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1989 Round 1 and 2 Daytime Wheel by mrentertainment 1989 Round 1 and 2 Daytime Wheel by mrentertainment
Wheel Fans, it's the wheels I bet you've been dreading for, the Bob Goen daytime wheels. 3 weeks after the daytime version left NBC, it returned on July 17, 1989 now on CBS. Bob Goen replaced Rolf Benirschke as host and Vanna White continued as hostess and the show was now being taped at Studio 33 at CBS Television City (which is best known as the home of "The Price Is Right", "Match Game 7X", and "The Carol Burnett Show", just to name a few). Also, now the daytime version followed the tradition of the nighttime version by retiring the shopping and now have contestants play for cash. And the cash values on the wheel were cheapen a bit with the top dollar dropping back to $500 and marked the return of (since 1975) $50 and $75, (since 1979) $125, and (since 1986) $175. Prize wedges were reintroduced on the daytime version with a new prize added each time a previous prize is won. Vowels now cost only $200. All the sound effects were changed, "Changing Keys" was jazzed up and synthesized and they would later be carried over to the nighttime show as well as the CBS applause machine. Also, Pat Sajak made a surprise appearance on the first show.

I don't own Wheel of Fortune. All copyright material is own by Sony, Califon Productions, and Merv Griffin.
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