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I like DA... a lot... I'm one of these people with the desire to be creative, but I'm average at drawing/etc. So I came up with a way to mix my love of my music with my desire to show I'm a fan of the DA community. I've only scratched the surface with the number of contributions I've viewed, but I'm constantly inspired and amazed, and for that I thank everyone!

And here it is - I've created two mosaics which are now the front and back faces of my acoustic guitar. The front face (top) is "When Rain Falls" by MincedNiku - this was one of my first ever Faves, thanks MincedNiku for the awesome art!! The back face (middle) is "Soft" by Bonsaisan, an excellent photo IMHO.

But there's more - Two pics simply wasn't enough to really show my appreciation, so I've used around 2500 thumbnails from around 8 different categories to create the final pictures. The pic at the bottom shows a (blurry - sorry!!) closeup of a small section of the back of the guitar.

It was a month in the making, involved a lot of sanding, trimming and swearing, and has been re-laquered for an extremely hard and shiny finish. As a side bonus, it's changed the sound of the guitar slightly, boosting the brightness and making it sound more fun (or maybe that's in my head!!).

Thanks everyone at DA, this one's for you - daily inspiration is only a click away

EDIT: MincedNiku has been kind enough to permit me to show the source mosaic I used to create the image on the front of the guitar, which can be found --here-- . Visit Niku's gallery, well worth a look IMHO!!
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you must write howto! great!
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Very cool. I am about to start a guitar custom project in which I'll paint the body of a simple acoustic guitar - yours and others have contributed to the inspiration! I'll post pics when I'm done.
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That frickin rocks!
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This is amazing! How do you do this!!!?? I wanna make one for my guitar soooo bad now!! :(
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This is absolutely amazing. best thing I've seen all day.

Did you cut out the pics one by one and paste them???
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P-BorHobbyist Photographer
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Phenomenal and awe inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us. I stumbled on your page and gave it a thumbs up![link]
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beautiful is one word thats definition seems to be constantly growing within detailed explanations such as your creation. Thank you
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goodness me thats amazing :]

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i effffffinngg love it
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Wow, super! I absolutely love it. I would just love to have something like that on my (future) electric guitar. How did you apply the thumbnails to the guitar? I can only think of stickers, but they wouldn't last long. And then laquered ontop of the stickers?
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pezz-vampire Traditional Artist
thats intense...and time consuming..well done
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this is so very amazing. you did such a good job, and that's a very creative way of doing things! awesome! :+fav:
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Gorgeus job. I luv yopur guitar.
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Thanks for your comment, appreciated!!

Jeff :D

PS This account is now inactive, I've moved to
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That's so cool! I'm stunned! :clap:
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I totally loved the first picture! i had added it as a favorites :) looks beautiful.....
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Ta for the comment, appreciated!! :D
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Thats amazing... I cant believe you live like less than a kilometer away... good knowing im not the only one in doncaster/blackburn with a sense of talent
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Ta for the message - I should update that location, I've since moved further south, but I'm still at those coordinates every day for work - I have a view of the Maccas, which I visit for coffee most days!! You need to post more stuff, Waltz is good work... Keep it up!! :w00t:
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lol thanks, so you either work at the vet or one of those shops... eh if you ever see a guy with a beard and long hair with a black shirt and blue jeans yell out waltz XD but thanks for the nice words
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SkippyJrHobbyist Filmographer
Very good work,
I liked that.
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OMG O_O that must've taken you ages!!! wow!!! its so beautiful! x3
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wow....that is speachless...i play guitar myself and that is the coolest guitar ever
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