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The Nth Doctor


The other reason why you don't read Black's Adventures after staying up way too late watching Doctor Who.
I'm not sure what the first reason is.

Oh, and N totally has a sonic Menger Sponge.

Just for the lulz, here's the strip coupled with some reaction shots from completely unrelated comics that happened to be drawn on the same page. You'll be seeing those at some point, too.

I might have to make a sequel to this just so I can put N in a fez.

Oh, and I just noticed that Black put this up in the Gifts section of his (new) site (I should probably update that link) which probably explains why I got all those new faves and comments all of a sudden (there were about three new faves and two new comments). Yay
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You see, I can fully appreciate this now that I just spent the last few days watching every Doctor Who I haven't seen yet since season 3~ :iconeweplz:

I love this so hard <3
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Oh my god I love you for this. :|
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I like being loved. <3
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I'm going to name my male MC Amelia now and N will forever be the Doctor. N needs a fez! Fezzes are cool!

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He'll be wearing a fez over his baseball cap in the sequel. (Wait, there's a sequel?)
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But there should be. N deserves it.
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Yes yes yes =D

Spoilers: The original drawing of the sequel was in my backpack, which I lost. But I was going to redraw it anyway, so.
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The first reason is there are no reasons~

pff that's a great getup, N
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He stole it from a time lord, of course it's awesome.
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Lol. "It's me. Your imaginary friend from 12 years ago" :rofl:
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