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BM 410: Memories of Mother
Comic 410: Memories of Mother
    Panel 1: Eve just standing, back to the door, seen from behind.
   Jaina (outside, off-panel): "We used to play indoors when it rained or snowed or when she was sick..."
    Panel 2: Show a young Eve with a gap in her teeth playing on her own with a toy doll.  It is raining outside.
   Young Eve:  "And then I thaw a rothe, but it wath all prickly and cut my fingerth."
   Marion (off-panel):  "Who are you talking to sweetie?"
    Panel 3: Young Eve looking up at her mother as Marion sits down next to her.
   Young Eve:  "To Eltha mommy!  Th'ee'th a good lith'ner."
    Panel 4: Marion smiling down at her.
   Marion:  "I'm sure she is.  You know, when mommy was little, she had a doll she used to talk to a lot too."
    Panel 5: Marion winking at Young Eve who is giggling.
   Jaina (narr box):  "She was my on
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BM 409: Trying to Talk
Comic 409: Trying to Talk
    Panel 1: Lydia walking off, Jaina just sitting there, thinking.
    Panel 2: Jaina knocking on Eve's door, holding the tea kettle in the crook of one arm against her chest.
   Eve (inside):  "Nnnggghhh...  One moment..."
    Panel 3: Eve holding the door open, looking very tired.
   Jaina:  "Miss Evelyn, I just-"
    Panel 4: The door slammed shut.
    Panel 5: Jaina outside, Eve inside, seen from side, cutaway view.
   Jaina:  "Miss Evelyn, your friend Lydia reminded me that you are not your mother."
   Jaina 2:  "I don't know what happened to her, but I truly miss her."
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BM 408: Playmate Waiting
Comic 408: Playmate Waiting
    Panel 1: Large 2/3 height, full width page panel.  Jaina sitting, only it is nighttime and she is still waiting.
    Panel 2: Lydia standing at the doorway, see that it is morning by the light.  Full width, remainder of page.  Jaina is still sitting there.
   Lydia:  "You know you're one creepy doll, right?"
   Jaina:  "Miss Marion enjoyed my company."
   Lydia 2:  "Maybe, but Eve isn't her mother."
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BM 407: Repeated Attempts at Tea
Comic 407: Repeated Attempts at Tea
    Panel 1: Jaina pouring tea.
    Panel 2: Jaina sitting alone.
    Panel 3: Jaina following Eve with an old book.
    Panel 4: Jaina pouring tea.
    Panel 5: Jaina sitting alone.
:iconmrgrinmore:mrgrinmore 0 0
BM 406: Following Miss
Comic 406: Following Miss
    Panel 1: Jaina following Eve around, holding up some of Marion's old clothes.
   Narr box:  "The next few days..."
    Panel 2: Jaina pouring tea into a tea set.
    Panel 3: Jaina sitting in the room she was animated in with a full tea-party set on a blanket around her, just waiting.
    Panel 4: Jaina following Eve around, Jaina's eye twitching as she tries to give her some costume jewelry.
:iconmrgrinmore:mrgrinmore 1 0
BM 405: Mutual Confusion
Comic 405: Mutual Confusion
    Panel 1: Eve just staring as Jaina holds the tea kettle in front of her.
    Panel 2: Eve walking off.
   Eve:  "Mortimer, follow and explain."
    Panel 3: Mortimer walking after Eve.
   Mortimer:  "It seems Jaina was made for your mother long ago..."
    Panel 4: Jaina standing by the doorway still holding the tea kettle, looking confused.
    Panel 5: Jaina's eye popping out again.
:iconmrgrinmore:mrgrinmore 1 0
BM 404: Genetic Resemblance
Comic 404: Genetic Resemblance
    Panel 1: Eve at the door, looking in on everyone, looking curious, but bored.
   Eve:  "Joe, is this your doing?"
    Panel 2: Joe flying up to Eve, pointing at her and angry.
   Joe:  "So, everything that goes weird in this place is my fault?"
   Joe 2: "She took my sword!"
   Jaina (off-panel):  "Miss Marion!  There you are!"
    Panel 3: Jaina moving toward Eve while holding the tea kettle.
   Jaina:  "Miss Marion, would you like me to make some tea?"
:iconmrgrinmore:mrgrinmore 0 0
BM 403: Unpacking for Tea-time
Comic 403: Unpacking For Tea-time
    Panel 1: Carl pulling more paper out of the box, looking at Jaina.
   Carl:  "Is that right..."
   Carl 2: "And who gave you that name?"
    Panel 2: Jaina helping now, Joe flying about with crossed arms.
   Jaina:  "Miss Marion did."
    Panel 3: Jaina pulling out the tea set as Carl pulls out the box.
   Jaina:  "Her father somehow found the magic to animate me."
   Jaina:  "Where is he and Miss Marion?"
    Panel 4: Jaina setting down the rest of the set, but holding the tea kettle.
   Mortimer:  "Miss...  Jaina.  I'm afraid it has been a long time since..."
   Eve (off-panel):  "What on Earth is that?"
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BM 402: Accusations and Introduction
Comic 402: Accusations and Introduction
    Panel 1: Jaina's eye pops out and she catches it.
   Jaina:  "Oh!  Excuse me."
    Panel 2: Jaina pushing it back in, Joe up next to her face, squinting.
   Joe:  "You took my sword!"
    Panel 3: Jaina looking around her.
   Jaina:  "I did?"
   Mortimer:  "Joe, you didn't have anything to do with this, did you?"
    Panel 4: Joe turning his head and looking back.
       Joe:  "What?  No.  Why would I make it move around and steal my
    Panel 5: Jaina's ragdoll face creasing a little.
   Jaina:  "I don't think I stole anything and my name is Jaina."
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BM 401: The Needle In The Ragdoll
Comic 401: The Needle In The Ragdoll
    Panel 1: The arc of the needle falling and turning before landing in
Jaina's shoulder.  Joe flying after.  Tall panel, 2/3 page height, 1/2 page
   Joe:  "Oh no you don't!"
    Panel 2: Joe standing on Jaina's shoulder, trying to grip the needle, but
it's sunk deep from the fall.  1/2 the height of panel 1, on the right side.
    Panel 3: Same panel perspective and size, but Jaina has shifted.
   Carl:  "Did it just...?"
    Panel 4: Jaina standing and tilting her head, Joe falling off of her
   Jaina:  "Hello.  Are you friends of Miss Marion or her father?"
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BM 400: Silly Swashbuckler, Needles are for Dolls!
Comic 400: Silly Swashbuckler, Needles are for Dolls!
    Panel 1: Joe flying around in the air, swashbuckling in pretend, but show
he knows how to use a sword his size.
   Joe:  "Ah, to have a good blade in my hand again!"
    Panel 2: Mortimer rolling his eyes.
   Mortimer:  "That is a needle."
    Panel 3: Mortimer gesturing to Jaina.
   Mortimer:  "Probably for repairing this doll."
   Carl:  "Anything else in the box?"
    Panel 4: Joe shrugging, needle in hand, but loosely.
   Joe:  "Some dishes and a few small boxes I couldn't open."
    Panel 5: Joe trying to grab the needle, but it is falling.
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BM 399: Pin-Prick!
Comic 399: Pin-Prick!
    Panel 1: Mortimer crouched down, looking at Jaina, splayed on her knees,
unable to stand on her own without her needle in her.
   Mortimer:  "Tony and I brought it from the building in which you found
    Panel 2: Joe inside the box, seen from inside it, barely any light,
rummaging around.
   Mortimer:  "The other boxes seemed to have belonged to Marion, Eve's
mother.  I suppose this one did as well."
    Panel 3: Carl glancing at the box.
   Carl:  "What was in the other ones?"
   Mortimer:  "Mostly keepsakes and clothes Marion had before her amnesia."
   Joe (from in box):  "Yeowch!"
    Panel 4: Carl pulling paper out of the box.
   Carl:  "You alright in there?"
   Joe:  "Haha!  Yes!"
    Panel 5: Joe flying out of the box, paper being pulled behind him from
the speed that he's fly
:iconmrgrinmore:mrgrinmore 1 0
BM 398: Hidden Hobby?
Comic 398: Hidden Hobby?
    Panel 1: Carl reaching in and pulling out Jaina, with an eyebrow raised.
    Panel 2: Carl setting her on the floor.
   Carl:  "Okay...  Life-size doll."
   Carl 2:  "Which Tony hid in the supply closet?"
    Panel 3: Joe flying face first into the box.
   Joe:  "Didn't know he was into that sort of thing."
    Panel 4: Mortimer walking by, looking at the room, his head turned.
    Panel 5: Mortimer walking in, seen from inside, behind Carl, Jaina and
the box.
   Mortimer:  "So, that is what was inside that box."
   Carl:  "Where did it come from?"
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BM 397: Logistics of Cleaning
Comic 397: Logistics of Cleaning
    Panel 1: Carl picking up the box and bringing it back to the room they
just came from.  Joe trailing behind.
   Joe:  "Why don't we just open it now?"
    Panel 2: Carl entering that room.
   Carl:  "Because this room is still being repaired and if whatever inside
is going to damage the floor I'd rather it not be in the hall and have to
repair it."
    Panel 3: Carl standing next to the box, cutting it open, Joe, flitting
about around it.
    Panel 4: Looking into the box, see tons of old newspapers loosely strewn
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BM 396: Hidden In A Closet
Comic 396: Hidden In A Closet.
    Panel 1: Carl shaking his head.
    Panel 2: Carl finishing the rest of the beer.
    Panel 3: Carl and Joe putting away the paint brushes and cleaning supplies in the hallway supply closet next to Tony's room.  Very tall box at the back sticking out a little bit.
   Carl:  "Hm?  What's this?"
    Panel 4: Joe tugging on the box and looking like he's struggling, unable to do it and Carl moving it easily.
:iconmrgrinmore:mrgrinmore 1 0
BM 395: Beer Not Puny Mortal!
Comic 395: Beer Not Puny Mortal!
    Panel 1: Joe scrubbing one of the windows while Carl is painting a wall.
    Panel 2: Joe doing touch-out on the wall edges and Carl drinking a beer.
    Panel 3: Carl holding his beer toward Joe, but thought bubble of Joe drunk and flying tipsy, wide panel.
    Panel 4: Rest of page, Joe casting magic, turning a lamp into something as the banister rail on a set of stairs turns into an anaconda.
:iconmrgrinmore:mrgrinmore 1 0


CM- Braxel Irongate/Loam Kerrik (character design) by AKira1189 CM- Braxel Irongate/Loam Kerrik (character design) :iconakira1189:AKira1189 11 7 CM- Harrick Kohn (character design) by AKira1189 CM- Harrick Kohn (character design) :iconakira1189:AKira1189 5 5 CM- Scolva Drem (character design) by AKira1189 CM- Scolva Drem (character design) :iconakira1189:AKira1189 9 5 But feathered dinosaurs arent scary by meguskus But feathered dinosaurs arent scary :iconmeguskus:meguskus 246 32 Sketch6 by KOshooter Sketch6 :iconkoshooter:KOshooter 26 3 PF :MrGrinMore: Batch by KhymerrahApplebi PF :MrGrinMore: Batch :iconkhymerrahapplebi:KhymerrahApplebi 17 8 CM- Nakama by AKira1189 CM- Nakama :iconakira1189:AKira1189 15 10 CM- Narasu Mas by AKira1189 CM- Narasu Mas :iconakira1189:AKira1189 7 7 page 4 adventure guide by andrew-henry page 4 adventure guide :iconandrew-henry:andrew-henry 2 0 CM- Baban Kahn by AKira1189 CM- Baban Kahn :iconakira1189:AKira1189 12 7 Tri-Fusion by VoidStrata Tri-Fusion :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 227 4 lots of bots by Harpyqueen lots of bots :iconharpyqueen:Harpyqueen 485 156 Hamiltonstuck by MislamicPearl Hamiltonstuck :iconmislamicpearl:MislamicPearl 23 17 Adventurer guide page by andrew-henry Adventurer guide page :iconandrew-henry:andrew-henry 1 0 CM-  Clare Fortier by AKira1189 CM- Clare Fortier :iconakira1189:AKira1189 13 10 CM- Alphaba by AKira1189 CM- Alphaba :iconakira1189:AKira1189 11 10


by AngeInk

This piece wonderfully puts us into the mindset of the prey in a way that feels completely natural, being succinct and exact. We anthro...

The basic concept of the monster within awakened, whether vampire or other, is a common staple in modern fantasy which can be so entici...

by SaccharoKirby

This splendidly created watercolor by :iconsaccharokirby: could easily stand as not only a solid piece of fanart for our loveable pink-puffed metamorphic...

Hello once again, yes I am indeed still alive!  Don't stop sending the nonexistent checks in the mail!  Been a bit busy, so I haven't updated for a while.  I went to NYC Comic Con and had a blast last month, and yes, I will be uploading pictures after I get through fiddling with some things on them.  I got so wrapped up at work with preparing for the holiday season and then fixing everything that got fouled up while I was on vacation that I forgot to update Tea-Time and Tension a second time last month.  Oh noes!  ...  I'll do three this month, don't worry, all you two readers out there.  :P  Life with Pricks is still infrequently updated, but I'll most likely be uploading a few holiday recipes there this month and next for the holiday seasons.  FARAD is going well, I revamped the ability creation system (though it needs a better graphical representation later) and am working on some of The Atlas of Avende stuff, as well as other details such as refining the item crafting system a little further thanks to some feedback during playtesting, adding more to the lore, and adding THREE new playable species: The Gargoyles (stronger than the Draconis Dragon-Kin but only able to glide instead of fly, very durable, and generally not that intelligent), The Gnomes (smaller than Gitwerg or Goblins, but very skillful diggers and builders, as well as being attuned to nature more), and The Reynix (a trickster humanoid fox species with bonuses to magic or psionic abilities primarily).  At this present moment the core system mechanics are all in place (though many are being refined), though not all uploaded to the blog.  Posts will continue until it is ready for Kickstarter at a pace of one per week, but even that is only a fraction of what the finished result will be.  If you want to help contribute in any way to Cracked Sky Game's work on the project, or any other project, feel free to drop me a line!  We need as many individuals as are interested as possible to make FARAD and other projects as incredible as we intend and yes, we do plan to share monetary gains proportional to assistance given.

If you didn't know already, my 3 blogs are are as follows:  <-- Tea-Time and Tension, my general writing blog, where  I discuss tropes, upload some samples of my work, discuss various writing professions and the market, and talk about such things as inspirations and the writing process.  The most recent post is "Tropes: The MiniBoss", in which I talk about an obvious subject which is very useful in fiction, especially in 'The Hero's Journey' sort of works...  <-- Life with Pricks, where I write about my life, both dealing with my diabetes and other concerns.  This is the one Ignorance and Insanity is merging into.  The most recent post is "Sugars, Substitutes and Baking", which deals with some of the concerns for those wanting to make 'diabetic' or 'low-carb' friendly baked goods, and the potential downsides of various sugar substitutes beyond just taste.  <-- The FARAD System dev blog, where I upload my progress on the RPG System Cracked Sky Studios and I am working on.  The most recent post is about how the ability creation system works presently.  Give it a read, but you might want to start at the beginning to get a feel for the scope of the project.  In case you do read it and are interested, yes, I am the only person currently working on it regularly (with some occasional input from friends playtesting it) and yes, I would love to have more people on the project if you'd like to offer aid in discussion, writing (mostly more flora, fauna, various items, various abilities, or proposals for new mechanics) for the system itself, writing stories built around the system, illustrative concepts, and more!

Aside from that, expect more Bloodstone Manor scripts to keep popping up in my galleries, more favorites of pieces of those and other story characters that I've requested or commissioned of others, and perhaps other works.  All of them, and my blog posts, I would love to have any comments or critiques on, either on the pieces themselves or via notes.

As some may know, I had entered the :iconwe-write-to-escape: "I Am..." contest a while back, and though I didn't win anything, I did offer some prizes to the winners, and did have a lot of fun regardless.  That said...  Winners!  Your names and prize levels are listed here!

Star! 1st Place Star!

With 17 votes...

MisDmeanor with Introversion

Introversion..I am..
nothing absurd, or obscure,
silent and distant sure,
but never a trace in the blur..
Thriving in depths of the mind
Energized by the comfort
that only silence finds..
Not "shy" or antisocial,
lonesome or woeful..
In tune with my emotions,
I don't lack sociality,
nor live in depravity..
Devotion that never deviates,
an unquestioning Zen state,
that alone I satiate..
Recharging in my quiet place,
to gain strength for the next
...Face to Face...
Truly, there are not words
for just how much that takes..
Some call me strange,
still I pick my battles,
the way some pick their stage..
Life is a journey, not a game
and at the end of the day
we all get there in our own way
...So please...
Don't mistake my absent nature,
for pain, or disdain
...I'm not insane...
Introversion is simply who I am

Excellent job!  There's a lot of great imagery and subtly shifting pace here that really sets the mood, as well as choice use of hard and soft rhymes without sacrificing the flow.  It doesn't become too tied up in one rhyme scheme or another partway and failing to follow through, but instead gives hints, teases, soft whispers of wispy structure without detracting from the emotion.  In addition to the prizes from everyone else, from me you get:  A llama, journal feature, one critique and a short request of their choosing (set within my RPG System (The FARAD System) to be included on the system dev blog, my dA page, and eventually in the core book set and potential computer game if that ends up happening later down the road).  Llama and Journal Feature are sent!  Contact me to claim your other prizes!

Star! 2nd Place Star!

With 14 votes...

momoVSworld with I am...

<da:thumb id="425209256"/>

Superb job!  You capture the spirit of the contest wonderfully, sharing your 'adorkable' side (as some might call it) and all those nuances which make one person unique and special.  It flows well and hints at more than what is presented.  From me you get a llama, journal feature and one critique of your choosing.  Llama and Journal Feature are sent!  Contact me to claim your critique!

Star! 3rd Place Star!

With 9 votes...

Milk-and-Pie with Endless Tales

Wonderful job!  A good mix of metaphors and details that allude to more than simple symbolic cliché, the poet truly works beyond labels to share a sample of who they are.  Another wonderful piece by the same author is here: Don't Fall In Love With A Writer.  Read it and you'll see why it got a Daily Deviation!  From me you get a llama, journal feature and one critique of your choosing.  Llama and Journal Feature are sent!  Contact me to claim your critique!

Star! 4th Place Star!

With 7 votes...

xXI-Feel-InfiniteXx with Cognito ergo sum

Great job!  This superb piece ties to the theme greatly, with the title "Cognito ergo sum", Latin for "I think, therefor I am", really coming across strongly as the poet weaves various thoughts together in a simple but elegant structure I've rarely seen utilized effectively in dA.  From me you get a llama, journal feature, both of which are sent!

Star! 5th Place Star!

With 6 votes...

kmills95 with i am.

i am.i am a fragile frame,
shards of a being pieced together
by countless cups of coffee and innumerable secrets.  
i am a tragedy,
a disaster in the making.
a beauty, a writer, musician,
an actress.
i am an empath,
a broken soul behind a mask:
a laugh or a smile,
bracelets, long sleeves,
cigarettes and eyeliner.
i am broken,
stitched together by scars and flaws.
sharpie drawings and words thrust onto a page.
bleeding just to feel alive,
tearing apart at the seams.
i am alive,
tortured, screaming, real and raw.
a self-destructive teenager
searching for the light.
i am a ghost,
haunting my own life.
a lost soul
wandering throughout the halls,
invisible, unheard, and alone.
i am a lover,
a fighter, a dreamer.
a soldier in the fight against myself.
a monster and a freak.
i am a fragile frame,
shards of a being pieced together
by countless cups of coffee and innumerable secrets.  

Good job!  This piece really speaks to the frailty of the poet and of human life in general through metaphors and structure that echos throughout the piece, and throughout the reader's mind.  From me you get a llama, journal feature, both of which are sent!

First Taste Double-Theme Art Contest by Naesse-19
First Taste Double-Theme Art Contest!!

I've joined the First Taste group and it looks like fun!  Also, it is running a contest currently!  Details on the contest are linked above!

I'm also joining the Secret Santa 2014 initiative!  Check out the group for more details!

Additionally, for those that didn't read my last journal and still didn't yet know: I got a promotion at the end of August, a raise from that, my yearly raise, and now an additional raise unique to our particular store due to how well our store is specifically doing and incentive for me and others in several brackets to stay at our store in particular.  Yay!  Between the three raises (even if I didn't get a yearly raise next year as well, no overtime, and got none of the potential quarterly bonuses) I expect to be able to get a home mortgage in about a year and a half to two years without having to trim back on my 401k or other savings plans, if nothing untoward occurs.  Fingers crossed, but I'm feeling good about the future in general.

Well, that's all my news for now, so until later, catch you all on the flipside!
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  • Reading: Bloodwitch by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
  • Watching: Angel
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2
  • Eating: Peanuts
  • Drinking: Water


Micah R. Maloney (M.R. Grinmore)
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