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Originally posted here: [link] by Arie
A continuation of this: [link]

I did not write this.

I have to say I am both tickled pink anyone continued it and inordinately pleased the person that did had real talent. I can't count how many stories I have read that ended -forever- with "I'd like someone to continue this." No one ever does continue someone else's story, and -lets be honest- the number of writers in the genre with Arie's level of talent are few. Thus, it seems a combination of events like this -someone continuing it AND being that good at writing- would be statistically impossible.

Yet, here it is.

Mr. GreyMan
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I agree with the assessment. I think Arie is probably one of the best to come around in a while. Also love that they were just going to write a "little" addition the story and it turned into this.