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MrFinicky's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
So you have somehow stumbled onto my page and are currently taking your time to read this rather lengthy bio of myself. If you are just looking for a quick summary about me, there is a TLDR at the bottom of this wall of text. Otherwise, allow me to introduce myself. I go by the alias Nicolas MacFin on this website, but you can just call me by my username, MrFinicky, if you like. I am currently a college student with not enough time on my hands. I am a very friendly and open minded person who looks forward to meeting new people. So if any of you would like to strike up a conversation with me, just drop a comment or shoot me a note!

I have been teaching myself to draw and use GIMP for a while, and it has become a small hobby of mine. I still have a lot to learn, but I do not plan on becoming a professional at it. I am very finicky about details (hence my username), so I am never really satisfied by how my art turns out. If you plan on watching me, then do not expect any high quality art from me. The only artwork I seem to be capable of making are dumb chat icons, pretty stale memes, and occasionally a few stories. However, given the amount of time I have (or lack thereof) I hardly make anything these days.

I am really interested in fantasy, science fiction, and most importantly, DRAGONS (Yes, it was so important that I had to capitalize and bold it). In fact, I am into them so much that I like to role play in those settings. So for all of you dedicated role players out there, feel free to send me a note. I should warn you though, that I prefer role plays with a decent plot and well developed characters. Given the slightly suggestive nature of some of the DA community, I suppose it is worth mentioning that I have a thing for fictional weight gain and gluttony, specifically involving dragons. Basically, anything involving plus sized dragons tickles my fancy.

Lastly, I may not be the most active artist, but I am an extremely active llama trader. I spend most of my time on DeviantArt giving llamas to everyone. Why do I enjoy llama trading so much? Because I just like to spread this pointless fun called "llama love". You could say llama trading is another, smaller hobby of mine. I do not expect to be given llamas freely, but I would really appreciate it.

TLDR What are you doing here you lazy bum? You actually thought I would give you a quick summary of how absurdly amazing I am? Go back and read the whole thing like everyone else!
Firstly, I am going to mention that I will have TLDRs at the bottom of my journals from now on given my tendency to write pretty lengthy journals. So for those of you who do not want to be bogged down with my wall of text, go ahead and and scroll all the way down for a quick summary. Now onto the more important news.

I should have made this journal when I finished the college semester, which was about two months ago. Of course it is summer now, and you would think that I would have enough time to regularly get on DA and be a little more active. But to be quite honest, I have sort of lost interest in DA. I usually spend all my free time on Youtube and video games because at least I get some enjoyment out of that. Whereas when I use DA, I do not really get anything out of it. I still get the urge to get on once in a while just to check my notifications for anything relevant (which still has over 5,000+ notifications that I am too lazy to delete), but besides that I do not have any other motivation to get on DA.

I think one of the reasons why I have not been enjoying DA lately is the lack of online friends who I can regularly converse with. Role players are cool and all, but it gets kind of old if all you are interested in is role playing and absolutely nothing else. Plus I have noticed that stuff is more enjoyable and fun when I do it with friends instead of by my lonesome self. So I am asking all of you who are reading this to talk to me, send me notes, leave a comment, stalk me. As a reminder, I have a Discord that I regularly check, and I will be more than happy to chat or role play on there: NickMacFin#9975

Geez, that was pretty depressing. On a more cheerful note, I finally got my lazy ass to get a job at an amusement park. I might as well be productive and earn some money during the summer if I have so much free time. The funny thing is that I do not even need more money at the moment, but getting more job experience is always a plus. The only problem is that I have no idea what to spend my money on. I will probably save it up for a car (specifically a sleeper car because I am a fast boy), or maybe I will spend it on art commissions on DA. Who knows?

I know I just wrote a whole sob story about how I am losing interest in DA, but I have some ideas in my head for a story that I might write and post if I get enough motivation. It will most likely be about dragons and other shenanigans, but I am still on the edge about incorporating any fetish elements to it. So for those of you who are watching me for my writing abilities, then at least you will have something to look forward to. For those of you who are watching me for my shitty chat icons, then I am sorry to disappoint you because I probably will not be making those anymore. And for everyone else who has managed to read this entire journal, give yourself a pat on the back. Peace out y'all!

TLDR I am going to be less active on DA because it is starting to get boring. I need more online friends, so add me on Discord. I have a job now. I may or may not write more stories involving dragons.
  • Reading: these words I'm typing
  • Watching: my blinking cursor
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: still nothing :(


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