills. Another thing, Plormby laughs at silly things and his laughter is contagious as hell, making others wanting to laugh with him.
Splatinkboy character analysis.
This is Splatinkboy, Age 16, height 5'10, personality, quiet, smart, kind, and introverted. He is the most skillful sniper in our group. He is known for his crazy trick shots with his sniper and with his blasters. He mains the hero shot, the chargers, and the luna blaster. He got his skills from battling try hard Asian people and had to learn the hard way. He was always getting destroyed by Asian people until one day he had enough and decided to up his game. Now he is one of the best Splatoon players out there and is the most skillful in our group. Splatinkboy besides being introverted and quiet is also very funny at times and his reactions are priceless. His closest friend in the group is Mr.HighTop . This was his first friend he made in the group. Splatinkboy is also a sensitive person so things can easily upset him as well, he might be very skillful and quiet and funny but can be sensitive. In turf war, if you place him and Mr.HighTop  on the same team, it's a recipe for destruction for the opposing team. Also thx Gaming Reaper for rendering this for me.


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