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Hehe, actually my last deviation was compared with the work of *tannermorrow (go check him out!) - and his work was compared to Mister Scott Hansen. This guy is fabulous... what can I say? I just ripped his style and combined it a bit with my personal ambitions.

What you see is the result: A simple poster. I thought that it would be nice to mention Scott Hansen here...

Illustrator and Photoshop. Took 2 hours, finally.
The texture is a stock... but I can't remeber which one it was.

Re-submission with more distorsion on the border and the edge of the brown tiles. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Great idea. I'd be curious to see what it would look like if the brown section was crisp and not textured like the blue. The contrasting textures could give the overall design an interesting depth.
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Nice poster!I like that;)
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Awesome! :clap:

May I ask what the name of the font is?
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i try my last work based on iso50 work, great work mate!

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Actually I like yours better than mine! Great texture and lighting work on your piece :) Faved it!
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i love retro
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holy shit thats a greate one!
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i love retro...
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Completely love the colours you've used, might have to steal that combination, hehe. The only things that nag's me is the word 'HANSEN' in white; I know it's supposed to be the focus, but think it's a bit unsightly. Just my opinion though, love everything else.
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Thank you for the comment - it's nice to have you back here :) And you're not the only one who didn't like the white "Hansen"... maybe I should change that ^^
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That's beautiful, man.
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Thank you very much! :)
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micha stop it! please stop with these great designs, please stop with these perfect color combinations, with this whole great style!! my "add to favs" button is being stuck from your pieces :D awesome work man, really impressive, unique!!!
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No, I won't stop :P Thanks a lot for your comment!!
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ich liebe deine poster!
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Vielen Dank! Das ehrt mich :)
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