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Aero Glow 8.1

Aero Glow 8.1

This theme is updated to work with Tihiy's OldNewExplorer (Explorer Enhancement Program) found here…
All changes in the screen are done without altering a single system file and is completely safe.

The Aero Glass can be achieved using Big Muscles Aero Glass Win8.1 x64 only found here…

You can also use the Bypass theme signature in Aero Glass to enable the use of Custom Themes, otherwise use UxStyle found here

I have also included a registry file to import the correct settings that will give you the correct border and caption button size as well as other bits that don't get changed with the theme in Windows 8, it's very important to use this reg if you want it to look correct, log off to take effect after you have applied it.

Hope you enjoy this release, any problems or bugs, let me know and I will do my best to solve them.
© 2013 - 2021 MrGRiM01
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I have installed the visual theme on Windows 8.1 and it works correctly. I am completely satisfied by this spectacular work of recreation. Now I am fond of Windows 8.1 again xD

There is one thing I don't like in the file explorer. It is the navigation arrows they still have that flat effect.

hola como puedo instalarlo en mi pc windows 8.1

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Hello, this style is really amazing!

What program did you use to create it? I want to slightly modify this theme just for myself, and Resource Hacker messes it up.

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Do you have a Win10 Version?:)
BTW, This is a COOL Deviation
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win10 version please?
1. Download UxPatcher here :…
2. Run and patch
3. Download theme, extract, run reg file
4.Copy all file from "Aero Glow 8.1" folder to path: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
5. Run "Aero Glow Square 8.1.theme" file
6. Open Task Manager, end "dwm.exe" task (it's automatically reopen)
7. Enjoy!

Nice theme and i like it, thank you very much!
Is there any tutorial,please.
It doesn't work,may you  help me,please.
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I think author is forgotten this theme, it's sad...
Any chance of updating this for Windows 10?
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Can I apply the glow effect to this theme?
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I make square mix version of Aero + glow captions buttons for myself. If you want i can give you my version.
May you give me ,please.
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There is two of them:
I don't remeber which is last. Try both.
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Id suggest you remove my aero theme out of that download. You are not permitted to re-upload it.
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Of course. Sorry, I just wanted to help...
What about shiny square style for windows 10?
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