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Anakin in Midair by MRHaZaRD Anakin in Midair by MRHaZaRD
pencil sketch. practicing like usual ;)
Download for the supersize.

The lightsaber blade i left out in case I add it later digitally. We'll have to imagine it a bit until then, haha :]
I actually think the pose is halfway decent.
As always comments, suggestions, and critques appreciated :]
Nevertheless, back to the drawing board. Later :)
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Tenely Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009
Oh, wow. I totally dig this. I wish I was up to par with doing poses. I'll have to start experimenting with them. :3 How'd you learn, just through practicing?

Anyways, it looks awesome. :D
MRHaZaRD Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2009  Professional General Artist
Thank you! :]

I'm still learning but there have been a bunch of different things that I've learned from. Basically, it amounts to practicing but different approaches help us "see" better mentally.

Here's a few experiences I've had: I started drawing by copying straight from comic books - lots of character poses, though I was always drawn to just the faces.

Gesture sketching (1-5 minute intervals per pose) from models in art class and on my own from magazines. Photos are nice because they stay still but life drawing will make any student tune into their surroundings more. Ludwick runs a really good straight-up drawing class in the New Media program - I definitely recommend it. It was tough but I know it made me a better artist.

Sculpting. I worked at a haunted house where we made all the masks and creatures. After that experience, I found I could see more depth in the drawing paper. Or put another way, I could visualize 3 dimensions better.

Anyway, I think I'm rambling :] Hope that helps and thanks again!
Tenely Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
This did help. I might have to try actually drawing from real life. And I took Ludwig's drawing class, if we're talking about the same one.

So.. many... lines. D:
MRHaZaRD Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2009  Professional General Artist
LOL, yes! The lines! Arrrgh! :shakefist: That almost drove me totally crazy. Fortunately, I can tell that it helped my hand-eye coordination. :D
Tenely Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2009
Lmao! Yeah, I'm pretty sure it helped mine, too. Especially when we did digital works. My lines aren't wobbly at all now when I use a tablet. :D
Joaov Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
MRHaZaRD Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009  Professional General Artist
thanks :]
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June 10, 2009
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