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The END by MrGreyMan
Mature content
The END :iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 38 9
Mature content
The END: Chapter 5 and Epilogue :iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 37 16
Mature content
The END: Chapter 4 :iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 38 9
The END: Chapter 3
Continuing from Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Sarah decided to walk into town on this cold morning. The only clothes that fit her were stretched-out sweats and a once-oversized sweater. While the fiery-haired demigoddess made those drab dressings look like an empress’s apparel, she also thought buying some new clothing was in order. The streets were practically empty (as one would expect on an early Saturday morning in a college town), but there was enough street traffic for Sarah to test her fresh capabilities. She had always been confident, but now she was dominant. At first Sarah let her new instincts control how she presented herself. She swayed suggestively as she walked, effortlessly becoming sex in motion. Sarah was no stranger to attention, but the looks she now got were different. Cat-calls and whistles happened at a distance, but when she drew closer they subsided into stunned s
:iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 37 7
The END: Chapter 2
Continuing from Chapter 1
Chapter 2
At this late hour of the evening, in a cold sweat Sarah half awoke from the fleeting dream of unbounded lust. All she could truly remember was her desire, her need, and—most of all—her envy. Her green eyes cracked with the light from the recent ordeal in the lab. She could still feel the ball of potential within her, waiting. Not fully conscious of what she was doing, Sarah focused on it. She willed it to give her a barest fraction what she craved; what she coveted. Sarah felt the pink energy breakout and cascade through her being. Enveloped in its warmth she willed herself to become something more.
In the dark of night, the bright pink lightning lensed through her green eyes and flowed over her body, augmenting and enhancing it. The pink potential energy became green genuine power. Her muscles strengthened; her mind
:iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 45 10
The END: Prologue and Chapter 1
The Chaos is like an endless charcoal cloud crackling with bright blasts of kaleidoscopic lightening. It’s like an impossible mass of squirming stygian snakes, each with a lone luminescent layer running down their spine. It’s like a dark scintillating gem on the braided band of Order that is the ring of creation. Yet, mostly, it is like itself: the Chaos that Comes Before and After; the Start and the Finish; the Alpha and the Omega.
It’s a theme common in all creation myths, this Chaos. All stories about the beginning know to put the Chaos foremost. Yet each understands it differently. Egyptians described the Chaos as a sea of serpents. The Norse saw it as fire and ice. The Greeks thought of it as an amorphous void. And, the scientists proclaim it to be an empyreal explosion. Whenever mankind pierces the veil of what came first, they see the Chaos. You know this to be true, dear reader. But, most don't know this originating Chaos is als
:iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 61 12
Love Grows: Larger Than Life
Edited by Michael-Leonard
Author's Note: This is a--sanctioned by the creator--continuation of the story 'LOVE GROWS' by Saxxon. This story contains Saxxon's Original Characters. I wrote it using a facsimile of his style and it might not be understandable to someone coming at it from the outside. Also, it has quite a bit of weight gain in it. So, if that falls outside of your interests, I recommend passing this one by.
PS: You can get an illustrated version of this story here.

I wish Mara was here...
...Wait, let me start again. I mean--obviously--I wish Mara was here. That’s kinda the whole point, right? That’s, like, what makes this a tragedy and all. I want her here more than anything (yes, even food) and she’s not. But, what I meant by saying “I wish Mar
:iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 27 1
The Gem of Possibilities or 'What if...'
Edited by: Michael-Leonard
She was undeniably sexy; an over-exaggeration of femininity. Six-and-a-half feet of female with curves any man--and a few women--would die for. Long voluminous fiery-red hair flowed down around her large powerful shoulders nearly reaching the floor. Her eyes were such a deep blue they were almost violet. Behind her long thick lashes those bright orbs radiated charisma and willful strength. Her tan skin was silky soft, and looking at it you were filled with the need to reach out and caress it. Her breasts were so massive and perky that they had to be fake, but after staring at them all evening I was now convinced they could not be. She did not seem to mind my lewd attention, but had been provocatively squirming in her skintight seamless green dress to show off her perfect body and expansive cleavage throughout the date. Her large nipples were clearly visible under the straining fabric. The only jewelry she wore was in that immense cleavage: a fine chain with a
:iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 180 8
Mature content
For Want of a Soul: Chapters 2 and 3 :iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 4 6
Mature content
For Want of a Soul - Chapter One :iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 11 21
Mature content
Wish Fulfullment (fc2) by Arie :iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 37 2
Commissioned Story: Sexier By Design by MrGreyMan
Mature content
Commissioned Story: Sexier By Design :iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 28 8
The Gem of Possibilities: Laura Lee by MrGreyMan
Mature content
The Gem of Possibilities: Laura Lee :iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 28 4
Deae Ex Machinis: Omega
Continued from Alpha.
Heather decided not to talk to Adam for a long while after that. Even going so far as refusing to debate him in Mr. Wilde's class. The other boys at that school seemed to take this as some kind of cue. Heather was also realizing that something about her new physiology was really affecting the boys in school, and it seemed to go beyond a simple physical attraction. Many had taken to following her around, and when she was in a room all eyes always seemed to drift her way. She resolved to wear baggy clothing as often as possible to avoid as much unwanted attention as she could.
She had started going to the gym to explain her new body. The weights there, of course, held no real challenge for her. She had found ways to make it look like she was really exerting herself. She was also slick with sweat by the end of one of her workouts, and all the guys in the room seemed to be spellbound.
:iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 43 30
Very Short Scene: Wish Fulfillment
Richard: So, we each made our wish right?
Carry: Yup.
Justen: Indeed.
Joe: *nods*
Brenda: Totally.
Leon: Oh yeah!
Richard: Pretty cool we found that ring; too bad we only got one each. So, what did you guys wish for? Well, I know what you wished for, Joe. You wanted to be fabulously wealthy.
Joe: Of course. And you need money to make money, which I will be doing. What did you want Leon?
Leon: Oh man! I wished to be super strong! Who wouldn't want that, right? I can't wait to hit the gym and pump these bad boys up. I bet you wished for the same thing, right Justen? Bet you're tired of being such a weakling. (laughs)
Justen: A faulty premise. I wished for an advanced intellect. I will be transferring my personage to the library contiguously to appraise my new analytical competence. As for you, Brenda, I am incontestable in that you followed suit?  Enervated from reports, to use the vernacular, you are a 'ditz
:iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 37 10
Deae Ex Machinis: Alpha
"During the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition called war; and such a war as if every man is against every man. "
- Thomas Hobbes
It was odd for a high school like the Immaculate Conception to offer an honors religious studies class run by a non-religious teacher, but there had been an effort lately for the school to become more PC. Mr. Wilde never told them he wasn't Catholic, but it was obvious to Heather he was not. He approached the subject matter the way a surgeon might approach a patient, professionally but without reverence.
"Ms. Halcyona," he addressed Heather as he did all of his students, by her last name. "What would you say is the main thesis of Wright's book?"
They had been reading The Evolution of God for his class, which has only confirmed Heather's suspicion about their teacher's beliefs. They were assigned to read the end for this class. Heather, who was a shoe-in for valedictorian, had of cours
:iconmrgreyman:MrGreyMan 61 29



In this -my last Journal Entry- I want to set down in writing that I formally renounce all copyright claims to all of my stories on dA. These stories are now yours. Do with them as you will.

You (whoever you are) have my express written permission to upload them to any other sites, to make comics based on them and sell them, to make sequels, prequels, and parodies. Rewrite, underwrite, reboot, and re-imagine them as you will. I ask for no royalties and expect no accolades. You cannot steal what is given freely, and I freely give these stories to you.
To that end, I would like to make a comprehensive list of what I have written here. In case you do have an urge to do any of the above but don't want to read all of stories to find the one you feel is most suited.
This is a Table of Contents for Mr. GreyMan, let it stand on my front page as my last Journal Entry.

Table of Contents for Mr. GreyMan

The Quintessential Mary-Sue: Part 1Part 2Part 3 (Magic&SciFi)
My stories are over-the-top by design. So, it should come as no surprise that the motif of the "Mary-Sue" is one I find particularly intriguing. The fact people write the character spontaneously and without realization is almost enough to make me believe in the collective unconscious, almost. I know it is traditional to write a Mary-Sue unintentionally, but I did so with the greatest of intents. This story goes from Earth to space to the gates of Heaven and Hell as Mary-Sue proves her superiority over all of creation. I wrote the story to be as the title boasts: The Quintessential Mary-Sue, the definitive work for this pervasive motif. I am happy with the result.
Themes: Breast expansion, growth, strength escalation, soul absorption, demonic transformation & giantess (part 3). 

Sophya and Niky (Magic)
One of my first works, and many claim to be my greatest (though, I would not agree). It was written to showcase muscle expansion, breast expansion, and mind control. There are giantess elements in it as well. It was based on this work by N647, and is about two sisters. One (Sophya) is a fairly skilled young wizard. The other (Niky) is the pinnacle of perfection in every conceivable way. Niky only becomes more so as the story progresses. The ambiance is meant to be that of Dungeon & Dragons. Fans of that game will recognize elements like psionic gem dragons and references to the six primary stats: Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, & Chr.
Themes: Breast expansion, growth, muscle expansion, mind control, stat multiplication, and giantess. 

Saintly Perfect Goddess (Magic)
Absorption (or ability theft) is my favorite kind of story to read. So, it is surprising to me this story is one of my only with that theme as its main transformation mechanism. I don't know why I wrote so few. Sofie, a good-natured (and pretty) housewife, finds a magic lamp. She inadvertently wishes for the ability to steal abilities and attributes from others. She becomes decidedly less good-natured as the story progresses (she steals others egocentricity) until she becomes the undisputed Saintly Perfect Goddess. None on her Earth would disagree with her claim to that title.
Themes: Absorption, ability theft, lackadaisical subjugation, breast expansion, growth, and extreme indulgence.

Alien to Ambition: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 (SciFi)
This is completely different from any other full story I wrote, since the protagonist is male. The Nameless Protagonist is a likely psychopath that subjugates a race of supple aliens. These aliens have no notion of ambition, and become his willing slaves as he uses their technology to grow physically (but not metaphorically). To paraphrase what I wrote in the description of that story: "The Nameless Protagonist was crafted such that the reader could easily put themselves in his place. Shamefaced, I must confess Alien to Ambition contains my real Sue. I only ask that the reader not look for my true self within, for I only put the blackest parts of my soul into the Nameless Protagonist. I cannot -with a clear conscious- completely disavow myself from him, but he is without any of the white that makes me Grey."
Themes: Male muscle growth, extreme breast expansion, penis expansion, hormone&pheromone mind control, extreme sexual transformations, and Sun rape.

Deae Ex Machinis: Alpha and Omega (SciFi)
"Goddess out of the Machines" (I assure you, I consulted Latin experts on the matter.) We mortals aren't meant to become gods. So, one might argue that even the best human could be seen as an evil deity. Regardless, this story contains my only protagonist with consistently good intentions. Heather Halcyona motivations might remain pure, but it is debatable if her actions reflect her morals. Heather is given nanites by the enigmatic Adam Immanuel that allow her to control her own evolution. She attempts to use them to transform Earth into a Utopia. Yet, are all Utopias really Dystopias? I will leave it to the reader to decide. I consider this story to be my best overall work. I would try to get it published (as I have with my unreleased story "Tree of Knowledge") if I could.
Themes: Muscle growth, breast expansion, intelligence escalation, and divine ascension.

Very Short Scene: Wish Fulfillment (Magic)
I would call this "Flash Fiction," but I admit to a certain ignorance as to what that term means. This is a very short story about a lazy girl named Carry getting the most out of a wish. It prompted Arie to write this longer piece as a sequel. Arie has gone on to become a published erotic writer under a different pen name. But, he asked I keep that name to myself.
Themes: Power multiplication, strength enhancement, magic, intelligence and charisma enhancement.

For Want of a Soul: Chapter One; Chapters 2 and 3 (SciFi)
Nothing bothers me more than a job unfinished. Yet, here we are. This story was meant to showcase the problem of logic without reason. An AI doing only what it was programmed to do: increase a man's pleasure without bounds. I tried to write the story in a very descriptive and methodical manner, but it became sterile. Thus, I lost the will to continue. Ironic for a story about a will without a soul to guild it. ('Soul' being shorthand for the jumbled -but tried and true- moral programming we were given by evolution. See evolution of morality on wiki for more information.)
Themes: Sex-toy manufacture

Sexier By Design (Mundane)
Someone contacted me to write a paid story after reading Alien to Ambition. The commissioner has -apparently- paid quite a bit of money over the years to have stories like this produced. His fetish was breast implantation, and wanted me to write a Mr. GreyMan story with that theme. He had a few other eccentric requests I also indulged. This is my attempt a gritty realism, and the commissioner was quite pleased with the results. The commissioner claimed: "Also - frankly - you have really EXCEEDED what I was looking for. The thing is, I've been wanting this - for a very long time. And what you have created is unparalleled. And to have it so amazing ... yet not complete ..."  and he offered to pay me twice as much to write a sequel. Since I wrote this right before I needed to start work on my PhD dissertation, I declined. I've never had much use for money anyway.
Themes: Extreme breast implantation, bondage, and neurotic dependency.

The Gem of Possibilities or 'What if...' (Magic&SciFi)
This story is personal to me in ways I cannot explain here. I would say Deae Ex Machinis is my best story, but this is my favorite. John is confronted by his ex-wife, Laura Lee, who has gained the ability to rewrite reality. When she asks the question "What if..." the answer becomes fact. We are lead on a wild ride as Laura Lee torments and teases her former lover. We can tell the two do likely love each other, but their mutual egocentrism prevents them from expressing it in a healthy manner. Which--for this story--is more of a problem for John than Laura.
Themes: Breast expansion, penis expansion, realty manipulation, transformations, strength enhancement, and power escalation of all sorts.

Love Grows: Larger Than Life (Mystical)
This is a--sanctioned by the creator--continuation of the story 'LOVE GROWS' by Saxxon. I've never seen myself as a fanfiction writer, but Saxxon was the one that first inspired me to write. So, as a fan of his, I felt the need to write in his world and his style at least once. Ava goes on a mystical search for her lover's soul. This search involves her indulging her hedonistic desires until she becomes the very incarnation of Avarice.
Themes: Divine ascension, extreme weight gain, reality vore, and deicide.

5 Short Stories by Mr. GreyMan
Five short stories each with their own themes and feel.
Story One: ‘dA-Commentary’ (Magic) Themes: Satire, muscle growth, charisma enhancement, and intellectual inexplicably.
Story Two: ‘Emily’ (SciFi) Themes: Extreme indulgence, extreme hedonism, and existential subjugation.
Story Three: ‘Anticipation’ (???) Themes: Sexual subjugation(F/m), female muscle growth, extreme penis growth, mind control, ability theft, and absorption. 
Story Four: ‘Gary-Sue’ (???) Themes: Male muscle growth, penis expansion, pheromone control, and teenage male power fantasy realized.
Story Five: ‘The Queen’ (Mystical): Muscle growth, ability theft, absorption, shrinkage, futanari penis expansion, deification, and sexual servitude.

The ENDPrologue & Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5 & Epilogue; The Full PDF (SciFi&Mystical)
This is my magnum opus, and the reason I am gone. In this story I have written the closest I will ever come to the Ideal State of my tales. This is the story to which all my others are but shadows on a cave wall. It is the Form for my other works. It tells of the ascension of Fate personified and her servant. It is now our duty to honor the capricious God as best we mortals can. Thus, of all my works, this is the one I most implore others to expand on in order to better glorify Her. 
Themes: Charisma enhancement, breast expansion, muscle growth, intellectual growth, general growth, futanari penis expansion, divine ascension, planet rape, reality rape, omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. And, please, just say the words.

Other Works
Gifts and stories I commissioned.

One of my goals in writing has always been to inspire as I have been inspired. So, I would consider it an honor if you find something above inspirational enough to be worth rendering or mimicking. Perhaps I can accomplish in passing what I could not in lasting...

If you are reading this after June 20th, 2016, know that I am gone. So, here -at the end- I would like to thank you all for reading. Writing these stories has been cathartic in ways I didn't anticipate. Please know it has been an honor to write for you. And, I hope you -and others- continue to enjoy these works forever, even if more aren't being produced.

But, before I go, let me apologize. I know the tale here seems unfinished. Please know this is because it isn't within my power to finish it. I've known what you're looking for, but I could never gave it. What you want is what I -what we all- want. You want more. I gave you a glimpse of that gaping hole in your being and -in doing so- I made you think that I might have the power to fill it. But, I don't; I can't. I could write and write for you, but I tell you now my words are like salt water to a thirsty man. I can show you the hole, but all I can create is dust to sprinkle into it. I cannot hope to fill it for you, myself, or anyone. All I could do was whet your appetite; I could never sate it. I am a charlatan. I wrote these stories to highlight this fact. I know I can make you feel many things, but satisfaction isn't one.

Of all sensations, that one was never -and will never be- mine to impart.

Dorian GreyMan


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Dorian GreyMan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I have what I call a "Power Fetish." Quite literally, a Lust for Power.

I love stories about people gaining more and more power, especially by taking it from others. "Power" comes in many forms, so there are many kinds of stories I enjoy.

I also enjoy looking at what I consider "overly feminine" women. Women that are an exaggeration of the female form. This can mean many different things, so again my tastes might appear expansive.

I also have a disproportionality fetish.


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Yes, I really did read both THE END and Deae in under two hours.
You write with the brain I'd like, but am not even close to having.

I was going to go into physics too...but high math and my limitations crashed pretty righteously before I finished high school.
I'm sure I'll have more to say about THE END when I absorb it more--I woke up thinking about it--but suffice it to say that your writing has crawled into me in a good way.
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I know you are not around anymore, but in case you would pop in to see how things go on your profile, I hope you will enjoy reading this piece done by my friend and pictured by me:
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I allowed myself to use some ideas from your descriptions :)
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