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Coyote Rocket

By mreiof
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Wile E. Coyote often employs rocket power in his pursuit of the Roadrunner. But this time, he should have strapped himself in more securely. He slid down the missile's length until his tail strayed into the red zone, where it ignited and burned like the fuse on his rocket. Now he, too, streaks through the sky with his rear end flaming. Wile can only hang on and hope that, wherever he lands, there's water.

The frame is a manip from the WB toon "Soup Or Sonic," in which Wile E. actually rides a rocket after setting his tail on fire.
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LaceyPowerPuffGirlProfessional Digital Artist

And his butt is on fire.

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Heh! He gets that a lot! 🔥

And thanks for the fave!

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Classic Wile! Yet another backfire resulting in backside fire!
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Yes, and yes! Hot-buns is my favorite kind of cartoon mayhem, and when the flaming buttocks are Wile's—it just doesn't get better. And it's fun to see others enjoying it, too (thanks for faving!). ^!^
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BKToonsProfessional Digital Artist
Lol this guy has all the luck when it comes to ACME equipment
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His bad luck is our good fun. :bounce:
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BKToonsProfessional Digital Artist
I'd say take the risk, it'll be worth the fun
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With the pose he's in, I can imagine his butt bouncing up and down as he tries to get away frrom the fire.
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Hehe! Very enjoyable comment, mainly because it was what I was thinking when I posted this. The payoff of the butt-fire gag is watching the victim working his (or her) rump as the flames crackle. I'll have to make a rear-view of Wile on a rocket to better illustrate this, but until then, here's a link to a pic that provides a full-on rear-view.…
This pic provides a clear sight of the coyote's fanny while it's on fire (his fur has burned away, exposing his butt). It's inspired from the same toon, "Soup Or Sonic" and, although there's no rocket and Wile's acting quite demure, it's easy to imagine his buttocks bouncing and jiggling as he shows off his awesomely hot fanny. That coyote just can't stop posing. ^.^
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and he can't get away for sure.....great work. ^^

i love it if the victim isn't able to get away from the source of pain. :D
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Glad you got that because that was the intent. And shaking his fanny only fans the flames. His rump is catching fire in the fire, and there's no escaping it. :)
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