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The Sleeping Panda Club

Update: 04/13/08 is open! [link]

Adopt and dress up a pet panda, gummy bear, polar bear, snow tiger, or any other available animal. :) Only for Facebook users. (NOTE: If you see errors after you log in and load the above URL, simply type in the URL manually again--> apps . facebook . com / fuzzacademy )

Shop for these baby pandas on your clothes [link] ! This is an image of the Fuzz Academy, Inc.)

The bears are back. :) And they're back to their original dozen, even though the species is no longer polar bears.....hmm.....I think the number is going to be fixed or something...... (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you can see the rest of the bears in my gallery. :heart:)

I had to read up a little on pandas before I drew these guys--and after you stare at THIS photo [link] for about an hour, everything starts looking like pandas. (My sink....the bathtub....etc...) Anyway, with only ~1000-1600 pandas left in the wild, I actually felt kind of depressed after finishing this because it just means that in a few decades, chances are that these fuzzballs are going to be extinct. Ah well.....I'll love them while they last. :(

Anyway! Wallpaper pack includes:


Yes, prints and mugs should also be available soon, hopefully. :) Thanks for all of your support on the bear series so far, guys! I love you all. :hug: Unfortunately, I've never had anything stolen so frequently as the bear pictures, so this is just a warning that the polar bears (and pandas, and whatever other critters are drawn in this style) are now officially copyrighted and have been submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office. Sorry--I had to do it, seeing as I'd like to do more with these guys in the future! Not that I don't trust my deviantArt folks, of course. Outsiders probably steal.....but you guys are good eggs. ;) :heart:

Pandas were mindboggingly fun to draw. I think it's the eye patches. O___o This is my favorite of the series so far--and the little guy getting his ear pulled off is my personal fav, if you were wondering. >D
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its so kawaii....
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soooooooooooo  kawhiii =^ ^ =
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So Adorable! ^.^
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You like pandas don't you
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Hi :)
I've given this piece a Feature over here ->…
Pandas!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
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I love how they are all piling up on each other, it so cute! :3
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I love this picture! I've come across it on the web few times (aaaages back) and wondered who'd drawn it... I finally found the source! :D
They are adorable :aww:
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this is soooo cute!!!
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I just love it

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you´re featured here [link] ;)
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That is just too darn cute :heart: :heart:
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