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storyBoards 01 by MRHaZaRD storyBoards 01 by MRHaZaRD
a few of my favorite things: cereal, coffee, a hot shower, aaaand....
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poisonedfox Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
AHAHH! i love it

the shaving sence is hot! :P
i just love the way you draw you people in general and the shading *muwah!* perfect

looking forward to more stuff
MRHaZaRD Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006  Professional General Artist
:D thank you, sir! :salute:
ShylockSwan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006

Yeah, that's great. It's wonderful that you can put a storyboard together like that, and kind of tie in that general theme! Your creativity just boggles my mind... I can feel my brain sizzling right now with excited activity... "wow that can come out of someone like me!? But how!? What did he drink!?"
I'm sure if I was a cartoon my eyes would be popping in and out of my head in an alternating sequence right now.

But I love the expression you put on his face as he is shaving in the mirror. :salute:
His hand actually in the second frame is really splendid.
But I love the fact that he has those granny slippers on in the top frame!
:clap: :D

I'm actually really mad today... my car basically fell apart on the bottom, and now I am stranded at home. There's a wicked snowsotrm going on outside... glad I don't have to go out there today, but at the same time teed off because I really needed to go to class. Too much going on this semester. :snowing:
Wish I had Jedi powers! :jedi:
Oh poop!
MRHaZaRD Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006  Professional General Artist
hehe, thank you. :D yeah its really crappy out today. :P i'm staying home to finish my midterm projects, hopefully. i'm wasting a lot of time piddling around doing silly stuff. school is definitely not conducive to relaxation. wish i had jedi powers too :lol:

(i like the fact that he's shaving right before he grows his werewolf fur :lol:)

i'll be sending your car happy thoughts :peace:
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March 20, 2006
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