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The Night Will Last Forever ch 14
-Begin Act III-
Chapter 14: Trottingham’s Golden Noose

Out in the empty grey plains of Equestria that stretched as far as the eye could see, a lonely dirt trail ran through the worn grey grass, headed for the shining city of Trottingham. Along it rode a lone wagon, ferrying ponies each within a few feet of each other but feeling far away from the others.
Four ponies, to be exact, with four brands of individual emptiness, though not all would be willing to admit it.
Three ponies lay in the back. Fate was sitting against a pair of stacked crates making small motions with his hooves and muttering something to himself to pass the time; Trixie and Greed were still asleep next to him, with their backs to each side of the wagon, their hooves barely an inch apart.
An alicorn sat in the front coach, the reigns running down to two harnesses that would be pulling the wagon if they were not instead pulled by magic. But in the alicorn’s mind the harnesses were not empty,
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 3 2
The Night Will Last Forever Ch 13.5
Chapter 13.5 Out of the Ashes
Nightmare Moon
The Everfree Forest
-Three Days Ago-

High above the clouds, a fortress of ground and forest flew aloft in the sky. A forest made of rough vines and vicious creatures, torn from it’s rightful place among Equestria.
An entire forest floated atop the sea of swirling grey clouds that stretched on as far as the eye could see. Vines hung off the sides and roots grew out of the sides of the underside of the forest, which was shaped like an upside-down mountain.
The sky around the flying forest was a swirl of colors and purple lights. Stars littered the sky, arranged with an almost painstaking detail. In one end of the sky shone a full moon, bursting with a blue light that swirled among the other colors.
On the other end a sun hung desperately at the edge of the horizon, clinging to what life it had left and refusing to burn out. Swirls of yellow and deep red clashed with the full moon’s light, creating large wisps of purple and l
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 1 1
The Night Will Last Forever Ch 13
Chapter 13: Rock Bottom

Deep in the underbelly of Rainkeeper Mountain, three groups of ponies stood on the shore of an underground lake. A pillar of dim light was shining through a shaft that led all the way up to the top of the mountain.
At the edge of the water stood Celestia, and laying just behind her in a deep slumber was Greed, recently brought back from the clutch of death.
Celestia’s mane hung limply from the water that was dripping off her body. Her chest heaved as she spread her good wing and stood in front of the unconscious body of Greed, ready to defend him from the group of ponies pouring in from a tunnel that led to the cavern.
Three pegasi flew in the air above their heads. Sneering ponies stared them down like a creature eyeing it’s prey. Some of them wore pieces of ragged clothing or goggles that covered their eyes. Celestia’s breath was growing labored but she ignored it.
Fate and Trixie were pushed forward towards Celestia by a grou
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 3 2
Stars and Stripes by MrFugums Stars and Stripes :iconmrfugums:MrFugums 10 6 The Alicorn Sisters by MrFugums The Alicorn Sisters :iconmrfugums:MrFugums 22 11 Abstract by MrFugums Abstract :iconmrfugums:MrFugums 6 29 A quick thank you by MrFugums A quick thank you :iconmrfugums:MrFugums 2 5
The Night Will Last Forever 12
Chapter 12: Selfish Ambitions
Princess Celestia

Explosions rocked the air like violent drums. A white blur and a grey stallion atop a moving platform of stone danced around each other, dodging and returning powerful projectiles and beams of magic.
Celestia's wings flapped and twisted to avoid the missiles that were exploding in the air around her. She flew towards Greed between his barrages in an attempt to reach him. Greed's weapons glowed blue after every shot, constantly teleporting more ammunition into the weapon.
A missile soared towards Celestia and she instinctively put up a magic barrier. The projectile exploded on impact with the shield and sent smoke around her. Celestia charged out of the smoke towards Greed.
Greed's platform backed up as Celestia flew at him full speed. Celestia gathered magic in her horn to attack Greed when a smaller weapon appeared in front of her, it's short barrel aimed straight at her head.
She teleported out of the way just as
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 12 14
The Night Will Last Forever 11
Chapter 11: Old Wounds
Princess Celestia

A voice called out from somewhere in the distance.
Celestia, get up. Come on, don't do this to me. Get up Princess.
It was far away but right next to her.
Do I seriously have to drag your sorry flank through this whole valley?
Celestia's senses came back to her. Everything was black and faded. Her eyes were useless and her ears could only hear a faint scraping sound.
Someone like you doesn't die this easily. Come on.
"Stop just lying don't have my permission to die yet."
Her body was still out cold but her mind began to process sound. She heard the sound of something being pulled through dirt. And the sound of Fate's voice.
"F..." Celestia could barely speak.
"There you are..." Fate said. His voice was strained. He struggled under the weight of carrying Celestia on his back, her legs dragging on the ground.
"Wh...why..." Celesti
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 9 10
Minimalistic Luna Wallpaper (S2) by MrFugums Minimalistic Luna Wallpaper (S2) :iconmrfugums:MrFugums 9 1
The Night Will Last Forever 10.1
Chapter 10.1: Luminaria
Chapter .0000899
"I'm sorry, but I can't let you in." A large colt blocked the door to a large hut.
"But I just want to see the alicorns!" A young mare pleaded.
The colt shook his head. "No. The sister are busy right now discussing the new castle. Nopony is to disturb them." the colt firmly stated.
She brushed her pure black hoof in the dirt before frowning and turning to leave. As she did the door opened and the head of a pure white alicorn came out. The alicorn looked down and saw the young mare turning to leave.
"Oh." She looked at the mare. "Hello pony, what are you here for?"
The mare turned around at the sound of Celestia' voice. "I wanted to speak to you and Luna regarding the current state of the tribes."
Celestia raised her eyebrows. Not many ponies wanted to talk about politics before, let alone someone so young. Celestia looked at the mare, they looked like somepony who had something important they wanted t
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 10 5
The Night Will Last Forever 10
Chapter 10: Sin of the Ages

Daily Log #528343
Date: 03-14-0005 - New Lunar Calendar
I suspect she will be here soon. She only has two options at this point, one of which would result in only failure. I don't know how, but somehow she is going to find out about us, and she is going to come for us.
Nightmare Moon was a fool to let her go. She had Celestia right in her hoof, but she let her desire for revenge get the better of her. She just wants to toy with her, make her slog through every bit of misery she can conjure up. And it's because she knows Celestia can take it.
If anything will be her downfall, it will be letting Celestia live. She thinks she can keep Celestia down forever, but this is foolish. Celestia is a threat to her, and she does not take it seriously.
But I do. And I believe that soon I will find out how much of a threat she can be. The path of fate will lead her right to my doorstep.
Then I will find out if she is capable of doing what so many others ha
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 9 13
The Night Will Last Forever 9
-Begin Act II-
Chapter 9: The Raconteur's Secret

Daily Log #528342
Date: 03-13-0005 - New Lunar Calendar
She shows much promise. It seems she has regained any strength lost by time. Something I have also noticed is just how little she has changed over the years, she is still the same as I remember her to be.
Maybe she will really be able to beat Nightmare Moon. It's a stretch, but I'm not going to count out the possibility. It's unlike me to second guess myself, however I sincerely don't know if she could do it. Nightmare Moon has grown incredibly powerful since she returned.
I saw her when she was chasing after that zebra, she is very determined. Her heart in that moment was remarkably clear, she wanted to end all of this darkness. I think she might just have a chance, but only time, and a number of other factors, will tell.
My only concern at the moment is if she falls into their lies. If that happens I will have to intervene personally, but I would prefer to keep ou
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 10 6
TNWLF - Act I by MrFugums TNWLF - Act I :iconmrfugums:MrFugums 8 10
The Night Will Last Forever 8
The Night Will Last Forever
Chapter 8 The Estranged Stranger

Date: 0001
New Lunar Calendar
-29 Days After The Return
Princess Celestia

Celestia stared into the face of the striped zebra, their eyes glowing a deep yellow. The light from the burning library showing their grey face. Celestia wondered how they could see her.
"Who are you?" She yelled over the flames.
"Why don't you find out and see? But to do that you must first catch me!" The zebra taunted and ran down a street faster then Celestia had ever seen a pony run on foot.
"Hey! Come back here! Please, you have to tell me if you saw somepony leave this library!" Celestia yelled and ran after the zebra.
The zebra ran through the charred streets of Ponyville, leaping over piles of charred wood and debris. Celestia followed them, her legs picking up speed. The zebra lead Celestia through ruined homes and burned parks.
"Stop! Just tell me if you saw somepony else!" Celestia shouted as she ran after
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 9 15
The Night Will Last Forever 7
The Night Will Last Forever
Ch 7 Ghost in a Ghost Town

Date: 0001
New Lunar Calendar
-Immediately after the failure of Project: ICARUS-
Princess Celestia

Celestia had never seen these things on such a scale in thousands of years, she ran into the ruined town of Ponyville, shocked by it's pitiful state. She had no idea Nightmare Moon would cause so much tragedy and destruction.
Another quake shook her out of her reverie, she turned her attention from the charred buildings to the flashing source of the chaotic magic.
Her friend. Floating above a crater that was tearing itself into the ground. A ball of intense magic surrounded the purple unicorn, shooting out lightning and waves of magic through the now empty town.
Celestia ran towards the pulsating magic, desperate to try and reach Twilight to stop the mayhem and save her.
She shielded her eyes from the intense light, edging closer and closer as the magic began to press her back. Soon her eyes ad
:iconmrfugums:MrFugums 8 16


Evangelion Doom style by jesucristoasterisco Evangelion Doom style :iconjesucristoasterisco:jesucristoasterisco 51 2 That Particular Night by Devinian That Particular Night :icondevinian:Devinian 2,410 131 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by viwrastupr My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic :iconviwrastupr:viwrastupr 5,944 577 Queen Celestia- I'll lighten up your sky by LuleMT Queen Celestia- I'll lighten up your sky :iconlulemt:LuleMT 1,507 274 Alternate Ending by Cannibalus Alternate Ending :iconcannibalus:Cannibalus 2,685 121 Heroes Will Rise by argodaemon Heroes Will Rise :iconargodaemon:argodaemon 2,927 525 eclipse by flamevulture17 eclipse :iconflamevulture17:flamevulture17 158 12 Friendship Update - Cover by theinexplicablebrony Friendship Update - Cover :icontheinexplicablebrony:theinexplicablebrony 801 98 The Antechamber by alexiuss The Antechamber :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 996 39 Symmetra by jameszapata Symmetra :iconjameszapata:jameszapata 1,377 36 Future by dzetaWMDunion Future :icondzetawmdunion:dzetaWMDunion 600 49 Celestia Sketch by sherwoodwhisper Celestia Sketch :iconsherwoodwhisper:sherwoodwhisper 346 20 Genyatta by Wir3dMJ Genyatta :iconwir3dmj:Wir3dMJ 206 9 Princess Luna by pepooni Princess Luna :iconpepooni:pepooni 1,443 68 The Fate Thou Hast Wrought by NCMares The Fate Thou Hast Wrought :iconncmares:NCMares 4,827 226 celebrate by Coke-brother celebrate :iconcoke-brother:Coke-brother 128 10




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Oh....oh my goodness...
The season 7 premiere was EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR.
Celestia secretly being a Changling for the past 3 seasons was a complete shock. I also loved how they handled Purple Pine's performance, she is a perfect replacement for Applejack.

Season 6's ending kinda fell flat, which I guess is what happens when you give the reigns to a Japanese studio for a season, but maaaan they pulled the story out of that tailspin pretty good. Killing off Twilight's long lost twin was the best decision the writers ever made.

And how about that meteor impact? The scene of the moon being destroyed was animated so well. This finale is gonna be the best, can't wait to see if Pinkie Pie will make it out of her coma after peering into the Infinite Well.

(By the way, Hasbro, nobody likes how you replaced "My" with "Our" in the title to encourage sharing. It's stupid and you're ruining everything.)


MrFugums has started a donation pool!
60 / 100
I have set up this donation pool for the sake of point commissions for my story The Night Will Last Forever.
I am hoping to get a title card drawn as well as other drawings based off of the world of the story.

If you have extra points, I would greatly appreciate them!
I mean.....if that's ok....that is....

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Brian Paddock
United States
Tiny Horses are pretty neat I suppose.


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