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Bobbit Worm (FFA Manta Auction: CLOSED)

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★ Please bid under the featured comment by replying to the highest bidder with the exact dollar amount that you are bidding.
★ DO NOT hide your bid for any reason. If a mistake was made or you have an emergency, note the seller to explain and ask for your bid to be retracted. Retracting or hiding bids may result in a warning or blacklist from future sales, depending on circumstances and past offenses.
★ DO NOT converse in bid chains - they are for bidding ONLY.
★ Payment via Paypal in USD only. You must pay within 24 hours after bidding has ended.
★ Payment plans will not be accepted for this sale.
★ We reserve the right to deny bids/purchases from accounts less than 3 months old.
★ By bidding/purchasing, you are agreeing to our rules provided here <GremCorps Rules>.  Please be sure to read it.
★ You and up to ONE friend may attempt to purchase a grem for you. No more than 2 total people are allowed to attempt to AB a grem for any one person. This is to keep things fair for everyone.
★ One grem per person.

★ There is a SNIPE GUARD in place for all auctions. Bids placed within the last hour before the specified ending time will extend the auction’s end by an additional hour. This will affect all subsequent bids and continue extending the end-time until a full hour passes with no additional bids, at which point the auction will end.

Bidding will end on: June 19th 11pm EST ((BIDDING IS CLOSED THANK YOU))


Bobbit Worm
Created by acember 

SB: $50
MI: $5
AB: $600



Grem2 (C) :iconmrgremble:
Mantagrems (c) :iconkemikel: + :iconmrgremble:


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namfondokHobbyist Digital Artist

this looks so awesome TToTT!!!

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iampeachyyHobbyist General Artist

that dude is an absolute unit!

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PepperoonieHobbyist Digital Artist

Worm off a string

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talikiraProfessional Digital Artist

what the (this is gorgeous)

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It's so cute I'm dying

I love the leg markings and the face HHHHH so cute

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GoredGuarHobbyist Digital Artist

Argh too slow

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MrGrembleHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured


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RoadkillrosesHobbyist Featured


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acemberHobbyist Digital Artist

Congratulations, you've won this Bobbit Lad!

Please note me with your PayPal and I can get an invoice sent over to ya!

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MichatahProfessional General Artist


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acemberHobbyist Digital Artist

hello! Just letting you know, this manta was AB, so im gonna close the comments here ;w; /

Thank you for participating in the auction, its very much appreciated! ; w ; <33

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