Halo: Reborn (Part 1)

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I cannot begin to describe to you the feeling of pure nothingness which I felt for all those years, sealed away as nothing more than a living sample. The Forerunners had thought of everything though, I have to give them the credit for that. To create a weapon that could destroy all life in an instant is impressive, but to restore that life to the universe after all had been lost, that’s a damn miracle. Yet here I am; Starving and unclothed, alone in a dark metal box, accompanied by nothing but the distant humming of an engine and the haunting memories of the activation. I am a living miracle, chosen by the forerunners to be stored away, beyond the reach of their weapon of destruction, in the hope that the universe could be rebooted once the deed had been done. I had seen other humans being stored away and other species too. This must have taken some years of planning for the Forerunners.

Who would have thought that someone like me would be a beacon of hope for the human race? I’d always thought I was pretty average to be honest. At four feet I’m not exactly tall for someone born on Erde-Tyrene, but I’m not short by any means. My hair is thick, dark brown and tangled into messy curls. I’m not really skinny but nobody in my family had been so it’s hardly surprising I’m a little on the chubby side, and like everyone from Erde-Tyrene my body was coated in thick hairs, primarily in certain places. My family... I wonder if any of them were spared as I have been. Perhaps my family are still alive here. Perhaps they have been through the same experience that I have. I can only describe that experience as hell.

I remember being trapped inside my own head, unable to wake myself from a darkness which didn’t seem possible. I could see it though, I can remember the emotions I experienced from witnessing this untamed darkness, and so it must have existed, right? Yet despite being lost in my own mind somewhere, I could hear them. My head was filled with the screams of every sentient being in the universe. I could feel nothing, no pain and no warmth, but I knew exactly what had happened. I try not to think about it, but it is impossible to avoid the dark truth. The Forerunners had gone through with their plan. The Halo array had been activated, the flood wiped out for good. But of course that isn’t the full story. The humans, my people, had been wiped out for good. The forerunners, the Sangheili… every single living cell in the universe had perished. Life turned to ashes, ashes turned to dust, and the dust turned to atoms. As for the atoms… who knows what happened to those. Their screams will always be with me, echoing through my head like a memory trapped inside a padded cell, but right now I have a new pain to deal with. I am awake. I have been reborn.

My eyes scan my surroundings, trying desperately to adjust to the world again. I am in a pitch black box, no more than four feet tall and no wider than my outstretched arm. Though the box is dark, there is a trickle of light crawling through a gap to my left. I reach out to touch the light, expecting to feel some sort of warmth on my freezing skin. I feel nothing. I am confused for a few moments but then I come to terms with it. Of course, that’s right, I remember now. Light is for seeing, not for feeling. If I want to bring warmth to my body, I will need to find a way out of this prison cell. I can find my way back to Erde-Tyrene, my home world, where the sun shines so brightly that it flickers about in the fresh ocean waters. Sunlight: a light which can be felt, a light which is warm to the touch. That’s where I want to be most of all. I want to be home.

My thoughts are interrupted as I hear a voice approaching. The tone is feminine, sounding kind and gentle. I can just about make out what is being said as the being gets closer to me.
“The specimens from these two sections are to be taken to Erde-Tyrene,” the female voice says, “There are around 200 specimens for that particular race. I… I know it is a lot but I have always favoured the human race over many others. They are filled with such ambition and inspiration. Not all too different from our own lost brothers and sisters, I like to think.” Is she serious? There are 200 of us who were spared. I know I shouldn’t be pleased by the fact that there are only two hundred human beings left in the entire galaxy, but right now that seems like so many, for I have not seen another in years.

As the being outside passes by my box, I feel warmth trickle through with the light, as if this female is radiating some sort of almighty energy. It feels so good to be warm, if just for a moment. I wonder who she might be. Is she a forerunner? I have never seen a female forerunner before. As with my own race, it was always the males who took arms on the battlefield and fought against others. The warmth quickly fades as she continues her tour. Is she really going to just drop us all back on Erde-Tyrene and then leave us, as if nothing has happened at all? It seems like such a strange thought, but I suppose it doesn’t sound bad at all right now. Yep, I’m headed for home and I can finally feel my hands again. I’m actually pretty pleased right about now.
The first part of a story I am writing which follows a man from Erde-Tyrene, who is returned home after the firing of the Halo array. I hope you enjoy it ^.^

Credit for the cover image goes to Julian-Faylona ! :)
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Damn dude, that right there is particularly good writing, I'll tell you what.

I have the strangest feeling our universes are going to cross though.