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Tea mind control part 1

brainwashed tea showing her feet. 

Poll winner, Part 2 coming soon you know where first. 

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Kermitthefrog223456's avatar

Well, thank god he’s not making her be naked.

Microwayne's avatar

I have a feeling Marik is behind this. He's been in her mind before

If he is, then Marik is done for!!

caca33's avatar

oo more of tea, foot lick please!

Jeffry33's avatar

I love it, it's great

Redflash16's avatar

Hypnosis and feet is great combo!!

FallenAngelCam7's avatar

Good... Now for the rest of her clothes... :D


This is a very beautiful masterpiece and i can't wait for part 2

corey175's avatar

Very nice mrff25.

mark414's avatar

I hope you could draw more Dark Magician Girl's feet like this.Dark Magician Girl's feet is the best, especially since they're stuffed in boots all day.Then she put on her glass slippers.:)

caca33's avatar

Moree and fate series, please

luiscarlosbetran's avatar

Beautiful Feets Anzu chan

Dragondudde's avatar
I love it when Tea shows her pretty feet.Love 
Omnioum's avatar
I heavily dislike that brainwashing stuff but your art is fantastic and only getting better.
Nintendorak's avatar
*rubbing her feet*
Match25's avatar
soft tomboy soles, so want to massage
fable118's avatar

😍🤗😍 love where this is going awesome work:P

Brunodavid's avatar
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