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Winter Luna

Well, It's that time of year again where the weather gets cold, and then I decide on drawing winter themed ponies.

This is basically a continuation of the Winter Pony collection that I started last year, except of course, I have to draw different ponies this time around.

I felt that I should start out with Gamer Luna (Best Princess), because I'm anticipating the Steam Winter Sale, and because I've always wanted to draw Luna before.

I've also adopted the 1920 x 1080 format for whatever reason. I guess to give myself more wallpapers to use, so feel free to use it yourself.

I may end up doing a Winter Themed Aloe and Lotus next, but we'll see.

Edit: I guess this will be my entry for the Winter Contest for the #ALL-THE-PONY-ART group.
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I laughed so hard when I saw the Steam mug, I can't stop x'D

By the way, nice art ! I was searching for a good winter/christmas wallpaper and this one is really good !
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You pick a really good pony for this art piece, nice work.
aquamusic321's avatar
do you take requests?
IlukaAppledash's avatar
I love this!
Especially the little snowflakes on her jacket/shawl/whateversheiswearing, its a real nice touch
Dark1474's avatar
Just found my new computer background for the next year
artwarrior1985's avatar
Hey Luna, it's cold outside. Wanna snuggle?:D (Big Grin) 
heatherdvdprincess's avatar
This one REALLY should have won first place in the contest. I voted for this one. I don't even remember if I voted for my own!+fav 
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:iconnightmarelunaplz::iconsaysplz:On the eve of our rebellion we had just completed Half Life Episode Two. We were then imprisoned in the moon for a thousand years. How is Episode Three still unreleased?
dizziestbeef's avatar
if they made a headset that was like luna's....i would buy three
heatherdvdprincess's avatar
Just based on this diviation, there is no way I'm going to be able to win that contest!! Great job!! You're probably going to win
I like it very much!
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Nice work!
Is the Steam mug an intended pun (steaming hot content?)
MrFloppemz's avatar

It was unintentional, I only really noticed after I had finished it.
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Really loving this wallpaper! Considering it recently snowed 1 1/2 feet, I find it quite fitting as my desktop

Luna is best Princess.
kunio18's avatar
well awesome steam cup of tea mug !
Blackvegetable's avatar
Nothing like a good ol' break after gameplay! :D
firetruck74's avatar
look at the logo on the cup i was just at the web site ^^ :winner:
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Gamer Luna outside? Must take a break. Of course she is best princess. Mostly after today's episode.

Beautiful. I still wait snow to fall here.
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