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Aero 8 Glow



Aero 8 Glow

This theme is a port of the default Windows 7 theme with a few modifications to try and bring back glow on the caption buttons, there are 2 styles, one with square corners and one with rounded, to use this theme with rounded corners you will need to enable aero glass [link] and have the aero glass tweaker tool v1.2.1 [link]

This theme is more of a trial and does have some bugs that I will probably not fix, before using this theme make sure you are using UxStyle core or have patched theme files or you could end up with a black screen on reboot.

Feel free to use this style or any of it's resources in your own projects, I do not request that you give me any credit for this work as it's almost all the default Windows 7 style anyway.

Other Programs you will need:

Start Is Back (by Tihiy) Brings back the Start Menu [link] Free 30 Day Trial, $3 for 2 licenses

Aero Glass for Windows 8 RC3 (by Big Muscle) [link]

I made a Aero Glass for windows 8 all in one installer for your convenience you can download here [link]

Ribbon Disabler for Windows 8 (From Sergey @ WinAero) [link]

UxStyle for Windows 8 (Very Important to do this first) Must be used to be able to have custom themes [link]
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This doesn't work for Windows 8.1 Update 1 64-Bit. Im using Big Muscle Aero 8.1 v1.25