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Society's Third Eye Needed

When I received the Daily Deviation on "Tears Of Hate", someone asked me to do something about women's rights. It took me some months to get any idea and I decided to do it in retro style.
1975 was the first "Year of Women", so I thought brown, yellow and decent orange are my colors. Yeah baby, this is retro and very true.
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Featured via news [link] :)
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I like this.Can you give me tips for Typography I just started.
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Hey! Thank you for the comment... of course I can give ou some hints... just write me a PM with your questions
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never seen anything quite like it! love it
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Thank you so much!!
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wow, nice one..
do you do all of this on illustrator?
it's an excellent piece, dude!
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I only use Photoshop... I still learn how to use the Illustrator... it's quite strange somehow :D
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you did this in Photoshop?

how? warp text or vector?
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It's done with Photoshop, yes. I warped the text.
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dude, i can´t get tired of this
you`re like a hero
i`m so inspired!
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Thank you so much! Your comment really motivates me to do more :)
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vry good, i like the elevation feel
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I like the 3D effect :-)
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the final result of your idea is great.. and i love when you make this kind of perspectives with the text.. and the lines are nice again.. the whole piece is fine man, beauty again! :)
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Thank you very much, my friend :)
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Very nice, love the colours used.
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Yeahy, retro. I like retro and this one is kind of cool. But I'd still prefer your grunge pieces...Anyhow, you said you'll take a break from typo. Glad you didn't do until yet:D
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I think I stop at least with that grunge thing... this seems to be more interesting to develope my style. Thanks anyway!
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you did a good job with a strange way of presenting words in 3D, but I really like the style ,
yet another thight work :wow:!
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