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Mr. GreyMan did not write this. Arie did expanding on this.

Author's Note: the (fc2) means that it's a fan chapter 2. Chapter 1 being "Very Short Scene: Wish Fulfillment" by Mr. GreyMan at (…). This was also supposed to be a very short scene but the story got away from me.

Brenda made a little pouty sound as she stared up at the sky, her slim, lithe body stretched over the pool-side chair. She'd just made the best wish ever come true, then Carry had to come along and not only copy it, but make it a THOUSAND times better than hers. A thousand times better than everyone's.

Her delicate brow furrowed as she tried to figure it out.

Leon was easy. He'd just wished to be super strong. Like a comic book guy or something. So right now Carry must be a thousand times stronger than him, and every time he got stronger, she would be a thousand times stronger than that.

Joe wanted to be rich. So Carry would be exactly a thousand times richer. Always.

The rest of it confused her a bit. Justen was smarter now--like genius smart--but she didn't know how that changed Carry. Carry said for every book Justen read, it'd be like she'd read a thousand. So did that mean the knowledge of a thousand random books would just pop into her head? Would she be school smart like Justen or creative smart like Joe? Or both?

The bitch. Like Carry wasn't already smart enough.

And Richard. Richard was good at magic now! So Carry could probably cast a whole bunch of spells without even trying!

A hotel waiter leaned over her, a tray of drinks in his hand. "Miss?" he asked nervously, licking his lips.

Brenda pulled her sunglasses up to rest in her waves of blonde hair. "Yes?"

He swallowed. "Mr. Walters, down the row, bought you an iced tea."

This was fantastic. Guys had been cutely nervous around her since she'd come to the pool a few minutes ago, but she noticed how they stared at her, eyes all hungry and hot. She liked that. "Thank you," she said, smiling coyly as she took the glass. "Is that all?"

"I-I could get you champagne," he offered quickly. "Our very best. Would you like that?"

She put the straw to her mouth and took a sip, nodding her head slightly.

The waiter ran off, all too happy to give her whatever she wanted. It was exactly like she'd pictured it.

Her smile faded as she settled back into her chair.

Brenda had wished for guys to find her super awesome and pretty so they would, you know, give her things. That meant Carry would be...what? A thousand times prettier than her? Or would Carry look the same and have all the guys just think she was a thousand times more awesome?

Either way it sucked. Brenda had always been pretty, but she'd never been prettiest. She'd really been looking forward to that, and now she was always going to be second to Carry. No matter what.

And what did Carry do as soon as she shared what she'd wished for? As soon as she got all that great stuff?

Went straight to her room to play video games. What the fuck?

"Excuse me."

Brenda glanced up, but it wasn't the waiter. It was another man. Tall, broad shoulders, nice muscles. His dark hair had a touch of silver at the temples. Hot.

There was a word for guys like him. What was it? Not cougar--cougars were women like her mom.

Fox. That was it. He was a silver fox.

"Hi," she said, smiling brightly, swirling her straw around in her tea.

A hint of red colored his skin, even though he was way too old to be doing that kind of thing. She'd made him blush. Because she was awesome. And pretty.

His legs shaky, he took the chair next to her. "Are you enjoying the tea?"

"Are you the one who bought it for me?"

He nodded.

Brenda fluttered her eyelashes at him. "Then yes, I'm enjoying it very much."

The guy smiled at her, and his words were soft, like he didn't have quite enough air to make them. "May I ask your name?"

She glanced around, holding back a giggle at the longing faces of all the other men by the pool, the jealous faces of the women as they went back into the hotel in a huff. "Brenda."

"Brenda," he repeated, like her name was a treasure. "I'm Stephen. I would have gotten you something a little...stronger, but I wasn't sure you were old enough."

"Oh! I'm totally legal!" She wondered what sort of things Stephen might get her. Probably not mix-tape CDs or cheesy bouquets of pharmacy flowers like the guys at school. Stephen looked like a jewelry kind of guy. "Me and my friends just graduated college a week ago, and we're out here celebrating." Sitting up, she gracefully swung her long legs around and settled her bare feet to the warm concrete.

He leaned forward, as if he couldn't help but get closer to her. "So that would make you...twenty-two?"

She nodded. "Is that okay?"

"It's perfect."

Stephen was really nice. And so handsome. Brenda couldn't help herself. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

His lips parted. They looked totally kissable. "Are you kidding? You are, by far, the most captivating creature I've ever seen."

Oh, she liked the way he talked. So...grown up.

Curious to see how he would react, she arched her back, just slightly, pushing her pert, bikini covered breasts toward him. "Would you like to take me to dinner?"

He gasped. "I'd love to. Anywhere you want."

It would be just this easy, she realized. For the rest of her life. "Maybe you should choose," she said innocently. "I don't know anything about fancy restaurants."

"There's a lovely place by the beach. I could meet you in the hotel lobby at..."

She eased closer when his voice trailed. "At?"

Stephen sat straight, then turned his head from her, toward the hotel entrance.

How...How could she have lost his attention?

All at once, Brenda realized that it wasn't just Stephen. The whole place had gone dead quiet, and everyone was looking at the doors behind her. She turned to follow their gazes, and then she went quiet, too.

At first, all she really saw were a pair of crazy long, impossibly toned legs. The legs led her eyes to a barely there bikini bottom. Bright green. Tied at the perfect curves of her hips with perfect green bows. Higher, she saw the woman had a faint six pack. She'd never seen a six pack on a girl before.

The slender waist flared to make room for a pair of huge, full breasts. They had to be D-cups, at least, but they seemed to defy gravity even as they threatened to snap the tiny top she wore.

When Brenda finally met the woman's gaze, a pair of magical, emerald green eyes sparkled back at her. And even though those had also changed to become more beautiful, more intelligent, more all around awesome, she recognized who this was.


Carry lifted long, graceful arms over her head and stretched, sending a ripple of power through her sleek muscles. Just seeing her move Like watching a ballet dancer with a bombshell's body.

Stephen moaned. All the men moaned. And then the air was even quieter than before.

Confused, Brenda looked around. They'd all passed out. Every single guy at the pool was unconscious, with a giant wet spot spreading over their crotches.

Had Carry made them come? Just by stretching?

Low, sultry laughter floated around her.

"Well," said Carry, watching as the few remaining women hurried away from the pool, "that was fun."

Brenda's head tipped back as Carry walked closer, her hips swaying with every step, her hair--which used to be cropped short around her ears and sorta rusty colored--flowing down past her shoulders in rich, lush waves of auburn. "Are you taller?" asked Brenda, her brow furrowing.

"A little bit." She fingered the thin green strap of her bikini top. "I hope you don't mind I borrowed one of your swimsuits. I didn't bring any of my own along."

So not fair. Carry had been a whole inch taller than her even before the wish. Wait...

That was her suit?! The diamond shaped pieces of material only covered the very front of Carry's breasts, leaving the full, firm curves all around totally bare.

Brenda glanced downward, only now realizing that the suit Carry wore was all but identical to the blue one on her own body. "Why didn't you bring a swimsuit?" she asked, cupping her own breasts with her hands. Her bikini covered everything except a bit of sexy b-cup cleavage.

Carry patted her stomach, the soft, weirdly dense sound drawing Brenda's attention to her flat abs. "Wasn't planning on showing off my belly."

The old Carry had been a little on the plump side, but it wasn't like she'd been fat. Brenda had always thought her body was kinda...cute. "You should have asked me to pick out a suit." Realizing she was still cupping her breasts, she dropped her hands and glanced away. "A bikini would have been all wrong for you, but the right one-piece would have made you look really nice."

The tone in Carry's voice changed. She couldn't figure out how, exactly. Still sexy, but also more serious. "Are you angry with me, Brenda?"

"Yeah!" She straightened in her seat. "You should ask before you borrow someone's swimsuit. It's not like a jacket or a sweater. It's a really personal piece of clothing, you know?" She didn't mention that seeing Carry practically busting out of her bikini made her feel...small. Tiny. Like she was less of a woman being in the same space as her.

Carry paused, then chuckled. "I wasn't asking about the suit, but I apologize." She bent at the waist, bringing their faces close. "What about the other thing?"

Without quite understanding why, she leaned back from the other woman, bracing her hands behind her on the chair. "The wish?" she asked softly.

"Yes," murmured Carry, her bright green eyes deepening in color. "The wish."

Brenda shrugged, but she couldn't help feeling sad. "When we found that ring and Joe figured out that we'd each get a wish from it, I knew right away that your wish was going to be the best. You're super clever, Carry." Brenda was the dumbest one in the group--everyone knew that--but even she could tell Carry's wish was going to be amazing. "I just didn't think you'd take my wish and turn it into nothing." She swallowed. "Turn me into nothing."

"You're not nothing." Carry eased closer. "Especially to me."

Brenda couldn't help but dipping her gaze, just a little. To look into the massive cleavage right in front of her.

Double D's. Definitely Double D's.

She felt her skin go warm. Didn't that mean she was blushing? Why was she blushing? "You say we're best friends," she dragged her gaze back up to those green eyes, "but as soon as you told us your wish you went straight to your room. You didn't even want to share it with us."

"You were all set to come here before I even had a chance to say what I'd wished for."

"That's...That's different."


"I figured you'd follow me. Like always."

Carry grinned, and the smile made her eyes sparkle. "Funny, I was sure you'd follow me this time. Us sharing a hotel room and everything."

Oh! That's right! She could have followed. "I didn't think about that," she admitted, totally embarrassed. "I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes so I came straight here."

Those eyes only sparkled brighter. "I waited and waited. It was such a rush--feeling my body change, feeling the power flow into me. And there I was, all alone and no one to share it with." Carry placed a hand on the chair, just beside Brenda's hip. "So I followed you. Like always."

She felt like she should say sorry, but Carry didn't look like she was all that upset.

Carry leaned forward, and the green in her eyes went deep again, and this time kinda smoky. "I guess I'll always follow you."

Omigod I'm about to get kissed! Without thinking, Brenda scrambled backward.

Moving much much faster, Carry caught her before she could land on her butt. Laughing musically, she moved Brenda to a safer position, stretched out along the wooden sunning chair.

Not used to being pressed so close to another woman, Brenda tried to push her away, shoving against her shoulders. Carry didn't move. Not an inch. Not a millimeter. Nothing. "You're so strong already," she whispered, staring up at Carry with wide eyes.

Carry removed the sunglasses from Brenda's hair and set them aside. "A thousand times stronger than Leon, and he was already pretty fit before the wish."

Curiosity taking over, Brenda stopped struggling. "How come you're not a thousand times taller than us?"

A smile ghosted on her lips. " 'Taller' isn't necessarily 'better.' But you did wish to be alluring, which meant my wish had to make me a thousand times more alluring. Instead of giving me an entirely new body, the spell worked with what I already possessed, converting me into a more visually appealing form. I weigh exactly what I did before, but now my proportions are perfect. That's why I'm taller."

"You talk differently now," Brenda said softly, trying to ignore the weight of large, warm breasts resting against her own.

Carry caught a lock of Brenda's hair with long, graceful fingers. "Smarter than Justen. Natural that my speech patterns would change."

"But when Justen got his wish I couldn't understand anything he said."

For the first time, Carry frowned. "That's because he's a condescending prick." Her face softened as she touched their noses together. "You're not having trouble following what I'm saying, are you?"

"I..." She tilted her head back, trying to get a better look into Carry's eyes, but that only made their mouths touch. "I don't understand why you're on top of me," she said, every word caressing Carry's lips. She tried to talk quieter, slower, but none of that helped. She wondered if this meant they were kissing. "Did you explain that to me already?"

More laughter. But she didn't think Carry was laughing at her.

"I'm making amends," said Carry, running a hand down Brenda's arm.

A shiver went through her whole body. A good shiver, and that made it kind of scary. "F-For what?"

"For..." Carry dipped her head, brushed her lips against Brenda's shoulder. "...stealing your swimsuit."

That was definitely a kiss! "Wait!" She started pushing on Carry's body again, not that it did anything. "I'm not lez and neither are you!" She stopped short. "Right?"

Carry shrugged, but didn't stop the faint, wispy kisses. "Half right."

Carry was gay? Her... Her best friend was gay? "B-But I'm not, and that's important, isn't it?"

This time her friend paused. "You're not upset I'm into girls?"

"No," she said, wiggling her body trying to get a look at Carry's face. All that did was teach her how great the other woman's skin felt rubbing against hers. "Are you upset that I'm not?"

Carry lifted her head, and Brenda's breath caught. It felt like she was looking into those emerald eyes for the very first time, they were so beautiful. "You don't even sound surprised."

Brenda wanted to look away, but she couldn't. All she could do was stare. "I-I feel like there's a lot of things happening really fast."

"I can slow the world down, if you want." She cupped Brenda's face in her hands. "I can make it so that only you and I exist."

"With magic?"

Her mouth curved in a crooked smile. "Something like that." Carry's thumbs slid over her cheekbones, her middle fingers caressed the skin behind her ears.

Brenda's stomach flipped over. It felt so, so good. But... "I'm not..."

"Letting me make you feel nice doesn't make you a lesbian, Brenda."

That couldn't possibly be true, even if Carry was a thousand times smarter than Justen.

"And I can make you feel incredibly nice," said Carry, dropping a kiss onto the bridge of her nose. "Nicer than you've ever felt in your life. I won't even remove your swimsuit to do it."

A tremor of pleasure skittered through Brenda's whole body. It did feel nice. "I-I called you a bitch."

Carry lifted her head again. "When?"

She wasn't sure why she'd blurted that right out. Maybe because Carry was trying to do something nice for her and she knew she didn't deserve it. "About a half hour ago." Her body slumped deeper into the chair, knowing Carry would be mad and probably leave. "In my head."

Only she didn't get mad. She didn't even stop smiling. "Cute."

Cute? "I don't think you heard me right, Carry. I said--"

"I heard you." Her hand slid along the curve of Brenda's waist, making her shiver all over again. "But you've explained to me why you felt that way, and I get it. No harm done."

Carry's mouth touched her collar bone and Brenda moaned, arching her back, clutching at her friend's shoulders. "How..."

Those soft, silky lips moved lower. "How?"

What was she going to ask? It was something important. "You're just touching and kissing." Brenda squeezed her eyes shut as she began to throb. "I don't understand... Why does this... How..."

"You've had sex with Richard, right?"

Richard. Why was Carry asking about him? All Brenda wanted to do was rub their bodies together and get more of that mouth and spread her legs and--


She buried her face into Carry's hair. It smelled like honey...if honey had a smell. She wasn't sure. And also something else. Something Carry. "Right," she said, nuzzling closer and breathing deep.

"Was he a good lover?"

Faint kisses along the insides of her breasts were making her crazy. "Yes," said Brenda, willing to admit anything if it meant getting more of this. "B-Best I ever had."

"I'm a thousand times better."

Brenda gasped.

"And Justen's read more than a few biology texts in his time." One of Carry's hands slipped under Brenda's body and glided down her spine. "So I have intimate knowledge of human anatomy. Combine the two..."

Carry flicked her tongue against the material of Brenda's bikini top, right over her nipple.

Everything went away. Everything except Carry's mouth, Carry's hands, and the ache in her own body begging for more.

"Oh," she whispered, finally getting what Carry had meant about only the two of them existing.

Carry's mouth locked onto her nipple and sucked.

"Oh!" cried Brenda.

The sucking instantly stopped. "Too much?" asked Carry, looking concerned

She tried to answer, but at first all she could do was make little sounds of want. Swallowing, she forced a sentence out. "I-I think I came."

"You think?" Carry smiled. "Isn't that something you should know?"

That smile made her head go fuzzy, and she just blinked.

Carry laughed, and the sound felt like a tease playing on her skin. "I'm smart enough to make instant, continuous calculations on the amount of force I should apply to the world around me, to you." Her fingers trailed up Brenda's midriff, began to circle around the breast that had been neglected by her mouth. "But promise me you'll tell me if I hurt you."

Arching her back, Brenda moaned blissfully as every inch of her body throbbed, low and hot. "Mmm..."

Those wonderful fingers stopped moving. "Brenda."

She whimpered, rubbing her thighs together, realizing with a shock that her pussy was slick and her bikini bottoms were soaked through.

"Promise me."

Promise... Promise... Make the promise and Carry would start touching her again. "O-Okay."

Carry brushed soft lips over hers. "What did you just promise me?"

Didn't she know? She was the one who'd asked!

Instinctively, Brenda leaned closer, tasted more of that teasing mouth. "To tell you stuff."

She felt the other woman's lips curve into a smile, felt those fingers circling her breast. "Close enough."

The fingers caressing her breast caught hold of her nipple and squeezed gently.

Every muscle in Brenda's body clenched tight. "Oh, god!"

"Did you come?"

Aftershocks of pleasure made her tremble, and she squeezed her eyes shut. "Y-Yes."

Carry's voice was light and playful. "Are you sure?"


More laughter, more kisses that made her feel about to snap in two. "So easy," murmured Carry, dipping low to trail kisses down her stomach. Her tongue dipped into Brenda's navel. Her thighs quivered and spread apart.

This is wonderful. Brenda whispered another moan. Carry is so awesome. Her eyes fluttered open when she felt fingers tugging at the bow at her hip. "What..." She just barely managed to push herself up onto her elbows. "I thought you weren't..."

"Don't worry." Carry continued to finger her bikini bottom. "I won't take it off."

She'd said she wouldn't, at the beginning. And Brenda didn't want it because she wasn't gay.

So... why was she whimpering? Why were her legs spreading wider?

Carry lowered her head and blew a stream of air over the damp material covering her pussy.

Sparks of electricity skimmed all over her body, nipping at her skin, licking at her nerves, diving into her muscles and coiling around her bones. Brenda fell back and grabbed hold of the chair's edges, afraid she might fly right off. Then...

Then Carry kissed her there. Even through the bikini Brenda could feel the fullness of her lips, the warmth.

Everything went white. Quiet. She must have let go of the chair. She was floating in a cloud of... Happiness? Pleasure? Some big, great word she didn't know.

Slowly, slowly, the cloud began to fade away, and she found herself staring into bright green eyes.

Carry smiled, sending butterflies into her chest, and stroked her hair. "Overloaded your synapses there."

"Syn..." She blinked. "What?"

The smile warmed, and Brenda's whole body went warm with it. "I took things a little far," said Carry. "You passed out."

Passed out? But she saw such beautiful things. "I think I was in heaven."

Soft laughter cascaded around her. "How do you feel now that you're back on Earth?"

Brenda stretched, languid, relaxed. "Mmm."

"Good." Carry leaned close. "I won't go quite so far this time."

Her eyes rounded when Carry cupped her breast. "W-Wait. Three times..." She gulped in a big breath of air. "T-Too much."

"Three is too much?" Carry lifted an eyebrow. "How many times do you usually orgasm?"

Brenda's gaze darted away from those sharp eyes. "In one night?" The sun was starting to set, she realized. How long had she been out here? "Once, maybe. Sometimes two."

"Maybe? Does that mean sometimes you don't come at all?"

Nervous now, she tugged on her ear as she reluctantly met Carry's gaze. "Most times."

Carry tilted her head, sending waves of hair spilling over her shoulder. The auburn strands caught the light of the sun and shone like a halo of fire. "Even with Richard?"

"Oh!" Trying to lighten her friend's serious mood, Brenda broke into a smile. "Richard is great. He's the only guy I ever came twice with." She shrugged. "But men really like my mouth, you know? And after...they sorta forget. Or they're tired."

"Hm." Carry tugged Brenda's hand from her ear and entwined their fingers. "Well, I'm not tired." She brushed their mouths together. "You sure you don't want to come again?"

Brenda nodded, even as she leaned into the kiss. "I'm scared I'm gonna shatter into a million pieces if we do it again."

More soft, musical laughter. Brenda thought she could listen to that sound forever.

"All right," said Carry, moving to nuzzle the curve of her neck.

This touch was not nearly as intense as before. This was nice. Safe.

Carry stiffened, pulled away. "Oh my."

Brenda looked into her eyes, which seemed even brighter than before. "What is it?" Something was definitely happening. Carry seemed... Heavier, maybe? Harder?

She blew out a slow, measured breath. "I think Leon just hit the gym."

Right, Leon had said he was going to work out and get super...

Brenda's lips parted.


Carry stood up, caressing swelling biceps, running her palm over thickening abdominals.

Brenda watched in awe as her body stretched an inch taller, elongating her muscles. As soon as she grew, the muscles in her thighs pumped bigger, the lines in her stomach etched deeper, her shoulders pulled wider. Then she grew another inch, elongating all over again.

"Oh," said Carry. "This won't do." She closed her eyes as her muscles pulsated, quickly pumping bigger. Even her chest was getting thicker, pushing her breasts forward with enough force to snap the bikini top and send it fluttering to the ground. "Forget proportions," she murmured, eyes still closed. "Go for efficiency. Redesign every fiber in this body and wire it for power..."

Slowly, Brenda sat straight. "Carry?"

She opened her eyes and smiled, dazzling her. "Sorry. At the rate Leon is going, my body really would have shot to a thousand times taller trying to keep me in proportion. Thankfully I'm smart enough and have enough magic to... reinterpret the spell. I shouldn't get too much bigger."

A bow at Carry's hip popped and she sighed, tearing it away to reveal deeply cut muscle at her hips, her thighs. For the first time Brenda realized she could see Carry's calves from the front.

"You're still growing," she said softly.

"Yes. Still making some minor adjustments. Should only take a second or two more." Carry lifted her arm and flexed it, smiling at the mountain that rose out of it. "Besides, you like muscle, don't you?"

"O-On guys."

Those dazzling eyes settled on her. "Muscle is muscle. Are you really telling me you don't want to touch mine?"

Brenda swallowed, and Carry grinned.

"Come on. It's okay."

Standing on shaky legs, Brenda's eyes rounded when she realized she was looking straight at Carry's nipples. The safe feeling went away as she hesitantly tipped her head all the way back.

Carry looked just as surprised. "Hadn't realized I'd grown that much. Goodness, you look tiny."

Brenda fell back a step. She wasn't sure what to do. Carry was her friend, but she felt like she should run.

Carry's face softened. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you." She pumped her biceps a few times, showing off the crevice separating them at the peak.

As if drawn by a spell, Brenda edged forward.

Wait, what if this was a spell?

She looked at those biceps, and the bulging triceps underneath.

And decided she didn't care.

Lifting her arm, she caressed the muscles hovering in front of her face, awed as she traced the mountains and valleys with her fingers. "I think your arm is thicker than my waist."

Carry chuckled. "More than twice that, actually."

She couldn't imagine any part of her own body being so big. "Isn't it heavy?"

"Not at all."

Brenda lifted her other hand and tried to cover Carry's biceps with both her palms. She couldn't even come close. "Wow," she whispered, squeezing her fingers. "So hard."

"Brenda..." Carry's voice dropped. "If you've ever wanted to sex me up, now's the time to do it."

"Sex?" She looked up. "I totally should, shouldn't I? I mean, you made me come twice already. That's one extra for the swimsuit."

A smile tugged on Carry's lips. "That's not what I meant." She relaxed her arm, letting it fall to the side. Brenda's hands instinctively followed the path of her biceps, and she stopped short when she saw the wings of muscle flaring out from Carry's back.

"Leon's really working at whatever he's doing," said Carry, "and I'm getting stronger--harder--by the second." Gentle fingers slipped under her chin and coaxed Brenda into meeting her gaze. "Pretty soon you won't have the strength or the stamina to get me off. So if you want to, or you think you might want to in the future, then this is your only chance."

Only chance? But she wasn't sure how she... "I have to decide right now?"

"Yes. I'm sorry. It's fine if you say no--it won't hurt my feelings. I just want to make sure you don't regret anything."

Sorting it out made her brow furrow. "Will I regret it, Carry?"

Carry's chest heaved with a deep breath. Brenda could swear even her breasts were bigger. "I can't see the future." She winked. "Don't know that kind of magic yet. You might regret not doing this with me, but that answer could be my own wishful thinking."

Well that just made things more confusing. Wishful thinking? Didn't Carry already get her wish?

Brenda shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts.

Carry had made her feel so, so good. Brenda wanted her to feel good too.

So she lifted her hands and cupped one of Carry's breasts.

"Oh," murmured Carry.

It sounded like a good "Oh," so she kept going. Caressing, exploring. Carry had gone way beyond Double D's. She couldn't even guess their size now. But they were warm, and smooth. Carry still smelled like honey.

She squeezed, and found them surprisingly firm. Carry gasped, and she decided this was kind of fun, even if Carry was a girl. Brenda trailed little kisses along the undersides of her breasts, massaging with her hands, teasing with her lips.

Carry's chest flexed, pushing her breasts forward, making Brenda stumble backward.

"Sorry," said Carry, slipping a hand to her back to steady her. "Please don't stop."

That hand felt so big. Bigger than it had when they were on the chair together. Sexy, in a weird kind of way.

No, not weird. New. That was a better word. All of this was so new.

She went back to massaging Carry's breasts. But every time she squeezed, they seemed fuller, firmer. It was starting to make her hands ache.

"Running out of time," murmured Carry.

Brenda wasn't sure what that meant, but she sped up and moved on, sliding her hands down to Carry's abs. They expanded and contracted with every breath, and she bent her knees to kiss each brick of muscle. She slid a hand to Carry's backside, caressing her high, rounded ass. It flexed under her fingers, making them both shiver.

When her gaze rested on Carry's pussy, she realized she didn't really know what to do here. Stalling for time, Brenda caressed her thighs, tried not to be distracted by the four distinct muscles that stood out in sharp relief.

"What's wrong?"

Brenda jumped. Carry was super smart and had magic. Could she read minds?

She didn't want to find out. Not yet. "Everyone says I give amazing blow jobs, but I've never..."

The legs under her palms spread apart, and one of Carry's hands reached down to take her arm. "Don't worry about that," she said, pulling her straight and guiding her other hand to her pussy. "Stroke me like you stroke yourself."

Brenda trembled when hot, wet fluid slicked over her fingers. "I don't really..."

Carry's body went still. "You don't touch yourself?"

"That'd be bad," she said softly, automatically. "It's the guy's reward for being nice to me."

Quiet. One second. Two.

"Okay." Carry pulled her closer. "Okay." She guided Brenda's fingers deeper into her pussy. "Lean in to me."

Brenda did as she was told, instinctively nuzzling the bottom half of Carry's breasts. Warm, smooth. Firmer than a minute ago but they still felt nice against her face.

"Mm. That's it. Now, follow my lead."

The hand pressed against Carry's pussy began to move, following a hot and slick path toward her clit. Brenda closed her eyes as she stroked it, deciding she liked how it throbbed against her fingers.

Carry was breathing harder--she knew because the rhythm of the breasts pushing against her face was getting faster and faster. She playfully nipped at them, licking and sucking wherever her teeth scraped. She started to get a sense of the body surrounding her, and she matched her strokes inside Carry's pussy to the rhythm of everything else.

"Coming." Carry let go of her arm and buried her fingers into Brenda's hair. "Coming."

She stroked harder, kissed deeper. The muscles pressed against her swelled hard and tight.


The world tipped and spun, and it took her a moment to understand she'd been scooped up into Carry's arms. Then Carry's mouth was on hers and her own body convulsed with pleasure.

Gasping for breath, Brenda clung to her, noticing in a far off kind of way that Carry was gasping too. She buried her face into one of Carry's high, hard traps and waited for things to calm down.

Eventually, Carry straightened. "Looks like you didn't shatter."

Brenda giggled. "You screamed my name."

Carry stopped short, then raised an eyebrow. "You called me God."

What? She didn't remember that. "I don't remember that."

Carry chuckled. "Can you stand?"

She kinda wanted to stay here, but she answered. "I think so." Carry gently set her onto her feet, and Brenda slid her palms to thick, corded forearms. "That was fun."

Carry nodded.

The kissing, the sexing both ways. She'd loved all of it. "Does this mean I'm a lesbian now?"

"No," Carry stretched, her biceps pulling long and tight, her abs clenching fiercely, "I'd be surprised if you're attracted to anyone after this."

She couldn't have heard that right. "What?"

Carry relaxed and stared down at her. "I said I'd be surprised if you're attracted to any woman after this."

Any woman. Not anyone. "Oh."

Carry skimmed a hand over Brenda's hair as she walked past her. She sat in the long chair and it creaked loudly under her weight.

"I-I don't think that chair can hold you."

"I think you're right." Carry raised a hand, and the wood shimmered into something bright, something silvery. The creaking of wood turned into the squealing of metal as she nestled herself into a more comfortable position. "There we go."

Brenda struggled to comprehend what had just happened. "Was that magic?"

"That was, indeed, magic. Transmutation, in fact, and surprisingly easy."

She thought about the waiter who'd wanted to give her free champagne earlier. And the silver fox who'd wanted to take her to dinner. "I think everything's going to be easy for you, Carry."

"You're probably right." She slid her hand behind her head, the steel under her screeching in protest as she moved.

It looked more like she was relaxed in the sand than on a metal chair.

Linking her hands behind her back, Brenda shifted from what foot to the other.

What was supposed to happen next? Carry had told her that the sexing was to make up for borrowing her swimsuit. And Brenda was glad to have been able to give her an orgasm as well. But now it was over.

She tried to imagine what she would do if Carry were a guy. Leave, probably. They were friends, but not a couple. This had been a hookup, nothing more, right? So...

The chair screeched again, drawing her gaze to Carry's biceps, her triceps, the massive flare of muscle spreading out from her back. She'd never seen anything so powerful, yet her waist was still small in relation to the rest of her body, her breasts large and inviting, her face beautiful and teasing. Somehow it all came together in a way that made her want to keep staring and staring.

That's what 'alluring' meant, she supposed.

Glancing at the chair next to Carry's, she noticed that the silver fox was still out cold. She didn't feel so much like waiting for him, especially since he'd looked away from her the second Carry had walked out of the hotel. She could get another guy to take her out to dinner, she was sure.

Leave, then.

She took a step toward the hotel doors and couldn't resist stealing another glance at Carry's phenom body.

Carry smiled. "I told you muscles were muscles." She tilted her head. "You want to touch them a bit more?"

That would be... "Would it be okay?" she asked, surprised at how eager she sounded.

Her smile widened as she lifted her hand, flicked her fingers.

The chair expanded to make more than enough room for Brenda, and she crawled on to it, wincing when pain shot through her knees.

"My fault," said Carry as a cushion appeared beneath Brenda's body. "This thing feels soft to me."

It had looked soft. It was hard to understand how strong Carry really was.

Why try, anyway? Brenda sat cross-legged beside her and ran her fingers along Carry's stomach. Carry giggled softly, which made Brenda smile. "You're still ticklish."

"I guess some things never change."

That was good to know. And comforting, since she felt like the whole world was about to change.

Brushing that thought from her mind, she pushed on Carry's abs, cooing at how hard they were. She worked her way down huge thighs, calves that had carved themselves into the steel underneath them. She paused when she got to Carry's feet before working her way back upward. Best not to comment on their size--a body as big as this would need feet that could hold her.

Brenda's hands slid up to her ribcage, and she looked up, silently asking for permission to go on.

Carry reach out, caressed her cheek. "You can touch me anywhere, always."

Always was a long time. Brenda never said that kind of thing. Not even to Richard.

But she smiled her best smile and went to touch Carry's breasts. The smile faded when she tried to massage them like she had earlier. Nothing happened, no matter how much she squeezed.

"Told you we only had a few minutes before I got to be too much for you."

"You got hard everywhere," Brenda said softly.

"From your perspective, yes."

She wasn't one hundred percent sure what that meant, but it made her sad. Shifting her position, she glided her knuckles up one of Carry's breasts. It took a moment to notice that both her nipples were hard--thicker around than Brenda's thumb and almost as long. "Does touching you still feel good?"

Carry let out a soft breath. "Yes."

Getting brave, she grabbed hold of the nipple closest to her and gave it a tug. It was as hard as the rest of Carry's body, and Brenda leaned back, pulling with all her weight. Even then she couldn't move it. For some reason the whole thing seemed really funny, and she started to laugh, losing her grip and nearly falling off the chair.

Carry caught her just in time. "Easy," she said, settling Brenda on her back and moving over her. "Wouldn't want a little thing like you to get hurt."

People didn't usually call her little. She was five-foot-seven, after all. She didn't know why, but she liked it coming from Carry. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

Those bright green eyes deepened in color. "Why would you ask me that?"

Sadness started to creep back into her. "You're the most beautiful woman in the whole world. No matter what, I'll always be a thousand times...less. I'm not smart or magical or strong or rich--I never was. If I'm not pretty, I'm worthless."

Carry shook her head before threading long fingers through Brenda's hair. "Brenda, the richest, strongest, smartest, most beautiful, most magical being in the world wants you. Doesn't that prove beyond a doubt that you are extraordinarily special?"

"You want me?" she asked softly.


Forever. Always. None of it really meant anything. "Why?"

Carry stared down at her a long moment. "Because you're pretty." Her fingers slid down Brenda's temple, along her cheek. "You're very, very pretty."

She broke into a smile, feeling totally happy and safe and... wow... turned on. "A-Are you doing that thing?"

"What thing?" asked Carry, using her other hand to caress Brenda's waist.

She gasped, arching her back. "That thing," she said breathlessly, "with the lover and the biology books and..." A moan tore out of her chest.

"Ah. That thing." Carry lowered her head, brushed her lips across the bridge of her nose. "Yes, I'm doing it. I was hoping to see if you can survive four orgasms without shattering. Is that all right?"

Nodding, Brenda clutched at her. The hard, smooth curves. The deep, hot valleys. "Kiss me before you do it? Just in case I pass out?"

Carry took her mouth.

And and it.


Originally posted here: [link] by Arie
A continuation of this: [link]

I did not write this.

I have to say I am both tickled pink anyone continued it and inordinately pleased the person that did had real talent. I can't count how many stories I have read that ended -forever- with "I'd like someone to continue this." No one ever does continue someone else's story, and -lets be honest- the number of writers in the genre with Arie's level of talent are few. Thus, it seems a combination of events like this -someone continuing it AND being that good at writing- would be statistically impossible.

Yet, here it is.

Mr. GreyMan
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I agree with the assessment. I think Arie is probably one of the best to come around in a while. Also love that they were just going to write a "little" addition the story and it turned into this.
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That was a really nice addition.
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