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Vriska glasses tutorial

By mrhamball
please be careful because if you can not pop out the lens you will need to break it.

(what you will need)
Aviator glasses
wire cutters (not the small ones for electrical wire)
red puffy paint
hammer and nail (awl preferred)
safety glasses and safety gloves
a rotary tool or "dremel" to grind down and polish any remaining pieces of the top bar that will be cut off.
any other questions, feel free to ask
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Which lens do I pop out? Right or Left?MEMEME MEMEME 
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Where did you get your aviators? I've been hammering at a spare pair of my Dave's shades, and the lense won't break. I've only managed to dent it. And it won't pop out, either.
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You may need to use a hammer to smah it. It's what I used.
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I got one pair at target i think and another at old navy
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glad I could help!
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do you happen to have a link or know where you bought your glasses? I've been having trouble finding a pair with a black reflective lens such as the one you used. Thanks in advance!
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um i think I got one pair at target and anther at old navy
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Thank you for being so detailed! it is an easy thing but the detail does help a lot (:B
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oh yes this is good
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