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Pansy Petals Snowgrem FFA Flatsale (CLOSED)

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© 2020 MrGremble

★ The first person to reply to the claim comment posted by me will get the grem, any claims outside of this comment WILL NOT count.
★ Please claim under the featured comment by replying to the sales comment linked below.
★ DO NOT hide your claim for any reason. If a mistake was made or you have an emergency, note the seller to explain and ask for your claim to be retracted. Retracting or hiding bids may result in a warning or blacklist from future sales, depending on circumstances and past offenses.
★ DO NOT converse in the claim comment area.
★ Payment via Paypal in USD only. You must pay within 24 hours after bidding has ended.
★ Payment plans will not be accepted for this sale.
★ We reserve the right to deny purchases from accounts less than 3 months old.
★ By bidding/purchasing, you are agreeing to the T.O.S & Gremcorps Rules at the bottom of this description. Please be sure to read it.
★ You and up to ONE friend may attempt to purchase a grem for you. No more than 2 total people are allowed to attempt to AB a grem for any one person. This is to keep things fair for everyone.
★ One grem per person.

Snowgrem Information

Snowgrem Info 2019Snowgrems are a hybridization between Grem2 and Domestic Canine, created to be a working class generation for primarily frigid environments. Originally snowgrems were used for long distance deliveries, hunting, dog translation, and pull work, but as their popularity grew in size, snowgrems were modified to be used for different pools of use like emotional support classes or simply having one for personal enjoyment and social status.
Snowgrems can now be classed into certain categories based on the job that they were created to do. These classes are only here to add flare to your snowgrem and create proper work for their dog form. 
Each snow grem is special, able to shape shift into a "working dog" form whenever they please, this form of shape shifting is a huge benefit to humanity, with not only providing ample work for people but also helping close the language gap between dogs and humans by having them aid in translation between both species.
To point out a snow grem

Pansy Petals
(Concept/Design by me, Entire Drawing by BackwardsSnappy )

Price: 460$

Comment here to buy: CLAIMED
Ears: Dumbo + Split
Neck: Poncho
Tail: Sheet (x2) + Bun

Free Mutation: Wire

Extra Art:

G2 Pp Up by MrGremble
Pansy Concept by MrGremble


Grem2 (C) :iconmrgremble:
Design and art by BackwardsSnappy + MrGremble 


For more info on grem2s', check em out here!

Grem2 Guidesheet 2017 by MrGremble
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This is hands down my favorite grem design. Great job to you and BackardsSnappy! Such a cute grem <3
MrGremble's avatar
MrGrembleHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you noble! we appreciate it c:
Pepperoonie's avatar
PepperoonieHobbyist Digital Artist
my heart... ;_;
floofyowl's avatar
floofyowlHobbyist Digital Artist
i love how soft they look too, omg! ♥
Spaniel122's avatar
OOF Gorgeous
NekkoMeneko's avatar
NekkoMenekoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
What a lovely snow grem! Love the color pallet of this one so much. <3
PkingSora's avatar
PkingSoraProfessional Digital Artist
Precious pansy, you  guys did such a great job  ;v ; <3 it was so cool to see all the poses and ideas on the Patreon <3 
CrazyGreenFluff's avatar
CrazyGreenFluffHobbyist Digital Artist
baby boi,, i wonder if whomever claim would let me doodle him? uwu
meridiancore's avatar
meridiancoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely! :D
CrazyGreenFluff's avatar
CrazyGreenFluffHobbyist Digital Artist
here u go: Painting | Meridiancore  (uwu
Winterfaux's avatar
WinterfauxStudent Digital Artist
Reiki-kun's avatar
Oml they are adorable, their flower petal colar/tail sheet has to be one of the cutest things ever ♥ 
Great design you guys!
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teddyboy1derStudent General Artist
Oh no she's so pretty 😭
mothquake's avatar
mothquakeHobbyist General Artist
NinGeko's avatar
NinGekoProfessional General Artist
soyu-k's avatar
soyu-kHobbyist Digital Artist
oh lawd, too cute
KurokiKumo's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous grem
talikira's avatar
talikiraProfessional Digital Artist
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MrGrembleHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
Price: $460 USD
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meridiancoreHobbyist Digital Artist
May I claim? :D
MrGremble's avatar
MrGrembleHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure! c: Feel free to note me with your paypal and location (EG: US, CAD)! 
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