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Bottom Details Pane For Windows 8 Only!!



This is just a simple installer, it contains 4 Respatcher files that will patch your shell32.dll UI files to bring back the Windows 7 style Details pane at the bottom, it also has options to have the details pane at the top, also know as Topshell and it can put the Folderband at the bottom.

Note: To have the folderband at all you will need to disable the ribbon first or you will not see any effect from using that option.

The installer has 4 settings, the first 2 settings will display the Details pane at the Bottom and the Folderband at the top, the default way seen in Windows 7, the bottom 2 options will place the Details Pane at the top and Folderband at the Bottom, after the install completes you have a couple of post instal options to either run sfc /scannow and restore any modified system files or to use sfc /scanfile to restore onle the shell32.dll, this will allow you to reverse any changes the installer makes, you can also access those options at any time just by running the installer and not selecting from the first 4 options.

Update: Added a new option to have themeable Control Panel Navigation Panes

Update 10/05/2013: Updated installer with Multi Language support (Stable)…

Update 29/08/2013: Updated installer to version 1.4, removed post install restore options and added unistaller…

Very Important!! Always Create a Backup or System Restore before making changes to System Files.

Known problems:

Does not restore Ownership to TrustedInstaller (Restoring TrustedInstaller caused black screen after boot)

There is a new solution to this problem known as OldNewExplorer by Tihiy, the same developer as Start Is Back…

It works with Windows 8/8.1 without the need to alter any system files and will not effect any other Windows 8 elements such as the Modern App store

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oldnewexplorer works on win8 however it doesnt seem to stick..bottom keeps vanishing (latest win8 updates applied) even though installer says enabled.

randoms goes after reboot.. just wondering if can added in some startup or shutdown sceduler to
re-enable it with commandlines