Very Short Scene: Wish Fulfillment

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Richard: So, we each made our wish right?
Carry: Yup.
Justen: Indeed.
Joe: *nods*
Brenda: Totally.
Leon: Oh yeah!

Richard: Pretty cool we found that ring; too bad we only got one each. So, what did you guys wish for? Well, I know what you wished for, Joe. You wanted to be fabulously wealthy.

Joe: Of course. And you need money to make money, which I will be doing. What did you want Leon?

Leon: Oh man! I wished to be super strong! Who wouldn't want that, right? I can't wait to hit the gym and pump these bad boys up. I bet you wished for the same thing, right Justen? Bet you're tired of being such a weakling. (laughs)

Justen: A faulty premise. I wished for an advanced intellect. I will be transferring my personage to the library contiguously to appraise my new analytical competence. As for you, Brenda, I am incontestable in that you followed suit?  Enervated from reports, to use the vernacular, you are a 'ditz?'

Brenda: OMG, what're you sayin'? I wished for guys to find me awesome. You know, like, super pretty. If you guys want me -you will- LOL, I'm going to be at the spa. Call me, Richard. What'd you get anyway?

Richard: Well, I'm a little embarrassed to say, but I wished to be good at magic.

Leon: Hu?
Brenda: Say what?
Joe: What?
Justen: Explicative.

Richard: Well, the ring is real, right? So I thought there must be a way for us to do things like that. So, I thought I could use my wish to be a real wizard. Anyway, what about you Carry? Did you wish to be less lazy? (laughs)

Carry: Nah. I wished to be 1,000 times better than all of you at everything, in every way, always.

Richard: You what?!?
Joe: No!
Leon: Holy Shit!
Brenda: Fuck me.
Justen: ...

Carry: Ohhh.... and I can feel it working.  You guys have no idea what it's like being so... mmmm... Anyway, go read your books, Justen. For everyone one you read it will be like I've read 1,000. For each million Joe makes I'll make a billion. Go hit the gym, Leon. For every extra pound you can lift I'll be able to lift half a ton more. For every guy that falls for you, Brenda, 1,000 will fall for me. And Richard, I hope you learn all about how to be a powerful mage.  Go work hard you guys. If you need me I will be lying on this coach playing video games and eating decadent food.  Or maybe.. ohhh.. yeah.. I'll just revel in:


Edit: Go here [link] for more

I wrote this because :iconwarlordkb: says he likes his stories short, like this description.

Mr. GreyMan

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Carry is a GENIUS! Like compounding interest, but compounding interests from all of their wishes. The more they get individually, the more Carry gets from all of them. At least I hope it's compounding interest, I'm not good with understanding that.