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Today is the 30th Anniversary of TNN's (now Spike TV) second game show: "Top Card" and I'm gonna start making some artwork and post it when I get the chance. It's also the 30th Anniversary of the Chuck Henry version of "Now You See It" and I will also be doing artwork for that too (along with the original Jack Narz version too (which turned 45 on April Fools Day along with Nickelodeon turning 40 on that same day.)).
Today marks the 45th Anniversary of the hit Bob Stewart game show of riddles and rhymes: Jackpot.
Today, marks the 35th Anniversary of the game show with the shortest title: Go!
Today is the 35th Anniversary of 2 game shows: "Press Your Luck" and "Love Connection" and I'm currently making PYL artwork as we know it.
Today is the 50th Anniversary of the short-lived hidden card game show: Pay Cards and on my birthday I got a Pay Cards home game off of ebay. And I'll be making artwork of the show too.
Today is the 60th Anniversary of NBC's longest-running game show: "Concentration". So far, I do have artwork of the game board from the 2 versions, but no artwork for Classic Concentration yet. So that's what I'm gonna do and I'm currently working on a font for the numbers on the CC board at FontStruct.
Today is the 65th Anniversary of everyone's favorite music game show: "Name That Tune".
Today is the 40th Anniversary of the game show where Ace is high and Deuce is low: "Card Sharks" and I'm making artwork as we know it.
Today is the 50th Anniversary of the game show where you can win a new home: "Dream House". This game show first aired on this exact day 50 years ago on ABC in 1968 first in prime time and then 5 days later a daytime version aired on April 1. The prime time version stayed on until September 19, 1968 and the daytime stayed on until January 2, 1970.

In 1983, a new version of the show aired on NBC with Bob Eubanks as host and stayed on 1984.

The ABC version is not known to exist. At least 1 kinescope black and white episode is available on Youtube. Although several complete episodes are available on Youtube, it was reported in 2013 that the master copies of the 1983-4 version (that were in the  possession of Don Reid (the series creator)) were destroyed in a floor, so we may never see it's complete run ever again.Depressed 
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Besides being the 45th Anniversary of the Young and the Restless, today is also the 45th Anniversary of the Pyramid game show. And I am modifying my artwork from the first version and also plan to be make animated versions. And I also planned to have a cartoon Pyramid fan fiction up soon. 
Since this is my 10th Anniversary at deviantART, I've decided to open 10th Anniversary Commissions. I will have a different theme for these commissions and each will have 10 slots opened and you can pay me with either $10 or 10 points, whichever you prefer. If you pay me with $10, I expect that payment through paypal. Also, you can pay me once I finish your commission. You can only make 1 commission per theme.

And the first theme will be cartoon girls blowing bubble gum.

10 Slots opened:
  1. BubbleLover64 (completed)
  2. ToonGamer23 (completed, unpaid)
  3. MatLPlays

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the game show where players try to block out their opponents description of a word to prevent them from guessing it. It's also the only game show to replaces and be replaced by the same show (The $25,000 Pyramid to be exact).
Today is the 30th Anniversary of the game show where Bingo and Jotto are combined for cash and prizes: Lingo. And I'm planning some artwork as we know it.
Today is the 30th Anniversary of the quick draw that everyone can play. This famous sketch pad charades game show aired on this date exactly 30 years ago on NBC (Vicki Lawrence) and in syndication (Bert Convy) and it became a popular hit. So to you Win, Lose, or Draw, Happy Anniversary.
Today is the 45th Anniversary of the hit Hatos-Hall game show: "Split Second". The show first on this date exactly 45 years on ABC and it ran until June 27, 1975.
Today is the 40th anniversary of the game show that would lead to the 1980s hit: Press Your Luck: "Second Chance". This show aired on this date 40 years ago on ABC back in 1977.
Today marks the 60th Anniversary of the game show where the real person would stand-up: "To Tell The Truth". Hopefully I'll have some artwork up in the near future.
Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the other Double Dare (no relation to the Nickelodeon Double Dare), I mean the Goodson-Todman Double Dare hosted by Alex Trebek. The first of 2 games shows he hosted for Goodson-Todman (the second being Classic Concentration) and the only game show he hosted for CBS.
Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving and today marks the 60th Anniversary of the original Price is Right that first aired on television today back in 1956 on NBC with Bill Cullen. I do plan to make the big doors of the current version and maybe some pricing games as well. Stay Tune.