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Laying on the ground
Was my story's antagonist.
Having it's last breath.
The one I longed so much.
My piece was over.
The last act was finished.
The crowd is euphoric.
Everything is perfect.

But caused by the nervous pull of that trigger,
On the hands of a innocent little boy
Pretending to be doing the right thing,
That red-coloured grey would probably be
The last thing I was gonna see.
Once again I could feel the delightful pain
The pain I had forgot 
The metallic taste of the thick blood
                                                                                      Bringing back life's only end of path.

After all the pain I've caused,
Everything'll finally be over.
I had hurt, and I've been hurt.
For the last time.
A razor sharp scythe's blade,
Bringing the cold Pale Rider's touch.
Taking me to eternity,
To finally rest in peace.

The sweet pleasure of ending someone else's suffer
Was never felt by this white skinned warrior.
The happiness I've been feeling could only exist
Due to the sadness this poor being has been carrying.
The path I had taken to my life
Was pointless on death.
Gone to the void,
My screaming was thin.

Where nothing can be heard
My suffering would begin.
Suffering for ending suffer.
Being happy for ending happiness.
I don't have any comment yet.  :\
So... let's write something.

"Sometimes, I'd like to have more time.
Enough time to know the feeling of walking adrift.
Walking without any money.
Without any reason to walk.
I'd like to walk to anywhere.
Just walking, keeping in mind that life is easy.
And it is. You just need to think so."

I'm just 13, so that's how far I can get.