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So recently I made a thread on twitter. So it doesn't get lost in the shuffle, here we go ->

Lately I've been feeling a ton of stress, that doesn't seem like I can really find an outlet for. I've been desperately clamoring for a break from youtube/reviewing, but doing that is destructive for your channel. And at the moment, that's in a bad place and I'm not entirely sure why. No theory I has builds into all of the evidence. I'm in such a place where... I so desperately want something, but I'm not even sure what that thing I want is.

I've wanted to lash out in random directions, say something - sometimes towards people, sometimes just in the air - but you're not supposed to do that because of secret... rules, I guess. I've been trying to articulate my feelings, but there are so many of them they've become this vague nebulous thing that I struggle to describe. I could pick at the pieces, but there are just too many events and incidents at this point

Now I'm just... typing without much of a plan or a reason, hoping that I can get some kind of clarity or shoot through all of this. I'd like to take a break, but when it comes to YouTube it's the opposite of guaranteed that you'll come back to what you left. I want to be optimistic. I feel like... I should be, or that I'm even expected to be that way. I'm not strong enough for that, at the moment at least. I feel like I should say something more concrete than all of this, but I know that's going to backfire. It always does.

I don't know. One day, I feel like I'm just going to break. Not going to give a shit about anything anymore. Part of me really desires that. The rest of me is nervous and scared that I desire that.

Some after notes

People have suggested taking a break. I've been losing subscribers since the 10th, with a bigger loss than I've ever had when I uploaded the last video. On top of that, pretty much every single review this year has been copyright claimed. I've managed to fight many of them, but it still... taking a break isn't really an option. But... with my current mental state, not taking a break doesn't seem to be an option either.

YouTube punishes vacations or mental health breaks. 

Lashing out at specific people/secret rules -> On the internet, we have... a special rule. People are allowed to say even heinous lies about you and give you shit, and you're never ever supposed to defend yourself or retaliate or else "you're giving them exactly what they want."

Someday - sometimes it feels like someday soon - I feel like I'll be so disaffected or burned that I won't give a shit and just go off the handle, etiquette be damned. 

"Was this prompted by..." probably. A little bit of everything. Certain videos. Certain events. The IndieGogo is a bit of a contributor. Not really its failing, but the stress that it caused me and my team.  The fact that I don't really have... an outlet for this. There's so much that I want to say. So much that I feel that I have to say, but every internet piece of advice tells you to "just ignore it. If you don't, they'll just get more emboldened."

Well, did you know that they get emboldened no matter what the fuck you do? Say what you want about my Trolls review, but one thing I still stand by -> ignoring them doesn't get them to stop. It may get one in particular to go away, but it becomes a challenge. They try harder to get a rise out of you. You know the people who are "bad at dealing with trolls" - the ones who always fall into the same traps again and again? Trolls leave them alone because they've become boring, routine, and predictable. And at this point, after dealing with this shit for half a decade, I think I'm qualified to speak on this matter.

Here's a fun little fact - if you ignore the trolls, they'll just go after people who know you specifically for the fact that they know you. I'd give you the evidence, but... that'll just embolden them. I've dealt with all manner of shit - trolls, assholes, doxxers, even a few cyberstalkers here and again. And why haven't you heard of this? Cuz that's the internet. It's the way that it is. It's the way it should be, right? And you dipshits wonder why politicians are gaining so much traction to censor the internet. It's because no one wants to deal with your bile. 


And typing this/saying any of this/whatever feels like it's going to be a mistake. But, you know what, maybe it's a mistake I need to make for my own fucking sanity. I'm sad. I'm winded. I'm angry. Scared. Desperate. Ambivalent. Confused. And I have a few others that I don't know what to deal with.
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Mariachiman Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018
Lemme guess: is it because Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is a big success, VIACOM demoneteized and reported your Kid Danger video and because your Kickstarter failed miserably?

Yeah, I expect that break lasts at least a decade.
CyrusSobanVeber Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018
Not defending anyone, but if you're actually happy about TTGo! movie having any success, then there is something deeply wrong with you
Dsim64 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
PICK YOUR POISON: The main comment or this reply.....I honestly have no idea.
Colinthehero10 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
A Movie being a success isn't a bad thing.And TTG Movie was pretty good.And his kickstarter was down right awful.And I mean AWFUL.
DigBio Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
not defending anyone, but if you value people from being happy about things that they are happy with, then there is something deeply wrong with you
Mariachiman Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018
It already made 30 million dollars, besides, the crew promised to bring the original show if the movie was a success.
Also, think of all the animators and staff involved in the movie, all of them are getting paid, even Stan Lee who had tow cameos on the movie is happy about it: he loves playing himself in movies and he is so old and ill that that is one of the few things that bring joy to his life.
Besides the original series wasn't good.
zenfrodo Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, Mr. Enter. I've only recently started watching your vids & have really enjoyed them. They've helped keep me going & to focus on something outside myself.  

Take the time you need. PLEASE take care of yourself -- contact someone, a therapist, psychologist, mental health hotline, counselor, someone, anyone to talk to. There's areas that have pro-bono counseling (if my city does, as conservative & anal-retentive as it is, yours might, too). You need that. You need someone to vent to, who'll listen & help you without censor or judging. I'm disabled, on SSD & using ever-shrinking medicare; I know how hard it is. I know what it's like to be bullied & assaulted.  There's lifelines out there; please believe me. Believe me even more when I tell you that there's folks out here who care.  

***Promise us, your fans, that you'll call 1-800-273-8255**** That's the Suicide Prevention Hotline. (They have online chat, too, but DA won't let me post the link)   They'll listen. They will. (I hope I'm misreading things, Johnathan, but you sound like you desperately need that lifeline. WE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE YOU.)***

And hey, leaving something is never a mistake. You can always go back to it. You can always pick it back up again. Yes, you might have to do work to build it back up. So? Leave anyway. You need the break, and many doors can be re-opened.  

There's no easy answers to dealing with the online trolls & asshats. I wish to gods there was. All we can do is offer our ears, shoulders & support. You're worth it. Don't ever forget that.
black-neko-nya Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018
Hey Enter, I'm Raquel. I've been your fan and cared about you for a long time now. And I feel so sorry that I very recently felt convinced that maybe

I was ridiculous for following you and that you're not great like I thought you were for so long. Or maybe I was just "a mindless follower of you,"

after I listened to some more videos made by your haters and critics. I'm sorry, to you and myself. I should be old enough to not take the things

most others say at face value and really think about my thoughts on the matter before making my own mind up. Not that it's ever easy to deal with

harsh people like that, especially on the internet. I'm sorry things have been so hard for you. Things have been rough for me lately too, but no where

near the level you described. No where near it. I'm really sorry about everything. Everything. Everything you've had to deal with and go through,

with no outlet or source even. You should know that for a very long time now I've admired you and I'd always wished to be able to talk with you

about different matters in media and such, because I liked you very much and was passionate about the same things as you. I, of course, have my

own opinions and we don't always share the same opinions in everything, which I know you are fully aware of and obviously highly respect and

regard. So much for mindless fan, huh? ;)

But hey, after reading your post here, I really wanted to offer something that I thought could help you out a ton. Please, listen. I know this might

sound hopeless or just another attempt to help you and cheer you up that won't do any good, but believe me, I'm serious about this John. It's about

this training course I subscribed to last month. You may have seen or heard about it, it's called Jumpcut: Viral Academy. This course is unlike any

other online course I've ever seen. It's ran by it's creators Jesse and Kong, who were relatable college dropouts at their lowest points. And yet they

managed to discover how to become amazingly successful online, generating over 30,000 dollars a month. They are pretty much millionaires now,

that hate to see others suffering the way they did. And they hate that many online courses that try to teach you how to run a successful online

business are scammy or just not helpful enough. So they are more than legit Enter. And I've seen proof of how many people they've helped over the

years in their course. They've made so many people successful and their helping me as well. And I gotta tell you Enter, it is awesome. And I wanted

to direct you to, what they recommend, is the BEST way to generate income online. Selling digital Information products. I know by now I'm going on

and on, but I'm telling you, this could help you financially without having to rely on youtube EVER again. You'll be able to take as much time as you

need to recover, without worrying about your Youtube money dude.…

And don't pay any attention to those on Youtube that try to troll Jumpcut Viral Academy in their videos; even the people who comment call out these

trolls and scammers. Viral Academy could REALLY help you man. And in case you don't want to check it out, please at least look into their strategy of

selling digital products. Or information products. They are pretty much things like video courses or e-books or audio recordings that teach someone

something they want to know. Hence Information Products. They go into a lot of detail about how amazingly this works for them and their students.

If you ever want to know more, just message me. But for now, rest. I'm praying for you, I know you can get through this. Ok? I'm here, supporting

you, I promise. 

See you again soon Enter :)
TerriblyJadedGamer Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you feel better. I know that it's not much help just to say that, but I mean it sincerely. I've always loved your videos, and I hope that maybe one day you'll return. But until then, you just focus on getting the rest and help you need. I'm rooting for you! :)
deadshr00m Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
I'm gonna get fucking blocked for this, but did EZPZ's video have anything to do with this? I'll take a block/delete/whatever as a yes.
MrEnter Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
I haven't watched it. Don't really plan to. I've seen enough response videos to stop caring about them in general.
deadshr00m Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018
huh... I'm surprised, didn't think you'd respond. I highly recommend it though, it's a pretty dope video and he insults his own fans and your haters just as much as you.
TechZeroPyro Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2018

That silence became the conventional wisdom, not just of the internet, but of schoolyards, and probably toxic workplaces too, for decades.  And its not based on any actual psychological research.

Schools tell that to kids because they do not want to have to do the work of policing behavior.  School is still using the model designed by an 18th Century authoritarian who wanted to create obedient drones for factories and armies for a greater German Empire, and the very last thing such a system can waste time doing is giving a shit about plebians' feewings....

They just assume that the bully is an "alpha" (you know, like how the people in power like to imagine themselves) and will not listen to authority, while the victim could use the practice ASSUMING THE POSITION.  So, spending money and energy on this issue would actually be counter-productive because having the next generation of slaves, uh..I mean employees, enter the workforce having grown up with the unquashed desire for justice and the not-frequently-dissappointed-enough expectation to get it, they might combine together into some kind of terrifying trans-industry, trans-national superunion, and then REFUSE TO WORK THEMSELVES TO DEATH FOR FRUIT RINDS AND DEMAND THEY HAVE TIME TO SPEND WITH THEIR FAMILY AND ACTUALLY WATCH THEIR KIDS GROW UP AT CRITICAL MOMENTS IN THEIR LIFE!  Or, hell, as adults now, they might see a bully in the workplace, and demand a sensible resolution to the toxic, productivity-killing environment that creates, requiring the company to do something which, actually, would be to the betterment of the company.  THE HORROR!  It's not a bug, it's a feature! :D ..... -_-

But, of course, well-meaning people then keep repeating the old line in new situations:  "Just ignore them.  They'll leave you alone."
doncetus Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018
It'll all eventually collapse on itself, and I won't be surprised when that happens.
SwashbuckleMcHrue Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018
You might wanna consider doing something else for a career. Something far less stressful. This isn't the first time you ended up in this "I can't do this anymore" phase, this has happened at least once or twice before, and I really doubt this trend will stop. As much as I love the content you put out, it seems that you're slowly destroying yourself (and you've even said that in the past, but it seems you're denying it). I think if you keep doing this you're gonna end up killing yourself out of the stress. It's already hurting you mentally; the jumbled and angry way you wrote this post confirms that for me.
brokensword01 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018
For whatever little it may be worth I don't think it's a mistake to say all of this.  I'd say it's something that needed to be said, a problem that is ignored will always go unresolved and often get worse.   Whatever may be going on you deserve a break you've done wonderful things and I know for myself at least I will keep coming back.  Take the time you need, search for what you want in whatever form that takes, and come back when you're ready.  Whether you find that thing or not, even if you just end up knowing what it is will hopefully help.
bazookajoe293 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018
Take as long as you need MrEnter just know that your video's and the effort you put in them always brighten my and many others day, try to ignore the petty no life's hate you because they wish they had talent to make a great content like you.
kirbygame126 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2018
if you're done taking a break MrEnter.

then you should make a rant video on Butch Hartman's not so Christian Stream Service disaster project.
Setchman911 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I honestly will never know why everyone in the "Animation community" if you could even call it that have such a keen disliking for you, Maybe its causing I've known what you've done and liked it way longer than any of them. But it all seems like a bunch of petty douche bags trying to spout their opinions as gospel to their brainless viewers. Why all of them seem to center their scorn around the IndieGogo project or the concept of Growing Around is fucking beyond me, and it literally just seems like them hating the fact that YOU of all people are actually doing something interesting.

Take as much time off as you need my dude, I will happily sit on my ass and wait as long as possible for you to return, and don't listen to those dumb pricks that call you, your ideas, and your project dumb. I will go up to bat in your defense till my dying breath. cause I've listened to what you had to say before any of those other bastards and you have honestly helped me formulate a lot of my own opinions about shows that I can't stand (Mainly Family Guy and a lot of other 'adult cartoons') 

Cheers mate :) I'll be right here for the next review or whatever else you have planned
TheDnDking Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
If you ever find out why everyone hates him let me know okay?
Setchman911 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
can do.
Rosie-Love98 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 30, 2018  Student Artist
Try telling us who these trolls are. We promise not to attack them. Far from it, it'll just make things. But, we could report them if they're on YouTube or on this cite as cyberbully in these parts are not allowed. Comforting In the meantime, hang in there and be strong There there (It'll be okay) . IG Emoticon- Penny and Brain 7 No matter what, you're still loved Can't help .
deadshr00m Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
just sayin' you guys kinda have a baaaad reputation when it comes to this stuff.
Rosie-Love98 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018  Student Artist
Good point...
MadnessJones Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Professional Writer
I'm typically don't comment on YouTube (since YouTube has a fairly toxic comment section) but for a while now I've wanted to tell you that I've learned a lot from your channel over the years. Back a few years ago every review channel was just trying to be funny when they reviewed, probably because it worked for those that came before them. What I like about your channel is that you explain where a piece of media went right or wrong, and also point out when something is just your opinion and when it is just objectively good or bad. It helped me to compartmentalize personal disgust with professional distaste, which I think leads to a better understanding of art in general. Even when you disliked something I liked or vice versa I still could appreciate where you stood and ended up liking the video(s) anyway. I'm sorry things have been so rough for you. No one deserved to be harassed for minding their own business and trying for educate and entertain. Mental health comes first, and if you need a break for a while that's okay. You've built up enough of a following that at least a portion of viewers will wait. Hope you have a good week :)
Hazlenaut Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018
Many tactics can be and countered or anticipated. You are fighting many and most can use ambiguity. Swinging randomly will expose vulnerability. Exhaustion will have dire consequences.  
It does not help that field is inconsistent. Youtube is unstable and not reliable in many ways. Most find other branches because of this.  
You can follow your goals that was promised and make a demo of what you had.  Find other perspective like something that is puzzling. No anger but confusion. Perhaps looking at something that can not be solve so easily.
diapermesser Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe address the non-trolls's concerns/explain yourself calmly and collectively, don't Poe's law every criticism/critique, and, if that fails, make a commentary on/critique of THEIR art/work and see how they like it.

Blocking trolls won't work, BTW. Proxies exist.
Rosie-Love98 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Student Artist
What's Poe's law?
deadshr00m Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
Poe's law is that on the internet it's impossible to separate parody from truth.
Rosie-Love98 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018  Student Artist
YonderHo Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
So many... pauses.
Nitwitsworld Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018
This was copied from his Twitter page. So yeah. 
Metanight789 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018
You got me into animation reviews.

Without you, I wouldn’t have found Pieguyrulz, Rebeltaxi, Eyeofsol, etc.

So I’ll wait while you take a break, and don’t worry, I’ll still be here when you get back.

Your videos have had a positive effect on me, and I think that you are yourself a good person, despite what others have said. It’s for this reason and what I’ve said above that I’m willing to stick with you through all the highs and lows, so long as you continue to try and better yourself.

Thanks for the content, and have a good rest.
NotQuite--3OnCyanide Featured By Owner Edited Jul 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay to speak. It's okay to be heard.  If you need a break to maintain yourself, then you likely should take one. Loyal fans will remain and support you. <3 Don't lose heart, but find the time to rest, so you can take the mantle back up with greater strength.
alldayagain Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
Why not try new content? New content might be a rough climb at the start, but eventually you'll build a new audience for whatever you wanna make.
Regardless, you'll figure out something. Enjoy your break!
shark235 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Have a nice break
KitsuneLenali Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
I'm really sorry you're not doing well. I wish I knew what to do or say.
Das-Chronos Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Student Writer

I'm a fan of yours. And I know your not a big fan of sudden people telling you what to do out of nowhere for no good reason.

But for once, What if you tried Steemit?
CaramelPuffpuff Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
I never even had any chance to talk to ya. But I once see you and notice your voice reminds me of BrawlMaster08, one of my favorite critic, and I stayed around. I'm starting to like your videos, and notice massive determination to keep going with Growing Around.

If you want to talk to me, it's alright. I'm here for ya in note. If it could make ya feel better, I would able to do animations for you for free if ya want. I can't say more because other people obviously wrote motivations, and I feel you won't listen to me at all, so... I'm sorry? I'm here if you wanna talk. ono :iconsadhug:

soarxisscared Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
The hate against your channel is getting pretty ridiculous. You'd be pushing yourself too far if you didn't take break now.
That said, I look forward to your next review when you come back!
CarbonCoal Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018   Digital Artist
Take a break for as long as you need. I've been watching your videos for a long time, you're the first cartoon reviewer I ever watched. I don't want anything to happen to you just take some time to relax maybe play a video game that you really or draw. Talk to someone about how you feel and whats been going on might help.
TheLuigiLightning Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
Let me talk with you privately.  I can help with exactly what you're describing.
SonicDreamer268X Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Take a break.... Don't give a duck about what YouTube says!
JKirk2 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
That all sounds so brutal, man.  I love your reviews and I'll miss them, but it sounds like you need a break.  God bless.
TheNewDorothyGale Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
You're one of my favorite channels. Your popularity just bent some people out of shape who probably wish their videos and reviewing styles and whatever were as liked. "They're just jealous!" sounds cliche but it's sometimes true. Criticism can be healthy but when people make personal attacks or bash things that are non issues that just looks petty. Do what you need to do.
StardusterEX Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
Hey, um... I've been watching since almost the very beginning. I remember your latest review was Johnny's Royal Flush. I think your series was still going by the old name then.
I'm not great with words, but I hope you're able to find what you need for yourself on your break. And just remember, you've got a lot of people supporting you from the sidelines.
DragonChronicler Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Look, even if you're not the "best reviewer" on the tubes, I don't understand why it's so easy for people to jump on a bandwagon of hating you... Probably cause it garners attention.
Dude, you're improving. Just stick to your guns and you do you.
If you need a break, take it.
Rosie-Love98 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Student Artist
Now that you've mentioned it, there has been quite the hatedom for him lately. There's even a new DigbytheGoat livestream on right now titled, "Mr.Enter Has Gone Insane". Though, I'm not sure if it's against Mr. Enter as Digby's known to be sarcastic at times.
Lyswen Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Hey there Mr Enter,
I'm more of a silent enthousiast of your show. I found your channel when I was looking for "Nutshack" reviews, and found yours extremely hilarious! Since then, I've been subscribed to you, following mostly your movie reviews, although that Totally Spies review was brilliant and on point as well! Even if you decide to take a break, I'll be there when you return! (and meanwhile I'll replay your videos again! ^^)  

I guess it's hard for people to realize that shows on youtube are run and organised by mostly a small number of people. You, the creators, usually have to survive without back-up from large corporations/studios, providing free content without the certainty of receiving a paycheck by the end of the month. If that isn't enough, you guys are subject to receive direct comments from those who view your show. Not just critics, but literally anybody able to press a few buttons on the keyboard..  Sometimes the comments I see are just.. wow. I guess without seeing the face behind the computer screen makes it easier for some people to be violent or even hostile to content creators, and I can only imagine the weight that must be accumulated over the years. It's easy to say: "just ignore them", but when you literally put all your time and effort in it, it becomes something personal nonetheless. You want people to like your content. Why otherwise would you invest your time making videos in the first place? And yes, sometimes I disagree with your opinion, but that doesn't mean I dislike the video, because I can appreciate and enjoy the quality of your videos as well. the way how you present it. Not just the message.

The game theorists' channel has lost one of it's senior editors earlier this month due to suicide. And even while their most recent video explained that Ronnie (the editor) had so many inner demons the world didn't know about, struggled with depression, it made me realize how fragile life really is, and how... invisible most of us are because of internet, despite what they do to provide content. I didn't know Ronnie, nor was I familiar with his personal show (I mostly watched the Game Theory episodes only), but after I learned that the style of animation and presenting on the channel was his creation, I'd only wish I could have given/send him a compliment. Not that it would cure his mental state, but just.. contribute to a more positive ground to counter all the negativism you see and read.

In my humble opinion, personal health is more important than any Youtube statistic or show. If you feel that you need to take a break, then you SHOULD. you are more important then any statistic, ok? You deserve to be happy, as your content has given me several smiles and inspiration in sometimes my more difficult times. That is more important then anything else x

And jeej! I didn't know you had a DeviantArt account! ^^
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