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Gandhi Caricature by MRHaZaRD Gandhi Caricature by MRHaZaRD
worm to the mothersoil
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KeepingYouAwake Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008
I see it... Man, you've been dabbling in all sorts of stuff haven't you?
KeepingYouAwake Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008
Love it, but I'm confused.

This is looking VERY well balanced, almost even symmetrical. Has John Hazard moved toward the darkness of symmetry???

Welcome. *evil laugh*
MRHaZaRD Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
oh man, your signature slayed me!
symmetry? i left in some subtle misfires on each side - slop! slop, I say!
MRHaZaRD Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008  Professional General Artist
thank you :] if i color this, i plan on having irksome elements disturbing his meditation ;]

with hands, i just end up looking at my own usually. but i also look at other peoples hands and how other artists draw hands. i often forget how many segments there are on a digit. right brain and numbers don't mix.

no secret methods about it - just the observations that you get from looking and taking mental notes - middle finger is usually the longest, ring finger second longest, etc.

this guy's cartoony so i let his fingers do a cascade-ish thing hoping it would make them look lankier - they kinda drape like his clothes do.

i think the thing with hands is, not necessarily if they're drawn exactly right, but what kind of rhythm or movement are they portraying. is it a static fist or is the character talking with their hands? its easy to miss the opportunity to add to a drawing using the hands. i know i usually get to the hands and think, "Man, hands are hard to draw. How can I shortcut this?" And i usually regret the shortcut, if i take it. This pic's shortcut is that I only sketched out his left hand on paper and copied, pasted, and flipped the left hand of the sketch before i inked it digitally. I've felt rushed lately.
WidowsWalk Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008   Digital Artist
That's good advice. In general I love the expressive quality of animations like the one that you linked me to. :D Now you've got me wanting to draw hands. Well, you know for all the rushing I've been doing lately I would say, its never worth it. I find slowing down helps me to focus on the quality of my life. After all we have so many things to distract us now a days. Its like there was one day I just didn't listen to the radio, cd, nothing. I just rode in my car with the only sounds being that of reality. And it was actually quite peaceful, and my mind wasn't racing or feeling cluttered with thoughts. When I got to my destination people around me were in the race mode... and I just wanted to go "Chill, man. It be ok." in some cheesy Bob Marley tone. But really, we don't realize how much enjoyment we waste by rushing instead of enjoying.
WidowsWalk Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008   Digital Artist
tee hee that's great!
He looks kind of irked.
You can draw hands! *claps excitedly*
mine always end up badly.
Is there a method you have?
I know a good mentor I had, always told me to make the wrist like a square block, and the fingers like wedges. It has helped a little bit, but they still look funny to me when I draw them.
Though I was looking on the internet and they have really freaky dissected hand pictures. (Ewww Gross!) O.o o.O
MRHaZaRD Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008  Professional General Artist
i replied in the wrong spot. whoops! :shakefist:
here's some hands:

and my reply appears below this one ;)
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August 13, 2008
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